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  1. MotoGP 21 | The Best Bike Racing Game To Date? Now Available

    MotoGP 21 | The Best Bike Racing Game To Date? Now Available

    Milestone have released what could be the finest MotoGP racing title to date, with the launch of the brand-new 2021 season replicating MotoGP 21. Available now on console and PC. New career mode features. Long lap and rider fall controls added. Having undergone considerable development over...
  2. KrypticTMG

    ACC Audi R8 EVO GT3 Setup (PS4) @Kyalami 1:38.388

  3. FaLLeNGaM8LeR

    ACC on Xbox and PS4 - Logitech g920 / G29 optimized fbb

    Hey guys, there are many discussions about ACC and the Logitech g920/G29. Is it drivable? Dynamic damping to 0% or 200%? And so on...I looked a tons of material on this topic, got a lot of different opinions and tested an infinite amount. The result is really useful and I want to share it with...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa Competizione | Now Available On Console

    Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games have today released their Assetto Corsa Competizione simulation on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC players will undoubtedly already be well aware of Assetto Corsa Competizione. Having released in Early Access back in September of 2018, the official simulation of...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport GT Sport | Build 1.60 Is Here With A Few Minor Fixes

    A small 325mb update has been released for GT Sport - clearing up a few outstanding issues within the PlayStation 4 exclusive racing title. The new patch update comes hot off the back of a recent more sizeable release from Polyphony Digital, and as such much of the attention in this latest...
  6. J

    DIY lockdown project: Sequential Shifter on T300RS, PS4, playseat challenge

    My final lockdown project after the bass shaker and handbrake was a proper sequential shifter. I already had the TH8A shifter but i didn't want to keep changing it between H-pattern and sequential, plus there is no tactile 'clunk' in its sequential action. Of course, the thrustmaster TSS...
  7. J

    DIY lockdown project: handbrake mod on T300RS and playseat challenge

    My second lockdown project after the bass shaker, and in honour of getting dirt 2.0 as a freebie on PS4 I wanted to get a handbrake as i didn't like pressing a button on the wheel face. I wanted a thrustmaster TSS but couldn't justify the price, plus if i wanted a handbrake and sequential...
  8. J

    DIY lockdown project: tactile transducer on PS4 and playseat challenge

    Thought I'd use this lockdown time for a few projects on my very simple racing rig (PS4, T300RS, playseat challenge). The first was a tactile transducer / bass shaker. I had seen the buttkicker gamer 2 but it seems permanently out of stock and i didn't want to spend £230 on it either. I...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa Competizione | Console Launch June 23rd (New Trailer)

    Kunos Simulazioni have confirmed the console version of Assetto Corsa Competizione is arriving on June 23rd - to mark the occasion check out the very first console trailer of the game in action. PC players are already very familiar with Assetto Corsa Competizione, with the simulation having...
  10. O

    Setting up my PS4. What Wheel and Game/Sim to choose?

    Hey hey, Always been into racing games but never had a wheel and never raced online, but now it’s time to join in. I have a PS4 so want to use this. Wheel: First step is choosing a wheel. Not sure what wheel to go for. Logitech G29 seems common and better than both the Thrustmaster T150 &...
  11. Jenn Cutter

    Free Console Racing Games in April 2020

    Every month, those subscribed to PlayStation Plus and/or Xbox Live Gold are presented selected titles to download for free. April 2020 presents console gamers with racing titles to keep us busy all month long. PlayStation 4 owners will get to slide around in DiRT Rally 2.0 while Xbox One gets...
  12. MeizerOne

    Problems drifting on Assetto Corsa PS4 (car snaps back)

    So i have been having this problem playing Assetto corsa. When I start the drift, everything works fine, but the problem starts mid drift or at exiting depending on the corner. So basically the car snaps back so hard and with such force that you cannot correct the car. Let me pause here to...
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport GT Sport | Lewis Hamilton, RUF and New Cars - It's Update Time

    Polyphony Digital recently pushed live a new update for GT Sport - adding plenty of new content and a Lewis Hamilton branded new time attack challenge. That's right, Lewis Hamilton has further cemented his relationship with the PS4 exclusive racing game as part of this new V1.50 update to GT...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport GT Sport | Laguna Seca Set to Arrive Soon

    GT Sport is set for another a new real world circuit in the near future - Laguna Seca is making a welcome return to the franchise. Followers of the current 'World Tour' E Sport series should already be well aware of the next real world location coming to GT Sport... and now the Japanese...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    FIA European Truck Racing Championship

    A new racing game based on the outstanding FIA European Truck Racing Championship has been announced. Developed by Bigben Interactive, the official FIA ETRC simulation is set to release as early as this July 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Developed around the popular...
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    Wreckfest | Update 1.11 Available Now on Xbox One and PS4

    Wreckfest has been updated to version 1.11 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Available now for the two big hitting console machines after a long, often difficult but ultimately rewarding development period on PC, a new patch for Wreckfest has been deployed in the last couple of days - updating the...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport GT Sport Update 1.48 Now Available

    A new build of GT Sport has been released on PlayStation 4. More of a hotfix update than a full blown new build release, version 1.48 has been specifically designed to address an interesting recent bug that occurred with the title, where players smart enough to trick the system when building an...
  18. Playing GT Sport PS4 with Simucube wheel & Heusinkveld pedals - GIMX adapter

    Playing GT Sport PS4 with Simucube wheel & Heusinkveld pedals - GIMX adapter

    A little demonstration on how to set up and use a 30 Euro GIMX adapter to play GT Sport on the PS4 with high end sim gear. https://blog.gimx.fr/
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport GT Sport | Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Headlines New Update

    New Cars! Legendary track! Zero cost! Yes, GT Sport has been updated! That's right, Polyphony Digital have released a brand new update for their PS4 exclusive GT Sport racing game, and with the new update is a most impressive new addition to the title - the legend that is the Circuit de...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport Rate The Sims: Community Edition | GT Sport

    We are looking to crown the 'RaceDepartment Community Favourite' racing game - get your votes in now for our next game on the list... GT Sport! Our dear RaceDepartment community. You folks are the most mighty fans of sim racing, often displaying an immense amount of understanding and depth of...