Circuit 24H Lemans 2017

Circuit 24H Lemans 2017 Performance Updated

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2.0 by jim lloyd and Terra21​
- Day And Night Versions Added
- New AI Track limits defined (AI race and pass on straights - see below)
- No penalties for running wide on straights (to encourage racing)
- 56 pit boxes Added
- Added Track edge transitions throughout
- New Textures added throughout (kerbs, Road, grass etc etc)
- Shader's Tweaked throughout (For Both Day and Night Versions)

(All the other good stuff inc Physics mesh and the amazing heli cams work as before)


Thanks For All the coments

Circuit de la Sarthe

The Circuit des 24 Heures, also known as Circuit de la Sarthe,located in Le Mans, Maine, France, is a semi-permanent race course most famous as the venue for the 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race. The track uses local roads that remain open to the public most of the year. The circuit, in its present configuration, is 13.629 kilometres (8.47 mi) long, making it one of the longest circuits in the world.


  • zolee145 For the original 2012 rfactor version
  • Conversion and improvement to Assetto Corsa Tiago Lima
    Update to version 2017 by
    jim lloyd
  • Terra21

Thanks For All the coments

Please do not upload the track anywhere , use the racedepartment link images and video
Tiago Lima
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Latest updates

  1. Performance Update

    Performance Update Optimization by "Please Stop This"
  2. Optimization by "Please Stop This"

    Optimization by "Please Stop This"
  3. Actually fixed the pit lanes

    - very sorry pit lanes actually fixed for all layouts (missing surfaces ini in some layouts data...
  4. New Physyics Mesh/Hole Fixes/Pit Lane Fix

    - Updated Physics mesh...Little more life in some places - toned down in others...based on as...
  5. Holes fixed at Indianapolis and pit lane working correctly

    - Pit lane limiter fixed - Holes fixed both sides at entry to Indianapolis - white lines tweaked...

Latest reviews

I installed this mod but the night mode doesn't work and I don,t know why.
If you can explain how to install, cause I think that's the problem.
Very Good but why the grass is white?

I found that someone could not open this file. If you are so, please try using a different software to extract the .rar files. For example, 7-zip software enable to open this file. I hope this will help.
thank you
Excellent, especially with the addition of the night versions!
i see he hasnt been on ina while, does anyone have the lemans_2017.kn5 file and willing to send to me please, i wanna drive this track on AC
Welp, I installed it, but when I click Le Mans (night), it is still at day, how do I put it at night?
can´t download it. file corrupted...
bonjour, du très beau travail une immersion réelle
merci beaucoup
thank you very much !!!
best le mans track i have driven
Doesn't work. No idea how to get it into Content Manager or what folder to put it in, no help on the page to where it goes or whatever. Getting mods doesn't seem to be easy if you're not a computer programmer.
avevo cancellato tutte le versioni precedenti, ma questa è altra storia!
Very nice track, thank you!
Everything fine, including Ai
Overall the track is great, but the Tertre Rouge elevation is HORRENDOUS. Is it such a difficult fix to try to flatten it out?
Excellent reproduction for this iconic track!!!
Quel pied de pouvoir piloter sur le circuit des 24 h, un pur bonheur !!!
Merci 1000 fois de partager ce circuit exceptionnel.
Un grand Bravo pour le boulot effectué !!!
Merci :D