RaceRoom Racing Experience | BMW M4 GT4 Coming Soon

Uhm guys...
Did you notice, that BMW has a M4 GT4 car? We will see it soon in Race Room Racing Experience! We will have FOUR GT4 cars to race with, finally, without the need for modding, or other workaround. Fleshed out driver machines with physics, probably relying on original data and it will look and sound great. HOW GREAT IS THAT??!

Stay positive, share the passion, each sim has its place, everyone prefers other things.

BMW M4 GT4! The first official one in sim racing, ya know?^^

Wilko Jones

I am looking forward to this release. The other GT4 cars are fun, but truthfully I spend more time in the GTR3 class. But having a 4th option in GT4 will get me back into it. Especially now that it's not a car with a mid ship engine.


It's not even a "night" scene either, it's just a dark, unlit scene. We've seen it countless times even in real life when manufacturers tease a new model.
Polyphony Digital announces dlc cars for GT Sport just like this:

And just like you said, car manufacturers too :


Attack Life, its going to Kill you Anyway!
Great, could someone help me get this working in VR again. I've not played it is a while and now VR doesn't work

VR working in AC, ACC, rF2, etc.... FYI using steam VR.


Attack Life, its going to Kill you Anyway!
Very tricky, please pay attention.
click play, choose the vr option you prefer, I know, tricky !
Good Smart A$$… answer! Yes, for some reasn that isn't working.

I choose 64 bit in Steam VR with vr running and goggles and sensors working. Still once it tries to start, I can see the logo shows the Up Next with R3E logo and then screen goes black
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