truck racing

  1. FRC.Poollugar

    FRCWhango 0.6

    FRCWhango ,FRCZralinerwo 2 tracks to race like nfs 3 the canyon track wipeout with formel 1 mod for GTR2 or again for Truck Racing
  2. FRC.Poollugar

    thon 1

    here are the thon shankloors thon is a drift track for the gtr2 truck mod basic textures to use truck drifting take from my leakyah setup for nascar drifting
  3. FRC.Poollugar

    Wilenaer 2019-10-07

    A nascar track 20 km long a round a hill. with 3 setups for the nascar mod golonmar:formel;leakyah:drift;Wilenaer:Lowrider lowrider wilenear video:
  4. FRC.Poollugar

    golnmar 2019-09-09

    A source from a track they i have build in Grand Turismo 6 before 3 years. very fast a little bit mario kart and long curves. golonmar formel video: leakyah drift video...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    FIA ETRC: Impressions From The New Game

    We take a look at the new FIA European Truck Racing Championship video game from N-Racing. Having secured an official license to replicate the highest level of international truck racing on both console and PC devices, the lesser know N-Racing development team have put together one of the most...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    New FIA European Truck Racing Championship Gameplay Trailer

    A gameplay trailer and release date for the upcoming FIA European Truck Racing Championship videogame has been revealed today. Developed by N-Racing and published by Bigben Games, the first official FIA ETRC videogame will release on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch this July 18th - in...