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  1. CrazTheKing

    KC - Backwoods Drift Track 1.1

    Fictional Drift Track 40 Pits (Overdone) [Broken use only 23] 23 Pits on orange/white pit line, allowing races with up to 23 racers, The remaining pits are in the parking lot. Join our drift server: Discord.gg/dzU4kfZq5e
  2. RaceRoom Week: Drifting a DTM Race car!

    RaceRoom Week: Drifting a DTM Race car!

    #RaceRoom #TheExtraMile #DriftingPlease do not hesitate to contact me on Twitter @_The_Extra_Mile if you have any questions, or if you have an idea for a gam...
  3. D

    Tatehara Touge 1.0

    Tatehara Touge is a mountain pass in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. ・needs CSP ・GRASS FX,RAIN FX ・16pits ・When you select HOTLAP,you can start runnning from near the TimeAttack starting point. if you can support me with Paypal, it will motivate me to continue...
  4. TomDom

    Drift Hill 1.02

    Drift Hill 16 Pitboxes This map was my first time learning/using Blender :) I mainly designed it to be used with some friends in a practice session, however other modes should work too! CamTool by Atrupelador: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/camtool-for-drift-hill.44128/ 1.02: Added...
  5. shrpzz

    Drift Field 0.1.1

    I've made this track to have something similar, yet a little different from my favorite track: drift playground Its faster, its wider, its longer, but it is still easy and uniform flow, and it goes well with Tando and WDTS cars. I think it would work amazing for beginner drifters, and for more...
  6. Fuj1ma29

    Fuj1ma's Drift Playground 1.1

    Fuj1ma's Drift Playground Small drift circuit made in blender. Bare in mind this is my second time making a mod for assetto corsa. Track is a loop with a small building, mountains and a small pits. Version 1.1 : Fixed the pit Changed the mountain 20 pits stands CSP FX : - GRASS FX - RAIN...
  7. uffeboi

    Drift Playground RGB

    Have a great summer everyone, Here is the RGB Drift Playground 2021 the PPfilters i recommend is FanatiC or Zusty and play around with the exposure from 0 to 100. Credit remains to PJ Edulian (author) and P3ngu1n (conversion) for the track. i'm just a potato who likes to spice things up with...
  8. D

    Mobara Twin Circuit 2021 1.0

    Mobara Circuit is a mini Track located in Mobara City, Chiba Prefecture. This is one of the most famous courses in Japan, you can enjoy grip and drift. Mobara already existed, but the width of the track and the distance were inaccurate, so we made a new one. I hope you enjoy! ・CSP needs...
  9. antudusun

    Drift Playground 2021 1.0

    Retextured and updated some objects like trees, bushes, street lights and collision. Custom Shader Patch (CSP) is required for better experience. Credit remains to PJ Edulian (author) and P3ngu1n (conversion).
  10. uffeboi

    Middle Sweden Track''MittSverigeBananBeta'' RGB 0.65

    Sooo... it's about time i release a new version of my track , Middle Sweden track ''MittSverigeBananBeta'' some new textures, drifting zones, Wetmod/rain for those who got the paid CSP aaaaand the fun part. RGB on the night, so i recommend that you try that out, the paid CSP is not needed for...
  11. D

    Link Circuit 1.0

    Link Circuit Official Website http://www.link-circuit.com/ Link Circuit is located in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. You can enjoy both grip and drift. ・CSP required ・GRASS FX & RAIN FX ・25Pits I would raise motivation If you would like to support me with paypal. Enjoy!
  12. shadow118

    BMW E92 Eurofighter Viada 1.0

    Kristaps Blušs' new Eurofighter livery, that debuted in the FIA Intercontinental Drift Cup 2021 in Biķernieki Skin is for the E92 Eurofighter from DCGP 2021 car pack
  13. juicter6000

    ASS&GAS .1

    training/train track, 2nd gear smooth flow
  14. U

    Akina Downhill Bots not working

    Hello, I just downloaded the 2017 Akina Downhill/Uphill/Drift map (https://acmods.net/tracks/mount-akina-2017/) I saw that it apparently has AI support, but whenever I load up anything other than "Practice", the game either crashes immediately, or loads in with the AI next to me, but all...
  15. Z


    こんにちわみんな。これで環僕の作りましたトラフィック  MOD です下の帆を差心を置いてます。目手倉田債。 Aqui son alugunos fotos de mi mod para trafico Here are some leaked images for my upcoming mods and traffic layouts -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  16. juicter6000

    ROOTED 1.0

    very simple loop, 8 corners, 30 pits. "grassroots"
  17. Fuj1ma29

    Fuj1ma's Drift Mountains 0.8.3

    Come drift with me on my server Fuj1ma's Drift Server Medium-small drift map made in blender. Bare in mind this is my first time making a mod for assetto corsa. Track is a loop around a lake with a few small building, mountains and a small parking for the pits CSP FX : - GRASS FX - RAIN FX -LIGHT
  18. B

    Verdal Motorsenter 1.0

    Hello! This is my second track I've made for Assetto Corsa, I hope you'll enjoy it. Please feel free to give me feedback on the track. :) Track is mainly focused on drifting. Big shoutout to OTM Ted Bundy for lots of help on the track! My discord where I have all my tracks as well as...
  19. ASSETTO CORSA - MODDED - SCIBSOUND Toyota Supra MKIV Time Attack & Drift sound mod

    ASSETTO CORSA - MODDED - SCIBSOUND Toyota Supra MKIV Time Attack & Drift sound mod

    Having a look at the new Supra sound from "SCIBSOUND" for the default Kunos Supra (time attack and drift models)
  20. rod vion

    Damapur 1.0

    Track: Damapur Length: 17.5 km Elevation change: 455m 2 layouts: normal and reverse Circuit mode 30 pits/starts place Replay camera Grass FX Lights Map AI The textures are free from the internet and redesign The track was made in Blender, created by Rod Vion Grass FX/ csp / online fix by: BV...