Driven in Assetto Corsa this is the iconic Ford GT40 MK II driven at the historic 1967 version of Le Mans circuit. From Army tank commander to Le Mans legend...
  2. Mikołaj Juszczak

    Ford Performance Haas F1 Team 2021 - Full Fantasy Team Mod Package 1.00

    A new season, a new look. Ford Performance Haas F1 Team revealed their new car for the 2021 season. The car looks much different in comparison to the 2020 contender as it ditches the grey and light blue color duo and replaces it with the Frozen White, the Desert Island Blue and the Ruby Red...
  3. Suraniset

    Ford Transit SEDEX 1

    Original car:
  4. Pessio

    De Tomaso Pantera Gr. 4 (GT4) 1.0

    Here it comes, from the dark jungle, a roaring Pantera. An italian sexy beauty, but with a raw, big american heart. A super classic Ford 351 Boss, bored to 5800cc, capable of almost 500 hp of brute power, and even more in right hands. At the time, Porsche was so scared of that power, that begged...
  5. P

    Ford Fiesta R2T Pontus Lönnström 1.01

    Car: Ford Fiesta R2T Team: Team Ramudden Driver: Pontus Lönnström (SWE) Codriver: Stefan Gustavsson (SWE) Rally: Rally Blekinge 2019 Vehicle Class: R2 Included in the file is both a livery with "Rally Blekinge" plates and a version with generic "Dirt Rally 2.0" plates for those who prefer...
  6. S

    2019 IMSA ChipGnassi Racing #66 #67 1.2

    The skin is Ford Chip Ganassi Racing #66 #67 by 2019 IMSA. credits: @URD : AC Detroit EGT 2018 @AbeWoz : 2019 IMSA WeatherTech Number Plates Enjoy.
  7. AadHofman

    Ford Escort Mk II (Toivonen/Bolin, RAC 1979) 1.0

    Henri Toivonen's privateer Escort in RAC Rally 1979.
  8. J

    Ford Fiesta ST 150 (Mk6) - WorkInProgress by GRRN 2019-09-29

    Hello guys, I need help of 3D modeler for finishing the 3D model of the car If you want to take part of the project The 3D modder : Video of a friend on the car for testing :
  9. Daniel Jimenez

    Ford Spec Racer for Assetto Corsa 1.1

    The Ford Spec Racer comes to Assetto Corsa, a classic school and casual racing car that brings unforgettable races every time. Mostly known in iRacing, this guy is a MUST if you love online racing, or just having fun racing against others. Keep in mind this one is based mainly on GEN2, may in...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    Ford and Holden Australian Supercars Coming to iRacing

    iRacing have confirmed they are developing the Ford and Holden current generation Australian Supercars for the simulation. An immensely popular series across the world, the Australian Supercar championship has been strangely absent from modern racing simulations in recent years - something...
  11. kekman

    Ford Fiesta S2000 2010 livery 2019-08-02

    Replaces livery 1/9 Installation: Replace ffr_tex_high_00.pssg, ffr_tex_tm_high_00.pssg and others in: DiRT Rally\cars\models\ffr\livery_44\textures_high
  12. Riri59870

    Shelby GT500 Stock & S1 Soundmod 1.0

    Hi everyone, one more sound to add to your collection : The goal was to make a real compressor whine and a brutal V8 exhaust ATTENTION : This soundmod uses a custom revlimiter set at 7020rpm make sure to set rev_limiter in you engine.ini at 7020rpm or just use the car available in a package in...
  13. kekman

    Ford fiesta WRC Gran Turismo Sport livery 2019-07-27

    Replaces livery 8/9 Installation: Replace ffr_tex_high_44.pssg & ffr_tex_tm_high_44.pssg in: DiRT Rally\cars\models\ffr\livery_44\textures_high
  14. P

    Ford ranks best roads in Europe. #1 is begging for a mod... anyone?!

    Portugal's N304 ranks #1, the famous Transfagarasan only #10. Europe's Greatest Driving Roads - N304, Portugal -------------------------------------------------------------- RANKING -------------------------------------------------------------- 51 points - Transfagarasan Highway, Romania 54...
  15. Jean Pierre Vitabar


    Hi all! I need setup for Ford GT GT3 for Spa. I hope you can help me Greetings from Ibiza Steam: uru87ibz Twitter: urusimracer SRS: Jean Pierre Vitabar Email:
  16. Daniel Jimenez

    Cars WIP - Spec racer ford from scratch

    Hi, working on my second public mod, this time is the SCCA Spec racer ford... still in a very early state, so stay tuned for news :D
  17. James Egan

    MK1 Ford Escort RS1600 Hermod Lunde 1.0

    Skin for the Kunos MK1 Ford Escort RS1600 based on a real MK1 Escort Please leave a rating so I can use your feedback in future and please report any issues with the skin in the support section. Thanks. If you like my designs, please follow me on instagram (Click to go to page)...
  18. kekman

    Suzuki SX4 WRC 2008 livery 2019-07-01

    Replaces livery 9/9 Installation: Replace ffr_tex_high.pssg in: DiRT Rally\cars\models\ffr\livery_44\textures_high
  19. P

    Ford Fiesta R5 Emil Bergkvist 1.0

    Car: Ford Fiesta R5 Team: FIA Junior WRC Prize winner Driver: Emil Bergkvist (SWE) Codriver: Patrik Barth (SWE) Rally: Rally Portugal 2019 Vehicle Class: R5 To install drop the fr5 folder inside ...\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally 2.0\cars and it will replace livery_00 Always make backups of...
  20. bendack

    Ford GTLM PRO, N ° 69 Chip Ganassi Racing 24h of Le mans 2019 2019-06-19

    Ceci est la Ford GTLM catégorie PRO, N ° 69 Chip Ganassi Racing By Réplic'Art.
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