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Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Pack

Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Pack 3.02

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Welcome to the version 3.0 of the RS500 Pack !

RS500 pack picture.jpg

This mod enters in a new era as we’ve reworked all cars to make them more closer to the real thing.

Because AC is more than ever a great sim in 2020 (with CM, Shader light Patch and SOL), we want to update this mod to another level.

I work with another modder, Akina Style, to create a new physic with more real datas, improve the 3D model created by ChongMcBong and more…

All cars have Kunos sounds, if you are a sound modder and be able to recreate the original sound, it would be great to work with you.

Special thanks to shadow118 for his work on the rally version skins and to Dirk Steffen for his precious help to fix some issues.

Important note : delete the 2.7 version for a clean install, you can install each car separately.
If you want to share the mod, please only share this Race Department link.

Complete skin pack for DTM and Group A models available here :

Thanks to the original modders for their great work on the 1.20 version and for permission to continue the work !

Original mod :
Original CREDITS :
-Original mesh: ChongMcBong
-Porting, extra fixes, physics: Bobskype
-Group A Skins: NWRAP-ESP
-Sounds: GTACE, Kunos
-Testing: Lunae, Marlo0081, Avoletta, Patrik Marek, Jebus, Pankykapus, and anyone I'm forgetting

So, what’s new in the 3.0 version of the RS500 Pack ?

rs500 gra picture.jpg
The Group A version : based on the Eggenberger made RS500, with 500bhp and 700Nm of torque, it’s a beast. Featuring the big turbo (more than 2 bar) and a «spool» differential.

- 3D improvements (resized wheels/rims, working wipers and minor textures updates) by Akina Style
- Physics / new suspension by J. Leman and Akina Style
- Engine / Gearbox / Tyres by J. Leman
- Skins by NWRAP-ESP (‘87 btcc season skins included)

rs500 dtm picture.jpg

The DTM version : basically the Group A model with less pressure in the turbo (1,6 bar) resulting an engine with «only» 350bhp and 470Nm of torque. We add the ABS and viscous limited slip differential and try to balance it with Kunos DTM cars (BMW E30 DTM and Mercedes 190 Evo2).

- 3D improvements (resized wheels/rims, working wipers and minor textures updates) by Akina Style
- Physics / new suspension by J. Leman and Akina Style
- Engine / Gearbox / Tyres by J. Leman
- Skins by NWRAP-ESP (‘88 DTM season skins included)

rs500 rally picture.jpg

The Rally Group A version : the rally car racing in late 80’s and early 90’s with famous driver like Colin Mc Rae and Didier Auriol. It features an engine with rally specs (more progressive turbo) in the most powerful version (330bhp and 400Nm of torque) and a special-made chassis for bumpy roads.

- 3D improvements (wheels/rims, working wipers and minor textures updates) by Akina Style
- Physics / new suspension by J. Leman and Akina Style
- Engine / Gearbox / Tyres by J. Leman
- Skins by shadow118 (3 Colin McRae skins included)

rs500 drift picture.jpg

The Drift version : this car is based on the same suspension model but adapted for drifting. It was made by a drifter and tested by drifters to be agreed.

- 3D improvements (wheels/rims by Gentle Mind Performance , working wipers and minor textures updates) by Akina Style
- Physics / suspension by Akina Style
- Engine / Gearbox / Tyres by Akina Style
- Skins by J.Leman

rs500 street picture.jpg

The Street Legal version : this car was made by Ford in 1987 at only 500 models. The RS500 was more powerful than the RS Cosworth, producing an extra 20bhp for a total of 224bhp.

- 3D improvements (working wipers) by J. Leman
- Physics / new suspension by J. Leman and Akina Style
- Engine / Gearbox / Tyres by J. Leman and Akina Style
- Skins by NWRAP-ESP
File size
414.8 MB
First release
Last update
4.91 star(s) 67 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Updates about lod files, small 3d fixes and many little improvements.

    After feedbacks from users, I put some useful updates. There will be no more update in the...
  2. DTM model update

    Small updates : Adjust brakes and the turbo lag on DTM model. Adjust brakes on the Group a model.
  3. Version 3.0 released !

    New version 3.0 with a total rebuilt of the RS500 mod !
  4. Updated tyres for DTM and Rallycross versions. New car : the rally version !

    Here's a new update for this mod ! Enjoy ! - Updated tyres on DTM version - New tyres on...
  5. Data files is now packed for online gaming !

    SRS (http://www.simracingsystem.com/) ask me to use the car for a championship so I have to pack...

Latest reviews

One of the mods that have been in AC for years. Worth the update to latest AC standards. Very engaging to drive, I have enough information from my wheel to understand how the car behaves. Especially the rally car is a joy!
Thank you and congratulations for this new version.
Would it be possible to have the templates to adapt the old skins or create new ones?

Thank you
For the DTM/GroupA, the temple does not change (you can use the skins of the 2.7), I have to made the template for the Rally and Drift versions.
Wonderful and great fun! Turn it up to 2 bar and compete with modern GT3s
Very good mod, thank you. The rally version is really good, very fun.
0k Cars Gracias :)
Amazing job. Thanks, mate
4 cars, very good 3d model (maybe not perfect but it is a good job). Good and realistic handling (i suppose). thank you ! :D
Super Mod ! Assetto c'est comme dans la réalité. Pour moi, la M3 est peut être meilleure. Mais pourtant je lui préfère la Cosworth pour son côté Rock’n’roll. La version Rallye est très réussie. MERCI !!
i really like the cars but i cannot use H shifter..
Thank you.
Still unsure about the handling as they still feel over weight, top heavy, lacking in grip and cumbersome unlike their real life versions of years ago. Definitely a big improvement over earlier version but still work needed. Also, the tacho needle is missing.
Thanks for your feedback and point of view. They are stiil improvements to do on this mod. Unless you haven't driven the race car, it's hard to be sure... As the RS500 drivers says about the race car :"Understeer entering the corner, neutral at apex and then oversteer".
Thanks you
Brilliant, great fun this evening going around the Nord. with the Mercs & BMWs of the 90s
Yeah, it's a nice combo !
A star for every car! Mega job.
Great to see it updated like that! Wish I still had the files from back when I made the audio...
You're welcome if you want to contribute.
Great car to drive. The sound is awesome. The drift version is just Fun..Fun..Fun!!! Thanks so much for your hard work.
This mod is actually amazing
Thank you very much. Very nice.
Thank you, excellent mod, just one thing wrong... The shifter animation is messed up. The driver only moves his arm to the bottom of the steering wheel. Otherwise superb!
An excellent made car. A lot of fun to drive and a perfect addition to the other DTM/Group A-Touring-Cars. I only have one question: Where can I get this beautiful Texaco-Skin?
You can download the first version of the mod and find all liveries in GrA skins folder : https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/1987-ford-sierra-cosworth-rs500.4840/
Excellent car, i know my mistake i overlooked the button wich allows you to switch between the upgraded cars.
Excellent mod and excellent touring car.
Absolutely fantastic car to drive, heaps of fun to drag around the Nordschleife. Only problem is the stock road going version is too fast. Awesome work overall, though!
very nice