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EU IMSA/WEC Multiclass @ Le Mans - Monday 27 May 2019


LMP? GTE? You choose in this Multiclass Event, I am confident that either class will provide plenty of great racing and huge bags of fun. Le Mans has to be one of the best circuits there is for Multiclass racing events. The Circuit de La Sarthe at Le Mans has become one of the classic courses in use around the world and so it should be, the circuit screams aloud SPEED.

Join us:

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Server Name:

Track: Circuit 24 Lemans 2017 2.05 (download)
Layout: Le Mans Day (With Chicane's)
Track Temps: 28c

Fixed Setup: No
Pitstop: Mandatory Pit Window YES 10 - 40 minutes
Driving Assists:
Factory ABS, Factory TC, Tire blankets
Jump Start: = Drive Through

Highly Recommended App
: Helicorsa 0.7b Download
Highly Recommended App For VR:
Top/Center Flags Download

Schedule EU: Monday 27 May 2019
Practice: 19:00 (UCT) 15 minutes
Qualifying LMP:
19:15 (UTC) 15 minutes
Qualifying GTE:
19:30 (UTC) 15 minutes
19:45 (UTC) 50 minutes

LMP - No Bop Settings Are Required
  1. Celtic Pharaoh - R18
  2. pattikins - TS0
  3. Ph4ntom - R18
  4. Toi - TSO
  5. Geof - TSO
  6. Medilloni - R18
  7. Dennis Phelan - R18
GT2/E - See Second Page For Bop Settings
  1. HF2000 - 911
  2. Asterix - BMW
  3. Miguel Batista - C7
  4. Kek700 - 911
  5. Trebucht - C7
  6. Pe Ha - 911
  7. Knut Mattheisen - C7
  8. Craig Dunkley - 911
  9. Fin_ - BMW
  10. flyharley - 458
  11. Raresch - 458
  12. Free slot
  13. Free slot
UTP# 02 -CD

Please Read Below For Additional Multiclass Rules That Applies To All Drivers
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GT2/E BoP:
  • BMW - Nothing
  • Corvette - 20kg / 35% Restrictor
  • Ferrari - 0kg / 15% Restrictor
  • Porsche - 20kg / 30% Restrictor
-------------------------------------------------------BOP SETTINGS-------------------------------------------------------

Next Event:
Monday 03 June 2019

Cars: ?
Track: ?
Track Layout:?
Track Temps:?
Track Conditions:?
---------------------------------------------------------NEXT EVENT--------------------------------------------------------


A minimum of six (6) drivers are required before the LMP class will become official.
If we have less than six (6) drivers sign up for the LMP class, the class (LMP) will be removed from the event, a day prior to the event taking place. If there are any GTE slots still available, you will be placed in that class (GTE) Should you not want to drive GTE? then please make a post is this thread to that effect.

LMP drivers must ALWAYS drive with your lights on, you are allowed to also flash your lights, if you feel the situation ahead requires this. GTE drivers are not allowed to use your lights in anyway, this also includes "flashing" this rule, will help identify the class of car that may be behind you.

Please Note
The rule above will only be applicable if it does not become dark during the race. When it is dark ALL drivers must use their headlights, regardless of the class in which they are driving, but GTE drivers are still not permitted to flash their headlights.

Overtaking / Lapping
LMP drivers are predominantly responsible for ensuring that a pass is completed safely and successfully. The only requirement of GTE drivers is that they remain on the racing line when shown the blue flag and being overtaken; they should always behave predictably. Meanwhile, the LMP drivers are expected to safely find a way around GTE drivers without forcing them off their line. Headlights should only be flashed to indicate presence, and be used sparingly. And finally, LMP drivers should only initiate an overtake against a GTE car where appropriate and when it is safe to do so.

Drivers ..This is a personal recommendation and not a rule - LMP cars should only be driven by experienced drivers, due to the extra responsibilities involved.

---------------------------------------------MULTICLASS ADDITIONAL RULES--------------------------------------
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