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  1. Martin Rowntree

    Texaco touring car 2021-07-09

    The Ford Cosworth RS 500 Texaco livery put on the Ferrari 488 2020 EVO at the request of a mate so thought I'd stick it on here. Minus the Ford badges obviously.
  2. Madhat

    Mixlub Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 2020-11-04

    I have included a blank window alpha file in the download so you do not end up with driver written on the rear side windows. Please do not modify any of my skins without permission. I can add your name and number by request. If you like my skins and want to support my work, please donate using...
  3. A

    Show us your Rig / Cockpit

    I found topic like this on several forum, i think this is a cool thing to see how others are racing! So i start off, here is mine:
  4. L

    Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Pack 3.03

    Welcome to the version 3.0 of the RS500 Pack ! This mod enters in a new era as we’ve reworked all cars to make them more closer to the real thing. Because AC is more than ever a great sim in 2020 (with CM, Shader light Patch and SOL), we want to update this mod to another level. I work...
  5. H

    Ford Sierra Cosworth Rs500 Gr.A Sound Mod 0.92

    I created this sound, as it seems that the modder of the car in question, has abandoned the work of the mod. The sound is not overly exceptional, but it's not even, totally wicked! I hope to be able to improve it in the future. The sound is for the Gr.A version of the mod, but it is fine also...