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  1. Psykoface

    GT4 M4 BMW WILLIAMS RACING 2020-08-06

    Custom WILLIAMS RACING SKIN for the BMW M4 Copy the Customs folder into your ACC map in "my documents" to install.
  2. Psykoface


    BMW WILLIAMS Custom skin
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa Competizione | Update 1.5.4 Now Available

    Kunos Simulazioni have dropped the fifth post V1.5 hotfix update to Assetto Corsa Competizione. New build address several UI and physics issues. Bizarre high jacked cars on race ending screen now fixed. Various minor adjustments throughout the simulation. Assetto Corsa Competizione | Hotfix...
  4. KTM X-BOW GT4 | Die Besten GT4 Mods | Assetto Corsa [+Downloadlink]

    KTM X-BOW GT4 | Die Besten GT4 Mods | Assetto Corsa [+Downloadlink]

    Heute habe ich mal wieder einen richtigen Leckerbissen für euch! Der KTM X-BOW konnte bereits in ACC mein Herz gewinnen, nun ist er als offizielle Kunos Mod auch in Assetto Corsa gelandet. Was die Battlebox kann und ob sogar meine GT3 Zeiten damit wackeln, erfahrt ihr im heutigen Video!
  5. Ryo-wa200

    ACC GT4 Templates Part 2 1.0 1.0

    Here's part 2 of the templates. This one includes all of the remaining cars. Please don't forget to rate and download, There's a guy harassing me through DMs shaming me for doing this. He got my post in the ACC reddit taken down so if this happens here i'll just upload to google drive or share...
  6. racingheaven

    European GT4 Series 2020 - Borusan Otomotiv v. 1.0

    DWCreative proudly presents two more skins from the 2020 European GT4 Series. This time we bring you the two Turkish Borusan Otomotive BMW M4 GT4's. Of course on the Guerilla Mod BMW M4 GT4. As I already made both cars from this team from the 2018 and 2019 season, it wasn't a very big job, but...
  7. Ryo-wa200

    ACC GT4 Templates Part 1 1.0

    Hi everyone, decided to upload some templates with proper wireframe set up. This first file contains the templates for the following GT4 cars: * Alpine * Aston Martin * Audi I will upload the rest once i get to them. Note: I included the ambient occlusion in the template as a guide. That way...
  8. T

    Taylor Swift Livery - Mercedes AMG GT4 1.0

    If you want to drive fast and look good then I have the livery for you. Styled with the Taylor Swift Lovers album cover and great images this will definitely take seconds off you lap time.
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa Competizione | Minor Hotfix Release Notes

    A very small hotfix update for Assetto Corsa Competizione deployed in the last couple of days - if not already downloaded, it should available the next time you restart your Steam client. Assetto Corsa Competizione | GT4 DLC Review: Click Here. The new hotfix is only very minor in size, and...
  10. krissboo

    True Racing 4k Livery for the KTM GT4 0.98

    True Racing 4k Livery for the excellent KTM X-Bow GT4 by Gary J Paterson / KTM / Kunos You can download the mod here KTM X-Bow GT4 Mod IMPORTANT: CSP is required for this mod. Livery is based on the number 23 True Racing team car driven by Reinhard Kofler and Laura Kraihamer. Comes with a...
  11. FlakNine

    Mercedes AMG GT4 Petronas Black livery 1.0

    Inspired by the 2020 Mercedes F1 livery. It features a couple of logos related to our racing club RWB International but they'd be easy to swap out by editing sponsors.png.
  12. Im Ranking: Welcher ist der ULTIMATIVE GT4 in ACC?

    Im Ranking: Welcher ist der ULTIMATIVE GT4 in ACC?

    Welcher Bolide im neuen ACC GT4 Pack DLC ist der Beste? Eine Frage die mich dazu getrieben hat in einer Versuchsreihe einen Sieger zu ermitteln und alle Fahrzeuge in eine Top 10 / 11 zu packen. Der Sieger hat mich dabei wirklich überrascht.
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa Competizione | V1.5.2 Now Available

    Assetto Corsa Competizione has been in receipt of another new hotfix today, the second such release since V1.5 of the simulation launched back in mid July. Improvements to timing widget. Minor multiplayer fixes and improvements. Other miscellaneous fixes. The second post V1.5 and GT4 DLC...
  14. Tom Blackett

    KTM GT4 released

    Go check this out, think you have to thank Gary Paterson for the model?? https://www.facebook.com/KTMXBOW/?hc_ref=ARRvR_UlzkzY2W826U_FqbTHb4smvqiZFZhO9wleEvwlGuoXSjnV7fhWMmlTrdWfy9Q&fref=nf&__tn__=kCH-R
  15. Scholesy46

    Rebel Rock Racing Camaro GT4 1.0

    Replica livery of the 2020 Rebel Rock Racing racing in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge series
  16. Matthew Allington

    Top Gear BMW M4 GT4 1.1

    A livery based on Top Gear's memorable assault on the Britcar 24hr race back in the Clarkson/Hammond/May days :) The fixed numberplates in ACC somewhat hinders the door gag on one side and means that I can't put the number on the bonnet. On the subject of numberplates, I thought that it was...
  17. Yggdrasil92

    Spielkind Racing by Team GT 1.0

    Spielkind Racing old and newer Version by Team GT. Skin for the McLaren 570S GT4 in 2k and 4k. Important: Its not allowd to post this ressource elswhere without my premission.
  18. Harunizgi

    GT4 European Series 2020 Career Mod 1.2.1

    GT4 European Series 2020 Career Mod | Created By Harun izgi "The Panderman" Hello there! Welcome to 2020 Season of the GT4 European Series . - 24 Cars (13 Different Models), 6 Tracks - 11 Cars from Guerilla Mods , 2 Cars from Kunos - Race Weekends are 15 Minute Practice, 15 Minute...