1. Paul Jeffrey

    FIA ETRC | New Update Now Available

    The official racing game of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship has been updated today - adding a number of small fixes to the truck racing title. Receiving just its second patch since hitting the public domain back in July, patch 1.2 of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship game is...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Wreckfest | Update 1.11 Available Now on Xbox One and PS4

    Wreckfest has been updated to version 1.11 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Available now for the two big hitting console machines after a long, often difficult but ultimately rewarding development period on PC, a new patch for Wreckfest has been deployed in the last couple of days - updating the...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport Update 1.48 Now Available

    A new build of GT Sport has been released on PlayStation 4. More of a hotfix update than a full blown new build release, version 1.48 has been specifically designed to address an interesting recent bug that occurred with the title, where players smart enough to trick the system when building an...
  4. Playing GT Sport PS4 with Simucube wheel & Heusinkveld pedals - GIMX adapter

    Playing GT Sport PS4 with Simucube wheel & Heusinkveld pedals - GIMX adapter

    A little demonstration on how to set up and use a 30 Euro GIMX adapter to play GT Sport on the PS4 with high end sim gear.
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport | Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Headlines New Update

    New Cars! Legendary track! Zero cost! Yes, GT Sport has been updated! That's right, Polyphony Digital have released a brand new update for their PS4 exclusive GT Sport racing game, and with the new update is a most impressive new addition to the title - the legend that is the Circuit de...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Rate The Sims: Community Edition | GT Sport

    We are looking to crown the 'RaceDepartment Community Favourite' racing game - get your votes in now for our next game on the list... GT Sport! Our dear RaceDepartment community. You folks are the most mighty fans of sim racing, often displaying an immense amount of understanding and depth of...
  7. Chisholm6192

    Assetto Corsa PS4|LMP/GTE/GT3/GT4|US league

    Hey, everyone, I was thinking about starting a league fro asset to Corsa for PS4, for a sportscar league so post a reply with your league structure preference, race length, date, time, classes, tracks (I was thinking Friday nights at 6pm est, in LMP and GTE)
  8. A

    team HONDA LCR VW 1.0

  9. C

    Fanatec H-Pattern problem PS4

    Hi. I have a problem with my newly bought Fanatec ClubSport shifter. My H-Pattern won't work. The sequential part works. I have tried to change it in game, but it doesn't work Wondering if anybody can help me :)
  10. G

    Fanatec gear in Southeast Asia

    Hi I live in Vietnam and want to upgrade from my current Playseat / G29 to a Fanatec CSL wheel and pedals or the Clubsport wheelbase and pedals (budget permitting). There are no distributors / retailers in this part of the world and no apparent way to contact Fanatec if you don't live somewhere...
  11. Deleglise

    All racing clubs on PC, or any on PS4?

    Hi everyone I hope I do not ask if the repply already exists... I see many races and clubs organised on Assetto Corsa in the "Xbox, PS4 or PC category" but I fail to see if a thread is about PC or PS4 gaming, where can I categorise or filter it ... ? Thank you in advance !
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport Update 1.41 Adds Five New Cars

    The latest free update to GT Sport is here - adding yet more exotic machinery to the game. Seemingly ever expanding with cars and events (less so on the tracks), another sizeable new update for GT Sport has been released by Polyphony Digital. This time the game benefits from the inclusion of...
  13. O

    MotoGP 19 work with PS Move Motion Controller?

    This may be lame but, anyway. I want to use the Move Motion Controller for MotoGP19 on my PS4. Does anyone know if it will work. I know Milestone will officially not support it, but I want to know if it works well enough to use...or at all. Any recommendations for something similar? Thank you much.
  14. DriveClubMaster

    DualShock 4 with DS4Windows 2019-06-13

    Just controller settings V1 to my perferences
  15. Maskmagog

    Console leaderboards for each car -

    Hi all, I've been working on a solution to the very limited leaderboards we get on consoles. Feel free to test it, check it out at All you need is to run a small lightweight windows application, and turn on UDP v1 in the game. Then it will send any valid lap you do in timetrial...
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    Five New Cars Headline Latest GT Sport Update

    Polyphony Digital have updated GT Sport - adding five new cars as free content additions to the game. The new update, released recently for the PlayStation 4 exclusive racing title, is the latest in a long line of free content updates that have appeared for GT Sport since it first became...
  17. L

    Thrustmaster T150 Weird noise

    Hello, i have a problem with my steering wheel. I have purchased my wheel at 11 August. But 2 weeks ago started my steering wheel make a cracking sound turning to left with FFB on. I don't know what i now can do. I have here my video of this problem.
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport Addresses Shifter Issues With New Update

    GT Sport has received a small hotfix update, addressing the hotly debated H-shifter changes introduced in the March build release. It has certainly been busy times over at Polyphony HQ in recent weeks, the legendary Japanese game development studio have been hard at work creating and deploying...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport December Update Released

    GT Sport has received a new update for the holiday season, adding several new pieces of content and plenty of solid improvements to the PS4 racing title. For anyone who sampled Gran Turismo Sport back on release day in 2017, the current version of the software must seem like a practically new...
  20. Ruske06

    Assetto Corsa Console HUD for PDash 0.7

    Ive been searching for the console ui for so long i got so pissed i decided to make it myself. this is my first mod/skin so be gentle (THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE APP you need for it to work)
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