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  • rFactor 2

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  • iRacing

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  • Formula One

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Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
A new racing game based on the outstanding FIA European Truck Racing Championship has been announced.

Developed by Bigben Interactive, the official FIA ETRC simulation is set to release as early as this July 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Developed around the popular European Truck Racing Championship, the new game looks to capture the unique and exciting form of racing that is regularly shown by these almost impossibly large and fast racing machines, and should present a very different kind of racing experience for fans once the title releases later this summer.

Although little is known about the game at this early stage, the release trailer does at least promise what appear to be very impressive graphics, and with an official licence behind it, some outstanding circuits the likes of Le Mans, Jarama and Most, this should be a very interesting game indeed.

According to the Director of ETRA, Georg Fuchs, the series are delighted to finally bring a modern official game for what is a wildly under appreciated form of motorsport:

"We are delighted with the quality and attention to detail within the official racing simulation for the FIA ETRC designed and produced by the renowned Bigben company,"

"The techniques employed by those engaging with this educational, fun and detailed software mirror those faced by truck heroes whether on track or on the road. It also shines a light on how skillful and dedicated you have to be in mastering the intricate controls of a large scale vehicle like a truck.

"We cannot wait to embrace the FIA European Truck Racing Championship game when it is launched on multiple formats this July, and we are sure that thousands of ETRC fans will be delighted with this fascinating engagement which will help breed new truck heroes all over the world.”

FIA ETRC Game 1.jpg
FIA ETRC Game 2.jpg

FIA European Truck Racing Championship will release July 2019 on console and PC.

Check out the (upcoming) FIA ETRC sub forum here at RaceDepartment for the latest news and discussion regarding this interesting looking new racing game.

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I absolutely adore big rig racing, so PLEASE don't make it too arcadey!
Totally agree. I guess putting in a massive slider from Full Arcade with auto everything, (steering help too, why not, busy innit), and some random notches in the middle to FULL MUTHAFUDGER SIM MODE is hard to implement :sneaky:;)
Presumably this is developed by Kylotonn.

According to the press release, a developer called n-Racing will develop the game using the Kt Engine, I do not know if they have anything in common with Kylotonn or just dedicated to using its game engine.

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Looks like Laguna Seca, which tells me it won't be only the tracks the ETRC goes to.

According to Steam page, besides the official FIA ETRC tracks, Laguna Seca, COTA and Fuji will be included,as well as manufacturers that don't belong to the championship (Volvo, Freightliner , Western Star)

The official FIA ETRC game is a completely new option for all fans of racing sims.
• 45 trucks with their official livery, including top manufacturers like Volvo, Man, Freightliner and Western Star
• 20 teams that allow you to step into the shoes of the championship's best drivers
• 14 circuits including official ETRC ones (Nürbürgring, Le Mans, Zolder, Misano…) as well as Laguna Seca, Circuit of The Americas and Fuji Speedway
• Split screen multiplayer
• 5 single-player modes and 5 multiplayer modes