1. Atrupelador

    Camtool for Bernese Alps 0.9

    You need the Bernese Alps AI + track boundaries If you don't have it, install Camtool app: Extract the my zip file here...
  2. alekabul

    2-way + seasons, animated lake, more FFB and fixes for "Simtraxx_provence_alps_F2D" 2019-12-26

    Not that it`s lacking much but I`ve had an increasing desire to prop some of the features of the original track. Here you can test the results yourself and enjoy some traffic from the AI in Track day, with or without "AI flood". Install: make sure your "PROVENCE ALPS f2d" is in good condition...
  3. P

    Bernese Alps Billboards 2019-01-19

    Drop texture folder into the track folder. Thanks to Fred Basset for his Prague billboards.