1. S

    2020 ROLEX 24 Hours of Daytona Oreca 07 pack 2020-01-25

    2020 ROLEX 24 Hours of Daytona LMP2 for rollovers_oreca07_lmp2 #8 Tower Motorsport by Starworks #18 Era Motorsport #38 Performance Tech Motorsports #52 PR1 Mathiasen Motorsports #81 DragonSpeed USA
  2. S

    2019 Le Mans LMP2 Oreca 07 #30 Duqueine Engineering 2020-01-13

    2019 Le Mans grid #30 Duqueine Engineering for rollovers_oreca07_lmp2
  3. S

    2019 Le Mans LMP2 Oreca 07 #25 Algarve Pro Racing 2020-01-11

    one of the last skins from 2019 Le Mans grid #25 Algarve Pro Racing for rollovers_oreca07_lmp2
  4. S

    2019 Le Mans LMP2 Oreca 07 #37 & #38 Jackie Chan DC Racing 2020-01-10

    Hi another two from 2019 Le Mans grid #37 & #38 Jackie Chan DC Racing for rollovers_oreca07_lmp2 some more to follow
  5. S

    2019 Le Mans & Daytona DragonSpeed Oreca pack 2020-01-09

    2019 team DragonSpeed LMP2 Oreca 07 #18 from Daytona 24 #31 from Le Mans 24 for rollovers_oreca07_lmp2 Enjoy
  6. S

    2019 Le Mans LMP2 Oreca 07 #28 TDS Racing 2020-01-08

    2019 Le Mans LMP2 Oreca 07 #28 TDS Racing for rollovers_oreca07_lmp2 it's not perfect, but it's quite difficult to paint this model :)
  7. Jim1986

    Oreca07 Racing Team Nederland WEC 2019 1.1

    They keep changing the livery and now the car so here we go again:p Took a lot of hours and not 100% satisfied yet, but here it is. Hope you like it! Please feel free to make a small donation. One day I hope to buy a Ferrari
  8. Chisholm6192

    Assetto Corsa PS4|LMP/GTE/GT3/GT4|US league

    Hey, everyone, I was thinking about starting a league fro asset to Corsa for PS4, for a sportscar league so post a reply with your league structure preference, race length, date, time, classes, tracks (I was thinking Friday nights at 6pm est, in LMP and GTE)
  9. Brototype

    S397 Oreca 07 PR1/Mathiasen Motorsports 1.0

    Here comes the last missing livery from the LMP2 class of this years IMSA season. The others can be found here: #18 & #81 Dragonspeed by Émilien #38 Performance Tech Motorsports I had to cheat a little on this ones doors to achieve an authentic look for both doors. It didn't turned out perfect...
  10. Brototype

    S397 Oreca 07 Performance Tech Motorsports 1.1

    My recreation of the Performance Tech Motorsports #38 LMP2 Oreca car from this years IMSA season. It's the version that ran at Road America this year. Number panels are by Isaac Chavira.
  11. BloodySalmonMan

    LMP2 and LMP3 Wheels from Taichi Sim Racing Wheels

    Hi, This is Taichi from Taich Sim Racing Wheels! We're selling replica and custom steering wheels for simracing. Please have a look on my website or Instagram to find more! Instagram: taichisimracing Website: Taichisteering email: taichisteering@gmail.com Feel free to contact me if you have...
  12. haasje33

    LMP2: Racing Team Nederland 2019-2020 1.0

    A follow-up of my LMP1 version: the "real" LMP2 livery for Racing Team Nederland. With even more attention to detail, I think I got it as close as it can be on the (Dallara) RWD P20 car. Every feedback will be appreciated! Team: Racing Team Nederland Livery: 2019-20 WEC official livery Car...
  13. Jim1986

    Inter europol competition 2019 0.9

    0.9 version of the Inter Europol competition Ligier lmp2. As soon as i can find more and better pictures of this car ill update it. Really hope you'll like it! link to mod: http://therollovers.it/free-mods/ Skinning is very time consuming so feel free to make a small donation. Its my...
  14. Highlandwalker

    S397 Oreca-Algarve Pro Racing 1

    This is the Algarve Pro Racing car driven by Chris Hoy.
  15. Highlandwalker

    S397 Oreca 2019 IMSA Cadillac 1

    This is the 2019 IMSA Cadillac, Juncos Racing Team. Enjoy.
  16. Ace King

    "ORECA LMP2" SKIN PACK for "Endurance Pack." 2.05

    A work around fix was implimented for older skins that were not painted using the new material/shader system so they will be able to display a more glossy finish though may show minor imperfections as bleed-thru in the paint's finish. This Skin Pack now provides you with a total of "35" AI...
  17. greywulf

    IMSA Krohn Skin for Ligier JS P2?

    Hi, i`m searching for the Krohn/Onroak skin for the Ligier JS P2 LMP2 - but IMSA version with the starting number 57:
  18. Jim1986

    Racing Team Nederland 2018 2019-02-25

    Not the most accurate skin ever but Ive tryed my very best( just started skinning) If its to rough and not good enough for RD standards i'll remove it offcourse. Have been working on it in stead of planning my wedding so if there are requests it has to wait unfortunately otherwise im single...
  19. Highlandwalker

    S397 Oreca 07 TagHeuer 1

    Here's another Oreca skin.
  20. AbeWoz

    2019 IMSA WeatherTech Number Plates v1.1

    ***UPDATE: Plates were updated for the change the the DPi numberplate. Black background w/ white numbers. (image on 'updates' tab.*** new number plates for the WTSC for 2019. IMSA is going to separate colors for each of the classes (finally). DPi will be white background with black numbers...
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