rFactor 2 | Endurance Bundle 2 DLC Now Available

DPi and Ligier feels really good. I really hope, they can get things sorted and I'm looking forward to all things coming for the new Le Mans and Endurance series. It's so promising that Porsche, Audi, Peugeot, Glickenhaus will participate in future which makes this series the most attractive to me again, after Audi left the LMP1. And I only see one sim for this kind of races tbh.
I finally got around to the other two cars in the pack today, having driven the C8 on purchase.
I don't like them as much.
It is not that they're terrible cars. They're just not as optimized or as refined as the C8.
There's way too much cockpit shaking by default relative to the natural view in the C8.
The cockpit material textures are also a bit lacking.
The exteriors are fine.