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  1. B

    Ford XB Pursuit Special Redline Skin 1.0

    This is a skin I whipped up for the XB Pursuit Special from Mad Max made to loosely resemble Sweet JP's Pontiac Trans-Am from the excellent animated movie, Redline. I know it doesn't look 100% accurate because this is the first skin I've made for AC, but I hope you guys and gals like it. If you...
  2. Lavalamp641

    Animated Turbines & Fireworks for Toscana 1.0

    Custom Shaders Patch is required, otherwise this will not work. Make sure you have "Merge meshes" turned off in "Content Manager > Settings > Custom Shaders Patch > General Patch Settings". If you have it turned on, the game will crash. This is for Toscana by Fastfab...
  3. Lavalamp641

    Animated Wind Turbines, RainFX, GrassFX & More for Zolder 1.2

    Custom Shaders Patch is required, otherwise this will not work. This is for Zolder by PascalWB: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/zolder.19822/ To install, drag the 'content' folder into the root of your 'assettocorsa' folder. What does this do? New Wind Turbine Model. RainFX...
  4. A

    2-way + seasons, animated lake, more FFB and fixes for "Simtraxx_provence_alps_F2D" 2019-12-26

    Not that it`s lacking much but I`ve had an increasing desire to prop some of the features of the original track. Here you can test the results yourself and enjoy some traffic from the AI in Track day, with or without "AI flood". Install: make sure your "PROVENCE ALPS f2d" is in good condition...
  5. A

    2-ways and Race_seasons_lighting and animated river for "Krajiska Zmija" 2019-12-04

    "Krajiška Zmija" ("The Ultimate Snake") is a very good small but fun touge-type road in the Balkans. With my addition you can enjoy the course both up and down in 2-way traffic or attack the hill in Trackday with 21 AI cutting all corners. The separate layouts have different outlook with the...