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rFactor 2 | New Build Update Released

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Studio 397 have deployed a new build update for rFactor 2 - adding many fixes, tweaks and improvements to the simulation.
  • Multiple UI improvements and tweaks.
  • New controller profiles for various wheel manufacturers.
  • Substantial modding support archive documentation refresh.
Studio 397 have been pretty busy of late, and today some of those labours have seen the light of day with a brand new build hitting the public version of the simulation - adding many fixes and improvements to the title in a number of key areas.

As rFactor 2 strives towards making the new UI the default interface choice for the public build of the simulation, Studio 397 have released a new update today with many tweaks, improvements and fixes to how the UI operates within the game - again taking another step forward in what is a considerable overhaul to the way the simulation looks, feels and functions when loading into the sim.

Other notable changes within the new build include a reworking of many broadcast overlay features, substantial updates to the documentation available to modding teams, additional wheel profiles, graphical tweaks and multiplayer fixes - the full details of which can be seen in the change log below:


Update Notes 04.09.2020

Old UI (opt-out)

  • Client build ID: 5504070
  • Dedicated server build ID: 5504080
New UI (public_beta)
  • Client build ID: 5503999
  • Dedicated server build ID: 5504004
User Interface
  • Added key binding for hide cursor. This is useful when running the in-game overlays and doing a broadcast to a capture card that insists on showing your cursor otherwise.
  • All replay controls can now be custom assigned in the controller tab. By default all replay controls are mapped to the same defaults unless re-assigned.
  • Added first time start up wizard. For now only has name and nickname fields. This will be extended.
  • Added player area in the main UI. For now only has name and nickname fields.
  • In showroom we now check for upgrades on page load and do not show info if there aren't any.
  • Disabled select button in list layout for category items. When switching from grid or thumbnail layout to the list layout, and having a "category" item selected, the select button would be available and would glitch things when clicked.
  • Clear car configuration info when viewing a "category" item.
  • Updated the pop-up layout and styling.
  • Renamed event screen "Drive" button to "Passenger" when in multiplayer spectator mode.
  • Made transitioning to packages area page smoother:
    • Get packages after the page has loaded to avoid blocking.
    • Show a pop-up message while getting packages.
    • Use a dark grey background during switching to the page.
  • Enabled a chat message for single player admin commands.
  • Fixed a game crash when switching sessions.
  • Fix accessing garage data properties if data is not available.
  • All controller profiles are updated. This fixes various issues when using 'Detect' on first time hardware setup.
  • We have new controller profiles for:
    • Simucube 2 Sport;
    • Simucube 2 Pro;
    • Simucube 2 Ultimate;
    • Logitech G923 PlayStation 4 and PC;
    • Logitech G923 XBox One and PC;
    • VRS OSW;
    • XBOX One Controller For Windows.
  • Added "PlayerFileOverrides" to various profiles to ensure proper driver aids are enabled/disabled on first time wheel detect.
  • Added use thread "true" for all profiles.
  • Ensured that the "920 workaround" is set to "false" on all non-Logitech profiles.
  • Fixed profile naming and removed redundant profiles.
  • Fixed stuck 'look left' on TS-XW profile.
  • Thrustmaster F1 wheel Integral profiles: Fixed all mapping conflicts: T-GT, TS-PC, T500 RS, TS-XW.
  • Thrustmaster Racing wheel profiles: Fixed all mapping conflicts: T-GT, TS-PC, T500 RS.
  • Thrustmaster F1 wheel Integral profiles: Fixed all mapping conflicts: T-GT, TS-PC, T500 RS, TS-XW.
  • Thrustmaster Racing wheel profiles: Fixed all mapping conflicts: T-GT, TS-PC, T500 RS.
  • Added correct max torque to Fanatec CSW v1, v2, V2.5 and Direct Drive profiles.
Modding Support
  • Published a ton of new information about modding for rFactor 2 on the documentation website.
  • Large update to modding documentation, will full documentation on PBR material system, dedicated Development Tools section and more.
  • First official release of 3ds Max 2021 Plugins.
  • First official release of Material Editor.
  • First official release of Maps Converter Tool.
  • Added Loch Drummond (PBR Track) to ModDev.
  • Added ability to disable auto albedo correction on pre PBR shaders.
  • Added ability to choose cube Fresnel default settings on pre PBR car body shader.
  • Corrected Deformable Tire shader naming in Max Plugins.
  • Exposed Atmospherics section in Wet file to configure Haze and other settings..
  • Updated ModDev to use main game HUD.
  • Added ability to save preset positions in the Scene Viewer.
  • Added new pit exit marshal textures.
  • Small refactor of glare settings in PostFX
  • Many other minor tweaks to various shaders and settings.
  • Significantly improved logging for multiplayer sessions.
  • Fixed race conditions in our low level socket node list.
  • Increased the size of an internal array to accommodate all possible cars in a session.
  • Fixed an issue where not just the server would send out node reordering messages.
  • Changed some very "spammy" log messages.
  • Fixed several crashes where some code would reference invalid data.
  • Added descriptive names to all threads.
  • Improved the handling of an application crash to ensure logs get flushed.
Broadcast Overlays
  • Made qualifying box sector colors correspond to best lap sectors instead of absolute best sectors.
  • Added fallback for drivers with no last name set.
  • Added dropdown in control panel to select overlay configuration.
  • Made replay transition follow the configured series color.
  • Added an option to show more data in tower field 4 (gap to next, number of pit stops).
  • Added an option to automatically enable race update box when timing box is enabled.
  • Fixed pit timer getting stuck after leaving pit lane.
  • Fixed displaying of gaps to leader/fastest lap time in tower and banner.
  • Extended field 2 data with manufacturer and team logo.
  • Added turning lap time green or purple in the qualifying box after the lap.
  • Added option to minimize boxes in the control panel.
  • Fixed starting order not working with multiple events.
  • Fixed replay jumping to wrong time.
  • Cleaned up the CSS to make it easier to make changes in the custom.css.
  • Added a replay marker button to mark replay events.
  • Updated team name and car number to use the entries from the .VEH file.
  • Added mixed/overall standings option.
  • Added an option to toggle between driver name, team name and description.
  • Made b-roll a standalone element.
  • Added option to condense tower by hiding field 2 or 3.
  • Fixed schedule slide date comparing.
  • Added an option to start the overlay in multi-class or single-class mode.
  • Updated banner behaviour based on the selected car class (or mixed/multi-class mode).
  • Rearranged control panel.

Original Source; Studio 397 forum.

rFactor 2 is available exclusively on PC, via the Steam network.

Want to get the best from your rFactor 2 experience? No worries, head over to the rFactor 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment, start up a new thread and let the community help you out!

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It's certainly not the place to go to online for pickup games. A league I am in uses it and I have to say that it's performance in VR is pretty good. Some time back I had completely given up on it.

It can look fantastic in VR with the right tracks. If only the clock could get wound back a little bit and modders/track makers jumped in with what it can do today and it would be great.

I hope it gets more community attention.
Twice now I have downloaded the free "Demo"on Steam and I have been unimpressed, usually deleting it after about an hour of game play. Has the full release significantly improved from the demo???
i mean ams 2 has a bigger changelog in one of its weekly updates, sorry just done with this title its pretty much a dead offline sim now.

I guess the game is on a different part of the life cycle compared to AMS2.

In some ways, AMS2 is still in development as there are still a lot of changes that need to be added. rF2 is sort of "completed" and it seemed like it is mostly maintenance work for them. R3E is the same, mostly a patch here and there recently. Not much changes despite R3E is a by far more complete game than rF2.

rF2 really needs more work, there is no denying on that. It is so basic in a lot of ways.