1. Arno10

    Peugeot 206 WRC Acropolis & San Remo 2001 SJ.Joseph v1.0

    Hi guys, In order to create a little skinpack for the Peugeot 206 WRC driven by the French crew Simon Jean-Joseph and Jack Boyère, after the Rally de España (link below) here are the liveries of the Acropolis Rally in Greece and San Remo Rally in Italy in 2001...
  2. Arno10

    Peugeot 206 WRC Acropolis Rally 1999 v1.1

    Hi guys, Here comes liveries of the Peugeot 206 WRC during the Acropolis rally 1999 in Greece, car #15 driven by the Finnish crew Marcus Grönholm & Timo Rautiainen and car #14 driven by French crew François Delecour & Daniel Grataloup. If like me you like to drive great cars on great tracks and...
  3. Arno10

    Seat Cordoba WRC #21 S.Cañellas Rallye de España 2001 v1.1

    Hi guys, Here is the georgous livery of the Seat Cordoba WRC driven by Salvador Cañellas Jr and Alberto Sanchís during the Rallye de España 2001, Rallye Catalunya-Costa Brava. It's an adaptation from the Cordoba Evo 3 livery for this version so i had to make some compromises. Car link in read me...
  4. Arno10

    Citroën Xsara Kit-Car #01 Sébastien Loeb Morzine 2001 v1.1

    Hi guys, Here is the livery of the Citroën Xsara Kit-Car #01 driven by Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena during Rallye du Mont-Blanc, Morzine 2001. Car link in read me file. I highly recommend to use the great work "data replacement" made by @TheRaptor103 ...
  5. 10 Racing & Driving Titles to Look Out for in 2022

    10 Racing & Driving Titles to Look Out for in 2022

    We are quarter of the way through 2022 already, so far we’ve seen Gran Turismo 7 hit the shelves and Assetto Corsa Competizione receive a massive update for the latest generation of console - but what can we expect to see in the racing game and simulator genres for the rest of 2022? There are...
  6. Arno10

    Subaru Impreza WRC 1999 T.Arai Rallye de España 2000 v1.0

    Hi guys, Here is the very particular but very beautiful livery for the Subaru Impreza WRC driven by japanese pilot Toshihiro Arai & british co-driver Roger Freeman during the Rallye de España 2000, Rallye Catalunya - Costa Brava. Car link in read me file. Let me know if you see some trouble...
  7. Assetto Corsa Rally | Citroën Xsara T4 WRC | SS Muracciole Vezzani

    Assetto Corsa Rally | Citroën Xsara T4 WRC | SS Muracciole Vezzani

    In this video I'm testing out the brand new Citroën Xsara T4 WRC on the Muracciole Vezzani stage.
  8. andrea cavalet

    Ford Fiesta WRC 16' Sound Mod 1.1

  9. TheRaptor103

    Toyota Corolla WRC '99 - Data Replacement 1.1

    This is a data replacement for the 1999 Toyota Corolla WRC, which I believe was originally from RallyWorld and then updated by AssettoRallyGRB (link in the download). This mod updates both the model and data.acd; I do recommend, however, replacing this car's sound with the Kunos Toyota Celica...
  10. Arno10

    Subaru Impreza WRC 1999 #05 R.Burns Tour de Corse '99 v1.1

    Hi guys, I continue my little Tour de Corse '99 with this time the Subaru Impreza WRC driven by Richard Burns and Robert Reid. Other liveries should come for this car or another Subaru of a different year and model. Car link in read me file. Other cars from Tour de Corse '99 here ...
  11. Arno10

    Toyota Corolla WRC #03 Sainz #04 Auriol Tour de Corse '99 1.1

    Hi guys, In order to complete the podium of the Tour de Corse '99, here is the Toyota Corolla WRC #03 driven by Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya in 3rd position. Also included the car #04 of their teammate driven by Didier Auriol and Denis Giraudet who ended up 5th. I may be thinking about making the...
  12. soulstealer99

    WRC I20 Banana Dark Force Skin 1.0

  13. TheRaptor103

    Ford Escort RS Cosworth WRC Gr. A - Data Replacement 1.0

    This is a data replacement for the Ford Escort RS Cosworth WRC Gr. A (link to the original car can be found in the download). Please note that I only have a very basic level of knowledge with Assetto Corsa, so don't expect a full revamp of the car from this mod. Just a lot of small tweaks that...
  14. mesa

    Rossi Peugeot 206 WRC 1.0

    Valentino Rossi - Michelin Peugeot 206 WRC (2002) BEFORE YOU INSTALL THIS IS REQUIRED: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/krzysztof-ho%C5%82owczyc-%C5%81ukasz-kurzeja-28th-warsaw-rally-2001.37683/ Follow me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/MesasArtworks Youtube channel...
  15. soulstealer99

    Skin WRC i20 Splash Mario 2022-02-15

    First attempt, i will be upgrading im open for ideas and help Download the .rar , extract de body file into the skin car of the wrc i20 2017 replace body
  16. WRC 5 - Poland - Gołdap

    WRC 5 - Poland - Gołdap

  17. wmialil

    Moulinon-Antraigues // Free Version // Rallye Monte Carlo 1.0

    /////// >>> FULL 40km VERSION HERE <<< /////// Made from scratch in Blender, the free version is 9.3km long and runs from St Joseph des Bancs to just past the village of Genestelle. Terrain and road elevation of this legendary stage have been derived from EU height datasets. It is...
  18. M

    Formula Rally Ciudad de Oviedo 1999 1.0

    Mixed section of Rally based on the 1999 Formula Rally Ciudad de Oviedo, which ran through the streets of the new neighborhood of Villafria, which was beginning to be built, where we could enjoy pilots such as Carlos Sainz, Colin McRae, Piero Liatti, Chus Puras, Berti Hevia, Sergio Vallejo...
  19. M

    Autocross Nova Paka 1.0

    Pista de tierra, basada en el circuito de Autocross de Nová Paka, en la República Checa, de un km de longitud y boxes para 12 coches
  20. G

    AMS2 Fanatec Directional Buttons.....

    Hi, Has anyone managed to get the directional pad on a CSL DD with WRC wheel working within AMS2? Windows seem to see it as a POV so why doesn't AMS2 see it as a navigation input for the menu's? AMS2 can see the button press, as it can be mapped to other things, but there is no mapping for...