1. thejqka

    Ford Shelby Formula 1 Team - RSS Formula 1970 1.0

    Heyo guys! What if the Ford vs. ferrari story had another chapter outside of Lemans? I present to you my concept for a early seventies Ford Shelby Formula 1 Team! You get two versions of this fantasy-team: The classic Ford racing blue with the iconic white stripes, and a color flipped...
  2. GreenMachine13

    ACL #28 Dean Gregson '70 Boss Mustang (1969 St. Jovite, 1970 TA) 1.0

    Here is the last Ford for now. This is Dean Gregson's Boss 'Stang ran at St. Jovite in 1969 and select Trans-Am events in 1970. His best finish in this car was 9th at 1969 St. Jovite. His best in 1970 was a 12th at Bridgehampton. Enjoy, and stay tuned for the final manufacturer to be posted...
  3. GreenMachine13

    ACL #89 Jim Whelan '65 Mustang (1969 Donnybrooke) 1.0

    Here is the #89 driven by Jim Whelan in the 1969 Trans-Am race at Donnybrooke. This was the only Trans-Am event he entered in 1969, and unfortunately it ended with a DNF. Enjoy!
  4. GreenMachine13

    ACL #28 Dean Gregson '65 Mustang (1969 TA) 1.0

    Dean Gregson was the performance manager at Tasca Ford, as as such was able to secure Ford technical support. This car was involved in the development of the T/A Boss 302 engine, running a prototype of the powerplant in some A-Sedan races in 1968. This car only entered one Trans-Am race...
  5. GreenMachine13

    ACL #36 and #37 Marathon '70 Mustangs 2-Pack (1972 TA) 1.0

    Known as the Troy Promotions team in 1971, the cars donned new numbers and a slightly adjusted livery for the 1972 Trans-Am season. Tony DeLorenzo started the season at Lime Rock in a Firebird (the same one Milt Minter drove), but later drove the #36 for Troy Promotions. They planned to run...
  6. GreenMachine13

    ACL #82 John Hall Mustang (1972 TA) 1.0

    Here is John Hall's Mustang as it appeared in 1972 Trans-Am events at Donnybrooke and Road America. 24th was his best finish. He did finish 9th at Edmonton in the 1971 T/A race there, but I'm unsure whether the car looked like this or was still the Grabber Blue livery. Figured I'd mention it...
  7. GreenMachine13

    ACL #82 John Hall '70 Mustang (1970 TA) 1.0

    Back to Fords today, I have some I missed the first time around. Here's the Boss Mustang that John Hall entered in the Kent and Riverside Trans-Am races in 1970. He won with this car at local SCCA events, but in Trans-Am his best finish for 1970 was 13th at Riverside. Enjoy!
  8. cyxapik

    Ford Fiesta R5 '20 - FordRallyeSport | Martini 1.0

    2002 Season inspired Ford Fiesta R5 Livery. The car can be found at assettorallygrb wixsite. Some Previews
  9. Santi007

    Ford Performance My Team 1.0

    FORD PERFORMANCE MOD FOR F1 22 MY TEAM MODE Team inspired by the IMSA Ford cars and also additional version with Shelby details. MOD FEATURES Standard package (2 mod versions): Emblem Car (default and customizable) Driversuit You need to use Calibration skins or Mystic for the customizable...
  10. Aloy_

    Ford Shelby Racing Team | MyTeam Package | [MODULAR MOD] 1.2

    Ford Shelby Racing Team (Sean Bull's Concept) - MyTeam Package This mod is still work in progress. Please use either discussion section or Discord if you have any issues. Make sure to read all spoiler tabs before raising an issue, don't raise issue in review tabs as we can't speak properly...
  11. thejqka

    Sean Bull - Ford Shelby Concept - RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 1.2

    Hey guys! The official Sean Bull 2023 Ford Concept. The amazing render-concept brought alive in Assetto Corsa! Iconic Shelby stripes and Ford Blue blending into Daytona blue The driver numbers are not yet present on the grid, so this team can be used side by side with the curent brands on...
  12. GreenMachine13

    ACL #15 and #16 1971 Bud Moore Mustangs (1971 TA) 1.0

    As a follow-up to the 1970 Bud Moore cars, here are the 1971 versions. Slightly different sponsors, same in almost every other aspect. Follmer was elevated to the primary #15, whereas Peter Gregg took control of the #16. Follmer took 2 wins on the season, but ultimately no one could best...
  13. GreenMachine13

    ACL #15 and #16 Bud Moore Racing Mustangs (1970 TA) 1.0

    Here they are: The Bud Moore Fords that won the 1970 Trans-Am title! These are the #15 and #16 of Parnelli Jones and George Follmer respectively. Together they won 6 of 11 events on the year. Enjoy!
  14. GreenMachine13

    ACL #24 Jerry Thompson '70 Mustang (1972 TA) 1.0

    Here's one more for now. Marshall Robbins fielded this Mustang for Jerry Thompson in 1972, occasionally driving it himself as well. Enjoy!
  15. GreenMachine13

    ACL #61 Dan Furey '70 Mustang (1970?? TA) 1.0

    Here's another Dan Furey car, this time #61. Unsure of what year this paint scheme was ran, I put 1970 as that seems to be the most likely but I can't for the life of me find anything that 100% confirms this. If anyone knows for sure what year please let me know and I'll update this if...
  16. GreenMachine13

    ACL #1 and #2 Shelby Racing Mustangs (1969 TA) 1.0

    Here's another team 2-Pack, this time for Shelby Racing's #1 and #2 Mustangs, driven by Peter Revson and Horst Kwech respectively. Enjoy!
  17. GreenMachine13

    ACL #41 Ed Hinchcliff '70 Mustang (1970, 1971, 1972 TA) 1.0

    Here's a more well-known paint scheme from the Trans-Am series. Ed Hinchcliff raced this beautiful Mustang throughout the 1970, 1971, and 1972 seasons. He ran a couple of numbers, mainly 41 and 81. The #41 is represented here. Hinchcliff was moderately successful with the car, scoring 4 top...
  18. GreenMachine13

    ACL #32 Gene Harrington '70 Mustang (1971 Bryar) 1.0

    Tope Racing Enterprises seemed to have been busy in 1971. In addition to Tope's own #31, which would see much success in the coming years, they also fielded this #32 periodically for Gene Harrington. This is the car roughly as it appeared at Bryar Motorsports Park in 1971. The engine didn't...
  19. GreenMachine13

    ACL #40 Steve Ross '70 Mustang (1970-1971 TA) 1.0

    Here is the #40 Mustang piloted by Steve Ross in the 1970 and 1971 Trans-Am seasons. He never quite cracked the top 10 in this car, but he did finish almost every race he entered, a notable accomplishment for the time. More paint schemes to come, I'm in a good painting groove. Enjoy!
  20. GreenMachine13

    ACL #26 Dan Furey '70 Mustang Skin (1972 TA) 1.0

    Here is Dan Furey's ill-fated #26 Mustang that was raced in select 1972 Trans-Am events. According to what I've read about this car, it never finished any of the races it entered in 1972.