Formula Student mod strikes a chord with Simracing604.

Jason Chamberlain

Mobile Chicane
Why is the video private now?
Mike has a statement on his channel. He used some music and forgot to credit it, so he took the video down.

Given Mike's history, I am confident that this truly was an oversight. I didn't get to see the video, so I hope that he edits it and re-posts it.


The cars seemed very ugly to me, but after testing it I found it a fantastic job! Very delicate! The handling, the circuits, the AI (except the exit and a few corners), everything is great! And of course, after playing a few games, the cars ended up looking really cool too! Congratulations on the job! ;)
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This is a very good mod as it really replicates a Formula Student car in real life with those badly-designed/optimised suspensions, etc. The handling reminds me of those days of driving an average-level Formula Studemt car with, for example, wrong spring stiffness chosen, with either too much understeer or oversteer. Don't worry because if it's not one of those cars by top teams, it's a common thing, and students learn by making mistakes don't we:sneaky: