bmw m4 gt4

  1. R

    Skin Monster Energy for BMW M4 GT4 (by GUERILLA Mods) 2021-02-02

    my first skin, not optimal in terms of file size, I had to use logos too large I think, but it works perfectly skin Monster Energy for BMW M4 GT4 by GUERILLA MODS ( gt4_bmw_m4 ) , skin car & crew the templates are provided with if you want to remove logos or add your own logo, number plate, ...
  2. P

    BMW M4 GT4 Custom Livery - @astro_imports 2020-11-05

    Sup guys! I have a soccer jersey store, so I decided to make a custom livery for my GT4 car to use in the tournaments and also publicize my store :) I've made two versions. Both are customizable, so you can choose the colors you prefer. The sponsors are: ASTRO Imports, Nano cryptocurrency...
  3. db-design

    Hofor Racing by Bonk Motorsport - BMW M4 GT4 - 2020 Dubai 24 Hour [4K] 1.0

    100% of all proceeds will go to NHS Charities Together. #431 / #469 Hofor Racing by Bonk Motorsport BMW M4 GT4 2020 Dubai 24 Hour #431 #469 NOTE: Due to skin limitations, I am unable to fully replicate the headlights accurately. Should there be further developments from Kunos, I will...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa Competizione | BMW M4 GT4 First Trailer

    Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games have shared the first preview footage from the upcoming GT4 DLC for Assetto Corsa Competizione - featuring the BMW M4 GT4! The new GT4 DLC is set to feature an impressive 11 new models from the category, of which the mighty BMW M4 GT4 is one of the included cars...
  5. racingheaven

    BMW M4 GT4 Boat Works Racing - Bathurst 12 Hours 2018 2020-02-06

    This car from the Bathurst 12 Hours 2018 is especially made for the wonderful GT4 Mod of the Guerilla modding group.
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    RaceRoom | December Update and BMW M4 GT4 Coming This Week

    Sector3 Studios have confirmed this week will see the release of the BMW M4 GT4 as part of the upcoming December build update for the game. That's right, having been teased by the studio back in early November, we now finally have a launch date for the upcoming BWM M4 GT4 - this week! Yes, car...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    RaceRoom Racing Experience | BMW M4 GT4 Previews

    Sector3 Studios have revealed some exciting preview images from the upcoming BMW M4 GT4 set to release to RaceRoom Racing Experience in the near future. A few days ago, Sector3 Studios revealed some mystery preview images from an upcoming new car for the simulation, and although it only took a...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    RaceRoom Racing Experience | BMW M4 GT4 Coming Soon

    Sector3 Studios have teased a new car coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience - the GT4 specification BMW M4! Teasing the car in a moody night scene, but leaving the name of the model on the image title to kinda spoil the guessing game (!!), we now know another GT4 machine will be heading to the...