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group a

  1. Verde_msk

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 - Advan '99 Rally of Canberra winner 1.1

    Advan Lancer Evo 6 Rally of Canberra winner '99 APRC (Asia Pacific Rally Championship) Driver Yoshihiro Kataoka Co-driver Satoshi Hayashi Also another Lancer Evo skin from Gran Turismo 2 :) Hope you like it :) Use deLivery app to install.
  2. Verde_msk

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 - Puma Super Taikyu 1.1

    Another non rally skin, but I hope to bring back some good Gran Turismo 2 memories with that :) Based on real Evo 5 (yep 5. there was 6 too, but this livery is better imho) raced in Super Taikyu 1998. Hope you like it :) Use deLivery app to install.
  3. Tomo Pattison

    Group A Skyline Pack 1.0

    Hey all! I've been in love with this skyline since it's release, so I wanted to make a couple more skins for it for Group A racing against the Sierra, M3 and Starion. Not perfect replicas, and some aren't replicas at all. Enjoy!
  4. TheSourceOfTheNile

    Carlos Sainz 1992 Monte Carlo Rally Toyota Celica ST185 1.1

    Over 30 hours of work has gone into recreating the livery ran by Carlos Sainz and his codriver Luis Moya in the 1992 Monte Carlo Rally in a lossless 8K resolution as accurately as possible. Sainz would place second in the event, and later go onto winning the 1992 WRC World Driver's Championship...
  5. AyrtJ97

    Ford Sierra Cosworth (Colin McRae-Audi Sport Rally 1989) [4K] 1.1

    Car: Ford Sierra RS Cosworth (Group A) Numberplate: D541 UVW Driver: Colin McRae Codriver: Derek Ringer Team: Ford Motor Company Starting number: #6 Event: 33rd Audi Sport Rally 1989 Position: 3rd v1.1 - New version of my take on Colin McRae's Ford Sierra RS Cosworth during the 1989 Audi Sport...
  6. skl1984

    Sierra Cosworth RS 500 group A L.Kirkos 1990 Final End

    Sierra Cosworth RS 500 group L .Kirkos 1990 Installation Simply copy paste the file "srs" in the cars folder in dirt rally 2.0 directory. Hope you like it
  7. Colapso

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI 1998 WRC 1.2

    This livery it's base on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V of Tommi Mäkinen for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI in game. Take care.
  8. Dry

    Alex Fiorio Lancia Delta Jolly Club 1.0

    Vehicle: Lancia Delta Integrale Driver: Alex Fiorio Livery: Jolly Club (1987) Hi everyone, since I couldn't find a version on the web, I decided to make this great livery in it's 1987 appearance. This my first livery, so feel free to give me any advice to improve my creation
  9. anto31ad

    Kyoseki GP-1 Plus R32 Touring Car Livery for the R34 1.0

    Found out about this livery while watching some Project Cars 2 videos on youtube and decided to replicate it for the GTR R34. I hope you'll like it.
  10. L

    Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Pack 3.02

    Welcome to the version 3.0 of the RS500 Pack ! This mod enters in a new era as we’ve reworked all cars to make them more closer to the real thing. Because AC is more than ever a great sim in 2020 (with CM, Shader light Patch and SOL), we want to update this mod to another level. I work...
  11. Lunatea Dreamer

    [4K] OXYGENESIS 1.0

    Hello! This is my first ever skin created for Project CARS 2! Nothing fancy, just something to get to grips with the template formats and expand my abilities to other games. Team is entirely fictional and uses a scratchmade logo. Enjoy!
  12. T

    Ford Cosworth RS500 Texaco 1.0

    This is the iconic Texaco livery for the Ford Sierra Cosworth, as raced in the 1987 WTCC by Klaus Ludwig and Steve Soper. To install: extract the .7z file, then drag the .dds file into the folder CustomLiveries (Steam > steamapps > common > Project CARS 2 > Vehicles > Textures >...
  13. Thunderstrucker

    #95 Honda Civic SiR GR-A Spoon Racing 1.1

    Hello! This skin was made for the Honda Civic SiR GR-A by Rafael Malagoli. It was inspired by another Spoon skin made by fellow user James Egan. This skin is fictional, although it is based off multiple renditions of racing EG6s with Spoon liveries. Have fun!
  14. AyrtJ97

    BMW M3 E30 (Jose Mari Ponce-Rally El Corte Ingles 1989) 1.3

    The Group A BMW M3 used by Jose Maria Ponce during the 13th edition of the Rally El Corte Ingles, finishing second to Carlos Sainz, who was driving the Toyota Celica GT-Four (ST165). Third finished the Lancia Delta Integrale of Maurizio Ferrechi. v1.3 - New version of my take on Jose Maria...