1. THE Giulliano Larin

    Thizy CamTool Replay by GiuNiral 2023-09-26

    Camera set for Thizy rally stage
  2. I

    Sell Simcore rally wheel

    Asking price 1000 Euro Basis for negotiation Sell a well-maintained and rarely used rally button box from simcore with omp steering wheel A few changes have been made: Silver ascher racing push pull shifter mounted. Cnc milled bracket for the shifter. Due to the modification, the red funky...
  3. 5 Cars We Are Missing in EA Sports WRC

    5 Cars We Are Missing in EA Sports WRC

    The car list for EA Sports WRC was released a few weeks ago with 78 cars. But with such history, there are may rally icons missing in the game, here are our top 5 picks. Image credit: Toyota on Newspress There is no doubt. EA Sports WRC with its 78 cars is an impressively large game. Its car...
  4. EA Sports WRC Full Car List: All Vehicles From WRC To Builder Cars

    EA Sports WRC Full Car List: All Vehicles From WRC To Builder Cars

    Launching 3 November, the officially-licenced EA Sports WRC game will feature 78 cars across 18 classes. Here are all the cars that will be in the new rally title by team behind the DIRT Rally games. Image credit: Codemasters/EA Sports After a long wait, fans of WRC and rally sim racers can...
  5. Piotr89waYT

    Apps Does anyone have the Patrick Brunner Co Driver app?

    His site has been down and I need the co driver app for a rally league I am starting.
  6. 4 Reasons To Be Excited About EA Sports WRC

    4 Reasons To Be Excited About EA Sports WRC

    After months of waiting, EA Sports has finally revealed its first official WRC game in trailer form. Announcing much about the game, here are just a few reasons to get excited - and one to be skeptical about. Image credit: EA Sports Earlier this week, rally fans got the news they have waited...
  7. willi95

    Col du Haut-Koenigsbourg 0.2

    Dear Assetto's racer, Here's my 2nd mod on which I've work at the same time as the col de Fouchy, my first mod. This road is the Col du Haut-Koenigsbourg, it start in Kientzheim and end at the entrance of Saint-Hippolyte. There a mix of technical section in the Saint-Hyppolite side and fast...
  8. EA Sports WRC Coming 3 November, Pre-orders Open Now

    EA Sports WRC Coming 3 November, Pre-orders Open Now

    Following last week’s announcement, the newest WRC game finally has a reveal trailer. Releasing on 3 November, this is EA Sports WRC. Image credit: EA Sports The time has finally come, rally fans. Indeed, months of speculation, rumours and slowly disappearing hope have come to an end for those...
  9. EA Sports WRC Set for September Reveal

    EA Sports WRC Set for September Reveal

    After a lot of uncertainty surrounding whether the new EA Sports licenced WRC game would be releasing, we finally have official word on the title: The game will be revealed next week. Image credit: EA Sports/Codemasters The World Rally Championship is undoubtedly the leading form of off road...
  10. L

    Ranga - Czakó - Skoda Fabia R5 2023 Season V1.0

    Ranga - Czakó Skoda Fabia R5 Livery used in the 2023 season Updated to Veszprém Rally
  11. DOTHLAND2007

    'Snakeside Bay' 1.0

    What things can you do with a small beach? Take a relaxing bath? Enjoy a vacation?? Sunbathe??? No! You can create a stupid and fun off-road course for you and your friends to enjoy, in this case, for the people at the festival that brought their off-road racecars to enjoy! Have fun!
  12. Jimmy Arnold

    Hardwood Road 1.0

    Hey all. This is my first effort of making a track and i think it has turned out pretty good. Learning a lot of things along the way with the help of a few good friends. This rally course has nice flowing corners, some more techinical corners and some really fun hairpins. I hope you all test it...
  13. mclver

    Col de Fouchy - Camtool replay 1.0

    Col de Fouchy is a wonderful track with nice potential created by @willi95 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/col-de-fouchy.62528/ As usual, copy the camtool file in \Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data\ Video example driven by me :) Have fun.
  14. B

    Camtool tv cam les noirs-thizy 2023-07-30

    Camtool for the track by JCRR Les noirs-Thizy from french rally championship
  15. Marek Nesvadba

    Neubuz-Slušovice Czech Rally Stage 1.0.0

    About: Rally stage based on real life road between Czech towns Neubuz and Slušovice. The road was used as shakedown for local Rally Kopná multiple times. The stage is approximately 2km long and has multiple enviroments present like village, fields and a forrest. The map was created as part of...
  16. willi95

    Col de fouchy 1.0

    Dear Assetto's racer, I'm glad to offer you my first mod, that I keep for my personnal use since too many times. This track is the col de Fouchy in France, more precisely in Alsace. This road connects Rombach-le-Franc to Fouchy, by a narrow and technical moutain road. For this mod I've tried...
  17. Automobilista 2 Rallycross! Actual Gameplay footage of V1.5 Beta!!!

    Automobilista 2 Rallycross! Actual Gameplay footage of V1.5 Beta!!!

    Actual gameplay footage of the AMS2 1.5 Beta!This is the link to the Reiza forums thread where I shall be posting future Live stream & server events! https:...
  18. WRC 23: When Is the Announcement Coming?

    WRC 23: When Is the Announcement Coming?

    After acquiring Codemasters in early 2021, EA Sports now has two big racing licenses under its roof: Having seamlessly continued the series of F1 games, the first rally title by EA Sports and Codemasters is due this year - but sim racers are still waiting for an official announcement. Could it...
  19. J

    RALLYE LYON-CHARBONNIERES "Les Noirs-Thizy" Part1 1.0

    ATTENTION! If you like my tracks, you can download three other tracks for free on the RFRO website : Macinaggio (11.7 km), Le Lancone (6.5 km) and Notre-Dame de la Serra full version (28 km). https://www.racingfr.net/wbb/index.php?board/474-le-forum-de-jcrr/...
  20. Rainmaker_87

    Bergrennen Remlingrade 2013 1.4

    This 3D-track was made for gMotor2 sims by Andre f1_edition. It was converted by Rainmaker to Assetto Corsa. Thank you for the permission Andre! Features: -working AI -working track map -support for hot lap mode -replay cameras by DaBaeda -2 car spots, only start no pit lane -RainFX, GrassFX...