Formula Student mod strikes a chord with Simracing604.

Mike from Simracing604 does a stellar job of showing us why the Formula Student Mod is a must have piece of content.
  • Mike breaks down what makes this mod special
  • Download links to content below
  • Help support Diego and his team through this rough patch
Update: It seems the video has been removed from Youtube so we have replaced it with our event coverage.

In case you missed it, we recently helped facilitate a special event broadcast live on RaceDepartment to help Diego, the creator of the awesome Formula student mod, by raising awareness of a situation that he desperately needs help with. The university which Diego attends with his team mates has cut all the funding to his course which means they can’t go racing this year, which in turn surely has repercussions on their studying. Hopefully we have helped generate some visibility in order for Diego to attract some sponsors.

Despite the rather serious undertone to the event the racing was quite the opposite, light hearted, fun and exciting. There were 40 drivers taking part in miniature F1 teams on miniature F1 tracks, which of course you can download from RaceDepartment.

Taking part in the event was Mike from SimRacing604, and the car certainly had an effect on him as he felt compelled to make a video about it. Unfortunately on the night Mike struggled with some technical issues which forced him out of the race, but the short amount of time he had with the content was clearly enough to get him hooked.


Now I know what you are thinking. This car looks a bit funny, and I agree with you, they aren’t going to win any awards for “best looking car in show” but put all that to one side, it drives like a dream. I was skeptical the first time I looked at it and it was only when I downloaded it and tried it I realised it was something special. Again, in case you missed it, Chris Haye also made a video on it as he was suitably impressed too.

Watch Mike’s video and here it directly from the big man himself, and then have a crack at taking this mini-beast around mini-spa. You’re gonna have a good time.

Download the Formula Student car here
Download the Formula Student Grand Prix Skinpack here
Download AC GPK Albert Park here
Download AC GPK Barcelona here
Download AC GPK Spa here

If you would like to help Diego and his team get back on track please support him here

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Dec 29, 2018
The last picture stings the eyes, @ MD Gourley, we need your photography skills :)
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Mar 1, 2014
So incredible to see content creators I have followed for a long time try out my creation and give such positive reviews :)

Also, thank you for pointing out the financial issues we're currently facing. We've received an incredible amount of support, and in less than 4 days we have achieved over 50% of our objective combining store sales and donations in our GoFundMe campaign. Still some way to go, but I'm confident with this kind of support we'll go racing in 2021 :thumbsup:.


Dec 7, 2015
Wow. I want one. Like, the real life one. The on-board video actually makes it look like a riding lawnmower.

When I win the billion-dollar Powerball jackpot, I'll build a couple of these tracks IRL. I can see Hungaroring or COTA doing well with this car...maybe even Singapore?

Any other on-board videos for Albert Park and Barcelona?
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Jul 15, 2011
Maybe the most will dislike my comment :redface: but for me it does no matter how fun to drive this is - i just can`t get warm with fantasy stuff. :(

I even never managed to watch the first Lord of the Rings till the end ... :speechless::D (tried couple of times)


Mar 1, 2014
Maybe the most will dislike my comment :redface: but for me it does no matter how fun to drive this is - i just can`t get warm with fantasy stuff. :(

I even never managed to watch the first Lord of the Rings till the end ... :speechless::D (tried couple of times)
The car is 100% real, and you can enjoy it in some of the incredible Karting and tight circuits Assetto Corsa has to offer (Tor Poznan, Valencia, Kakucs Ring, Modena come to the top of my head)

I know this car and tracks are so different not everyone will like it, but give it a shot at least. When introduced to the idea of miniature tracks I was hesitant, now I spend most of my time driving in those circuits :D


Jul 24, 2017
I've had great fun driving them, and the mini F1 tracks are a blast. It's good to take things not too seriously occasionally, and forget all your troubles!