1. Nikolai_CA

    Anyone still have a track file for Mont Tremblant?

    I saw that this existed a couple years back for Assetto Corsa but it was mysteriously removed from race department. My Dad marshalls there and he'd love to race it in the sim. If anyone still has the file on their pc and could share, it would be much appreciated!
  2. RasmusGeertsen

    F1 2019 UI Package for Tablet and Phones (Dashboard) V1

    This is the F1 2019 UI package designed for smaller screens such as tablets and phones. This dashboard comes with 5 screens which are big and easy to see. If you have a secondary monitor or a laptop I recommend this version...
  3. M

    [Ask] Making a New Class with AnyExisting Cars (original from game and mod) for Race 07 from Scratch

    I planned to made a new class in Race 07 (like "All BMW Stars", "Eroupean Leauge" etc.[all of their name maybe is not real]) from original cars in game and mod i downloaded. After i search for how to make it in all forum on this web, i didn't find it useful and i still confused Is anybody know...
  4. jakoman3

    Forcefeedback issues on my Formula Rapide

    On the Formula Rapide and other private projects of mine, theres always issues with the ffb. Meanwhile i know of the ffb multiplier in the car.ini, i can´t find out how to change the ffb settings like slip,road,kerb and abs. While i can of course change and save them in the ingame app, it...
  5. caforio G.

    WRC 8 mods???

    strangely I will not ask if something moves for the graphic mods or for the sound, what interests me most is if someone will succeed in adjusting the strange sensitivity of the steering with that slack that annoys you in the high speeds that makes you crash! as a RBR player I recognize that this...
  6. L

    No Yellow Filter - Reshade settings 1.0

    DiRT Rally is great rally game, but I really don't like Yellow tone Filter (like dust storm..)of Codemasters racing games. So I modified the bloom, hdr, and contrast of the reshade plugin to reduce the yellow tone. Unzip it and put it in the DiRT Rally folder. The on-off key is <DELETE>. If...
  7. PinguGamer91

    Alternative McLaren Livery 1.09

    ENGLISH: Hello everyone, I have created a custom livery for McLaren. It looks similar to the original one and even with the one of 2018. Nothing more to say, just understand that it's my first livery, so everything you think I should improve, please tell me without any fear! INSTALATION: Just...
  8. PinguGamer91

    How I change propperly the sponsors of a livery?

    The matter is that I can't make the background of the image completely transparent, and white gaps appear. I think that I do it well, .dds archive, I do manually the alfa channel, color+alfa... But anyway it doesn't work. Thank you
  9. The snad'Zo

    F1 2019: Formula Alternative 0.2

    Hi! It's a new mod with classic cars. 3 classic cars (McLaren'10, RedBull'10, Ferrari'10) replaces all modern F1 2019 cars. McLaren MP4-25: Mercedes, McLaren, Force India, Williams Ferrari F10: Ferrari, HAAS, Alfa Romeo Red Bull RB6: Red Bull, Renault, Toro Rosso The game (with mod) has 3...
  10. Don_Pedro

    All Tracks Particles Mod

    first a little desclaimer: I apologize for the awefully named mod. I had to name it something while creating the videos and now I´m kinda stuck with it. The Mod, I so cunningly named ATP (All Tracks Particles), comes with three sets of stages containing all RBR Stages in classic format (ca.170...
  11. Spysi

    Toyota AE86 Chime 1.0.0

    EU This mod adds a chime from Toyota AE86. If you exceed the speed of 100 km/h, the chime starts ringing, signaling that you need to slow down. How to install a mod? You need update(or install) ModLoader to the latest version and copy all the files from the archive to the folder mods. RU Этот...
  12. Spysi

    Turbo For Satsuma 1.3.0

    Please read the description so that you do not have any problems with the modification. / Пожалуйста прочтите описание, чтобы у вас не возникло проблем с модификацией. If you have any problems with the modification, write to me via the "Feed back & support Thread" button. You do not need to...
  13. V

    could we have something like deleted files are not "showing function"

    Is this not possible to filter these deleted downloads out of the search mode, or better swap them to an archive read only section.
  14. Vanterkraft

    Gran turismo sport overlay for simhub (HUD) 0.8

    I made overlay (HUD) for simHUB. Works in all games that can work with simHUB This video is outdated Last update: I reworked: - Wheel angle gauge - RPM gauge - Turbo gauge - Fuel gauge - Fonts replaced by similar GTS font - Yumi - png background Fixed: -Wheel angle gauge bug In the future: -...
  15. fernandodasilva

    AMS Portuguese spotter?

    There is any spotter in Brazilian Portuguese available? If in the game, where can i enable it? If not in the game, where can i download it?
  16. Broxima

    BMW Motorsport 1.0

    I present you my first mod Formula 1 BMW Motorsport Team. It's my first mod so it is not the best. Short Backstory: Renault after a lot of years of struggling to score points decided to sold team. Only BMW were interested, so they bought team for only symbolic $100. Will they do the same thing...
  17. vittau

    Suggestion: mod dependencies

    Would be nice if mods in the downloads section had structured fields for their dependencies, maybe even linking to them directly if the resource is from RD itself. Certain categories such as skins and sounds could have this field marked as required. For example, if I make a skin for the Kunos...
  18. T

    1996, 2000& 2007 mods

    Since these were taken down from racedepartment, does any one have them uploaded somewhere else? If so, could you please PM me a link? Thanks.
  19. Patrik Marek

    Lights mod for Lotus Evora GTE Carbon 1.1

    Hello guys I was blown away what is now possible in AC thanks to people like X4Fab. I started playing with some custom lights , and I felt like I should share my results with everyone to see how you like it Before you try to run it, make sure you download Multimap emission shader from Stereo...
  20. Peter Reginald

    Download missing car track server content

    Introduction Have you ever tried to join an online server but couldn't because you had missing mods or had a wrong version of the track or car mods? Or are you a manager of a sim racing league and has to deal with the hassle of answering the same questions, where can I download these mods and...
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