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1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 2.7

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Here is a version 2.0 of this mod, I hope you will enjoy it.

DTM 90's

Group A

Rallycross version (fictional) !

Drift version was not a priority, we work hard on the stock, grA and DTM versions but i decide to put drift version in the pack.

DTM version has been made to compete with Kunos DTM cars (BMW E30 DTM and Mercedes 190 Evo2). I try to make it as fair as possible with the same tyres.

Thanks to the original modders for their great work on the 1.20 version !

Original mod :
Original CREDITS :
-Original mesh: ChongMcBong
-Porting, extra fixes, physics: Bobskype
-Group A Skins: NWRAP-ESP
-Sounds: GTACE, Kunos
-Testing: Lunae, Marlo0081, Avoletta, Patrik Marek, Jebus, Pankykapus, and anyone I'm forgetting

You can download all skins by NWRAP-ESP in the original 1.20 version and add them to 2.0 (I only put a few of them in the v2.0 pack).

So what's new ?

Version 2.0 :

Many fixes and updates by Nounourscoss & J. Leman.

New sounds by Kunos/Nounourscoss.

Reworked physics/suspension by J. Leman & Nounourscoss.

Engine/drivetrain/gearbox by Nounourscoss.

Physics/suspension/drivetrain/gearbox by J.Leman on Rallycross version.

New V10 tyres :
Stock and GrA (PIRELLI P ZERO, PIRELLI TROPHEO R, DUNLOP STREET RESPONSE 2) by Nounourscoss (hardwork !)

Rallycross, DTM (Kunos DTM90s tyres) and Drift (Kunos Street tyres) by J. Leman.

DTM version has been made to compete with Kunos DTM cars (BMW E30 DTM and Mercedes 190 Evo2).
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Latest updates

  1. Updated tyres for DTM and Rallycross versions. New car : the rally version !

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  2. Data files is now packed for online gaming !

    SRS ( ask me to use the car for a championship so I have to pack...
  3. Update Drift/GrA/DTM versions and and a new fictional Rallycross

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  4. Update GrA/DTM versions

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  5. Setup possibilities on GrA/DTM

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Latest reviews

Thank you, excellent mod, just one thing wrong... The shifter animation is messed up. The driver only moves his arm to the bottom of the steering wheel. Otherwise superb!
An excellent made car. A lot of fun to drive and a perfect addition to the other DTM/Group A-Touring-Cars. I only have one question: Where can I get this beautiful Texaco-Skin?
You can download the first version of the mod and find all liveries in GrA skins folder :
Excellent car, i know my mistake i overlooked the button wich allows you to switch between the upgraded cars.
Excellent mod and excellent touring car.
Absolutely fantastic car to drive, heaps of fun to drag around the Nordschleife. Only problem is the stock road going version is too fast. Awesome work overall, though!
very nice
Nice mod. Especially in love with the stock version. ^^
Thanks ! So much love in one Ford ! :D
Great fun to drive, love it, thanks.
Great mod! Does this version stop the AI from barrel rolling off the circuit around some of the corners?
I don't know what you are talking about with the AI ?
Awesome mod with great turbo noise. Downloaded for SRS but kept driving it for the sheer enjoyment. Any chance of a template to make our own skins?
Thanks ! You can download the template of the car in the v1 of the mod
Dear =LM=908GTS, thank you very much, don't worry about the double archive please, we understand the file size limits. Thank you for the hard work!
Thanks, but a bit annoying to have 7zips inside a zip. Can you next time just 7zip the folders so it doesnt have to be extracted twice?
500mb limitation on RD, I cannot do it in another way, sorry !
I never rate, cause I'm really lazy. But this time i will do an exception. This car is REALLY FUN, the sound is amazing, overall is a great car. A very very good work. Congratulations.
Excellent improvement and now the car is very much a match for the other DTM's I have (Merc 190, BMW M3, Alfa 75T). It drives wonderfully (and yet very differently from the other DTMs) and now has proper adjustable aero and ABS, and the fuel consumption is about the same as the 190E (which seems about right). Thanks for all your hard work - I can now properly simulate DTM in 1987 thanks to you!!
Happy to read this !
Ah l'epoque des autos surmotorisées :-) un gros moteur et un chassis qui essaie de suivre, super mod, merci. Les sensations de glisse, de turbi bien sont présentes.
Pas facile a piloter la bête.
Bravo et merci pour le partage.
Merci !
Great Mod all round - but almost worth it just for that classic TURBO WHISTLE alone. Here is a video if you would like to see it in action, but that Turbo Whistle does not appear when recording from Replays, like I do here. But does sound simply awesome when driving using a VR Rift headset.
Very strange... Thanks !
very good mod, the behavior of the car is very healthy, thank you very much.
Thanks !
peccato avere cancellato va versione precedente! do un 5 stelle, ma questo aggiornamento ha snaturato la guida della sierra, senza il controllo della trazione non si avverte la potenza disumana che scatena la vettura, si guida come se ci fosse sempre il controllo trazione. Ti prego, torna indietro!!!
In transmission, you can put the diff coast to less than 60%. Previously, it was set to 20%, then you will see the brutality of the beast coming back !
Spot on mate, thank you and help is here if you want it, just PM me
Thanks a lot Shaun !
godd mod, great job !!
Great mod!
Many thanks !
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