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Submit Your Questions! SRO, Kunos, RD And Chris Haye Sim Racing Panel Discussion

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Staff member
Jun 5, 2009
We want your questions! This Wednesday 10th June we are recording a panel discussion between Marco Massarutto (Kunos), Anthony Comas (SRO), Chris Haye (YouTube) and Paul Jeffrey (RD) - so ask us anything!

To air as part of our pre-race build up show for the final round of the SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship on Saturday 20th June, RaceDepartment are hosting a sim racing themed panel discussion with the Co-Founder and Executive Manager of Kunos Simulazioni, Marco Massarutto, the Marketing Manager at SRO Motorsports Group, Anthony Comas, YouTube sim racing favourite Chris Haye and RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Paul Jeffrey - and we want our community to fire some questions over for the panel to discuss!

Have you ever wanted to know anything about the rise of GT3 racing, what happens behind the scenes at the GT World Challenge and their venture into esports racing? Are you interested to find out more about the excitement and intrigue of serious sim racing development? Curious as to what it takes to produce high quality videos as one of the most popular sim racing YouTube creators on the internet? Do you...., errr, well I'll be present too, for whatever that's worth!

Get your questions submitted as soon as possible, we will be recording the show on Wednesday afternoon so you don't have long! Our panel discussion will be aired on the RaceDepartment Twitch channel Saturday 20th June as part of a mammoth day of sim racing content, as we build up to the final race of the SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship.

Should be fun!

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May 29, 2013
Anthony, is there some change GTWC Asia or America license will be appear in ACC? well maybe some supporting race too?

Marco, dunno bit tricky to ask but what's current state of custom skins in ACC? is that legal or not?

Chris, your favorite track and car combination when racing in ACC?

Tony 93

Jun 5, 2019
Chris Hayes makes the best sim videos out there so easy to understand
He understand sim racers needs
My Question to Chris
Whats your favourite sim car track combo at the moment and why?
Also hows the new addition to the family
Big Congradulations


Dec 1, 2013
All: Still looking for usable broadcast tool with rpl. options and other broadcast beniffits. It would be positive for all streamers and for dloweper promotion.
Like tkis:


Jun 14, 2017
2 questions
1 level content: go get you the new circuits planned for the calendier 2020: Imola, Magny-cours, Indianapolis
GT World america, asia, FFSA France
Cars level: all the GT4 ? NEW GT2 ? Historic GT1 ? TCR ?
Question 2nd: multiplayer level: the competition server is good but not enough will it be developed a mix sim racing system, iracing , just race proper to assetto corsa competizione

Paul Glover

RaceDepartment Social Media Manager & Podcast Host
Staff member
Jul 16, 2011
All: Still looking for usable broadcast tool with rpl. options and other broadcast beniffits. It would be positive for all streamers and for dloweper promotion.
Like tkis:
It's up to the community to build the tool, but Kunos are in control of the API.


Oct 10, 2014
For Marco: what has been the differences between licensing various cars for dlc that we used to see in AC1 vs ACC where packs currently are based on an entire series. Is it easier negotiating for a series or with various manufactures for their cars.

For everyone: What SRO series and season would you like to replicate in ACC? Also how many sheep do I have to sacrifice for BPR to be licensed?
Jul 5, 2019
Kunos: A question I feel most of us would have.
When are you going to fix the constant issues that plague multiplayer?
May 29th Acc was free for the weekend so I jumped in to have a look, Being impressed and recall having no issues everything working as intended so I made the purchase.
Since then (June 1st) however, driver profile rating/stats simply are not loading or recording anything I am doing. it is currently incapable of recording the basics like my lap times so much so I am resorting to pen and paper to track my laps.
The laps that have recorded and show up when they want to are the ones set from that free weekend.
From what I have gathered people on your forums have had these issues for much longer.

Did you boost the servers over the free period in the hope to bring more people inane drop them back to save resources after it?

For a title that advertises "Advance Multiplayer Functionality" is straight-up false advertising as it simply doesn't work and incapable of keeping track of something simply like personal lap times.
For a comparative sim, these are the issues that should be a high priority to get stable before an official release and long before considering opening the doors to other platforms such as the release on consoles.

Being smug about it and saying "you don't pay a subscription so you have to expect bugs!" is lazy development and greed.
many other sim titles and games for that matter manage quite fine without such a subscription.
Live for Speed has 3 developers and still able to pull up every lap time, even times set from 10+ years ago on LFS World.
So what is going on here?

If you want more money (I'm sure you do) then the best way is to provide a better service then your competitors. That's basic business.
But at this moment in time, most of us are not getting what we originally paid for. So why would spend more?


Apr 5, 2017
I wonder if kunos has plans or thought about a next project to do something about American category like Nascar and Indy? for the ability of Kunos staff would be fantastic !!