RaceRoom Racing Experience | BMW M4 GT4 Coming Soon

Sector3 Studios have teased a new car coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience - the GT4 specification BMW M4!

Teasing the car in a moody night scene, but leaving the name of the model on the image title to kinda spoil the guessing game (!!), we now know another GT4 machine will be heading to the RaceRoom Racing Experience simulation in the very near future - joining the already released KTM X-Bow, Lotus Evora and Porsche Cayman GT4 cars within the title.

No release date is available at present, but be sure to stay tuned in the next few days for more information and previews ahead of the full car DLC release.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is available now exclusively on PC.

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Cote Dazur

Do we know the list of those GT4 cars that are coming? with the list I could start to think on which one I am going to choose to race. That is one think I really like about R3E, you can buy all the cars or, like IRL, you choose one and you still get to race again all the cars. Additionally, you can even try them before you decide on which one you want. I really like the concept.
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