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  1. Jethro

    CART 1996 and 1997 Mods

    Hi everyone, does anyone have the 1996 and 1997 CART mods?
  2. V8Skinner

    Eastern Creek 4 1.0

    This Eastern Creek track was fully done by MR_INGALL (See photo below) and exhumed by FVRetrogamers for reasons explained below. For the 2021 Skin Pack that we are doing, we need 4 different versions of Eastern Creek, as they raced there 4 times. And there are only 3 versions available: the V8...
  3. Kyuubeey

    Physics origins for gMotor, ride height, suspension geometry and other questions

    What does adjusting the "ride height" do? Does it deflect the spring and damper more or less, or does it "attach the suspension lower or higher"? Do the arm angles change when adjusting ride height? Why does the wheel orientation not change? Where is ride height referenced from? If I have it 0...
  4. ElWeon18

    2021 Qatar Grand Prix 2.0

    This is the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix. The first one with streetlights to race at night. When the real GP end, I will do an update with sponsors, DRS, etc. Here you have an onboard:
  5. Mau Patitucci

    Cosmos Grand Prix V1.0

    A track located in Space. A homage to the great Sagan. Special thanks to Kennett Ylitalo for the ring object.
  6. J

    BMW F1 2007 car Free

    Source: rfactor.net/downloads [when it was available] Description: Official F1BMW07.exe. Free BMW F1 2007 car addon for rFactor. 41 MB.
  7. J

    Panoz cars Free

    Source: rfactor.net/downloads [when it was available] Description: Official rFactor_Panoz_AddOn.exe. Free Panoz cars addon for rFactor. 94 MB.
  8. J

    rFactor 1255g Lite

    Source: rfactor.net/web/rf1/downloads [when it was available] Description: Official rFactorSetup1255g_Lite.exe. If you don't have a product key, game is demo. Lite contains only few cars and tracks. 273 MB.
  9. nekomeow

    Nordschleife 2014 V.1.1

    A GTR EVO NORDSCHLEIFE CONVERSION This track has many assets from F1 2011, NFS Shift, and various other tracks. It uses SRPL shaders for sky and some glass materials. There is a flicker hack used. Feel free to use different settings.
  10. rangerk19

    How do I put Classes back on the race Monitor?

    I've installed and uninstalled many mods for my rFactor the last weeks, and one of them (can't remember which) has changed the CLASS section on the race monitor to display every driver's tire compound. This was not an inconvenience until I downloaded a WEC mod yesterday, and now i'm unable to...
  11. Damian Reed

    RACEDEPARTMENT YouTube Channel - 25K subs!!

    Yesterday the RACEDEPARTMENT YouTube channel hit 25,000 subscribers and I though I've only been part of the channel for a number of weeks, I wanted to thank everyone who has subscribed and watched our content. As we move on to even more subs in the future (hopefully), I was wondering what you...
  12. L

    HSO 1974 Championship Cars 1.1

    HSO 1974 Championship Cars v1.1
  13. S

    Osella PA20 skins

    Hi to everyone! I am looking for for the Osella PA20 skins uploaded, long time ago, on the defunct rfactorcentral website. In particular I am interested for Uwe Lang and Giulio Regosa skins made by JeanPierreJarier and for Simone Faggioli and Giovanni Cassibba skins made by saso. If someone can...
  14. L

    F1 1955 1.06

    F1 1955 Season by Luigi70 and published under permission by PureF1 Modding Team
  15. L

    Jaguar XJR-15 Intercontinental Challenge 1.1

    Jaguar XJR-15 Intercontinental Challenge. A kind permission of International Simracing Organization to provide you this roaring V12 beasts for rFactor, converted by PureF1 Modding Team
  16. Damian Reed

    The RD YouTube Channel needs YOUR help!

    The RD YouTube channel needs your help! If you’ve seen the recent announcement about the RaceDepartment content team, then you should know that I will be responsible for the content on the RD YouTube channel. I want to engage this fantastic community with the channel and make some awesome...
  17. L

    60s Legends: F1 1961 1962 1.0

    F1 1961 and 1962 for rFactor. Courtesy of Luigi70 and SamAlex
  18. S

    Making and engine with Physics Editor

    Just wanna say: in love with physics editor! I's so easy to make an engine!!! I have two questions: 1- The blue line is COMPRESSION IN NM. I don't really know what its mean. I understand that power in hp is defined by torque x rotation. But compression seems to be a separate item. First...
  19. Mau Patitucci

    Notorika F1 2021 V1.1

    UPDATED!! V1.1 - Lap counts now when passing through the pits. Phantasy F1 track located in Brasil. Mod on the screen shots: F1 2021 by Alex Maggio V0.1
  20. terminator12344321

    best way to buy Race Track Builder?

    i want to buy race track builder but i dont know what's the best way to buy it. steam? a site? maybe there's a steam sale coming up? if u know pls reply in the comments. thank you!