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Converting rFactor mods to Automobilista

Hey guys,

I have seen a few videos on youtube of people who have converted rFactor mods to mods for AMS. I have looked around online and cannot find anywhere how to do it, so was hoping if anyone could help on here. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

I have been having some problems with converting

Problem 1: tires not blurring when spinning. It seems only the basiic texture is spinning but it is not changing to blurred. It happens a lot after converting mods from rF1. But sometimes it works. Problem is I have not figured out what should I do to make tires use blurred texture when spinning.

Problem 2: Sometimes I am not satisfied with physics at all. And I wanted to apply rezia Formula Classis physics to some mods. But I cannot find Formula Classic HDV file anywhere in the Automobilista folders? Is it hidden somwehe? Also it seems all original Automobilista HDVs are hidden somewhere.

Can someone please help with this 2 issues.

Thank you