fia etrc

  1. davoroni

    José E. Rodrigues ETRC MAN C 1.0

    Wow i was working on this, in my free time and the #14 Rodrigues truck form the ETRC races, was also the #38 French Truck Champion for 2022! with many wins and more podiums and a total of 301.5 pts. I did this ETRC challenger not the French one, which would get the wreath in the window. Enjoy...
  2. davoroni


    Here we are again with the 2022 year challenger paint for Clemens Hecker #25. Now in a SCANIA! Of course the in vivo version has very different body mods and seems very unique, for whatever reason. Another truck is always good. I don't think this translated too well on the truck but i don't see...
  3. davoroni

    ETRC Emma Mäkinen Mad Croc 1.0

    This is Emma Mäkinen the rookie in the ETRC, and she raced with an Iveco in the 2022 season so far i think but once. You can see the ADAC competition label enjoy the skin and report any problems, I did add some extra logos to the rear as it was horribly dull all white, from the images i had...
  4. davoroni

    ETRC 2022 Faas Tankpool 1.1

    NEW 2022 challenger from Steffen Faas and Tankpool 24 racing I took some liberty with the graphic as it was a splash paint brush style wild pattern, also the Eagle I could not get on the window properly. the Number panel is the new style like the official ETRC , but I made the file from scratch...
  5. davoroni

    ETRC/FFSA CGP 06 CDG race truck the blue bulldog, 2022-06-09

    raced by Guillame Martin the CDG racing is piloted in the French Camion Racing Series. The team works closely with the School CAMILLE DU. GAST LYCEE METIERRS DE L’AUTOMOBILE DU TRANSPORT ET DE LA LOGISTIQUE DE CHALON-SUR-SAôNE i combined a few different races it seems but over all the truck...
  6. davoroni

    ETRC MAN Variante F BTRA racer Stephen Powell 1.0

    Team Powell is a Truck Racing team from Kent. Steve Powell is a division two champion and is set to race in division one in 2022. this is the Division 2 truck This is a mash up of a few trucks over the course of his campaigns. Not a lot of RHD trucks so i thought i'd add another. unzip and...
  7. davoroni

    MAN B - Jenkins Racing 2022 BTRA , ETRC mod skin 1.0

    This is the new 2022 truck for the 2011 British champion David Jenkins. The British ace last appeared at the Le Mans meeting in 2017 but has since competed in the British series where he has won several races in 2019. he has raced in September 2019 at Zolder for his ETRC debut. maybe that...
  8. davoroni

    Team Robineau ETRC mod MAN A 1.0

    these are skins based on the 2022 trucks from Team Robineau they race in the FFSA Camion GP in France I can figure how to update the Metallic front MAN emblems to match the trucks, but if i work it out i will update. These are base on the release from the Team Robineau website...
  9. davoroni

    ETRC Chassis decoder 1.0

    i uploaded this chassis decoder. the color_chassis is a DDS file and it is pretty difficult to unpack and make sense if you want to go the extra mile with a paint. this works with MAN chassis and most others, the Mercedes uses something different i haven't found it is a photoshop file and a...
  10. davoroni

    ETRC MAN variante G Terry Gibbon 1.0

    Drop it into the Assetto Corsa Content folder, it should show up in the cars folder, and if you have the ETRC mod even better T-Sport Racing are ran Terry Gibbon in the British Truck Racing Championship (Red & white truck and the Blue and White Trucks #37) The UK based team ran in the 2017 FIA...
  11. davoroni

    MAN Bird's Transport Racer 1.01

    I saw this unique racer and wanted to try it. of course the truck model has changed a bit, so i used the most suitable. Bird's Transport has no gone defunct, and this was a Lutz-Bernau truck, either in purchase or on the team. I can find little on who drove it or how it fared in the champion...
  12. davoroni

    Motul Race Truck Luke Taylor Rooster Racing 1.0

    I hope i get everything in the zip. this had its challenges, there were a few version of this livery in 2018. Luke Taylor campaigned this#79 in think in BTRC, and her is my amalgam of those paints. Primary Sponsor is Motul There are various testing photos of Rooster Racing without any sponsor...
  13. davoroni

    OXXO Racing Ryan Smith (Man B) 1.0.2

    i have the truck Ryan Smith dorve for team hungary and OXXO racing, i also included two banners one banner is the "ETRC" truck and the other banner (i set to default) is the BTRC i think with the dayglo-flouro number 1 (Banner no.1) you will have to switch out banner names to use one or the...
  14. JUST 2 LAPS - FIA ETRC - Winton Motor Raceway Australia - IVECO Race Truck - Gerd Körber

    JUST 2 LAPS - FIA ETRC - Winton Motor Raceway Australia - IVECO Race Truck - Gerd Körber

    Nice Track in Australia, can also be found in rFactor2, but in ETRC it is looking much better
  15. JUST 2 LAPS - FIA ETRC - Nürburgring - Wet Race

    JUST 2 LAPS - FIA ETRC - Nürburgring - Wet Race

    It's worth to have a look at it. Truck racing fun as cheap as only about 3 €'s now. Not the best graphics, but nice tracks and cars.
  16. DannyDotCom

    Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport | Mercedes-Benz Actros FIA ETRC 1.0

    I think I have too much time in my hands. :roflmao: Here's my take of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport livery for the Mercedes-Benz Actros ETRC mod from the official FIA European Truck Racing Championship eSports Series. IMPORTANT! Requires the Mercedes-Benz Actros ETRC mod from the FIA ETRC...
  17. FIA European Truck Racing Championship review

    FIA European Truck Racing Championship review

    We take a look at the new FIA European Truck Racing Championship video game from N-Racing. Having secured an official license to replicate the highest level of international truck racing on both console and PC devices, the lesser know N-Racing development team have put together one of the most...
  18. Billy Pilgrim

    ETRC trucks - any skins for these?

    Can anyone advise me where I can find skins for the ETRC trucks that came out a while ago? I've searched via Google and had no luck. And, if you're reading this and wondering where the trucks are, use these keywords in Google "assetto corsa etrc trucks" to find it.
  19. davoroni

    ETRC_Truck track nurburgring sprint 1.3

    tracks used in the ETRC digital season, proper track limits and signage the nurburgring layout goes in the ks_nurburgring folder
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    FIA European Truck Racing Championship

    A new racing game based on the outstanding FIA European Truck Racing Championship has been announced. Developed by Bigben Interactive, the official FIA ETRC simulation is set to release as early as this July 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Developed around the popular...