1. abrimaal

    Haunted Meadows RFactor + GTR2 + GTR Evo 001h

    This is not a racing track for gaming yet. I want to convert this semi-offroad track for GTR Evo. I started in Bobs Track Builder Evo, but the trial expired. Purchase of the Pro version did not unlock the Evo version. The RFactor version is just a base, it contains only the road, pitlane...
  2. rmi_wood

    Troyton Raceway 0.99

    Troyton Raceway A scratch built fantasy track, Originally by Neil Faichney for rFactor conversion by RMi with permissions by Neil F. Set in Australia, the entire track follows the outline of the Troyton Racing logo (TR) featuring a banked, 180 degree turn and harbor scenery. Features: -...
  3. Ghiaman1334

    Cars Rfactor to Assetto Corsa car conversion?

    Hi there, I'm trying to convert an Rfactor car pack mod to Assetto Corsa, but I'm new to this. Could anyone link me a good tutorial/guide on converting from Rfactor to AC, so I can get started? That or just tell me a few key things I need to know?
  4. abrimaal

    Skoda 110R 110RS 130RS for Race 07 201911

    Skoda 110R 130RS for Race 07, GTR Evo, ATCC version 201911 Converted from GTR2 by Carsay. Original author: unknown, no info file inside the folder. The car starts in two classes. Skoda 110 starts in Race 1976 (with Ford Escort, Renault 12, FIAT 850) Skoda 130 starts in GT 1975 (with Ford...
  5. abrimaal

    Volvo PV 544 for Race 07 GTR Evo ATCC 201909

    Volvo PV 544 for Race 07 / GTR Evo / ATCC and other variants of the game Original model by speedster63 for GTR2 Conversion, additional textures and adjustment by Carsay Requires GTL sounds (Volvo Amazon) Version 201909 - initial release
  6. JohnnyV

    Sell Fanatec Universal hub (old-style) USB converted

    For sale my Fanatec uni hub. I converted it to USB using an arduino and some software I wrote to let the 7 segment display the current gear through SimHub. I also mounted a 50mm version of the Q1R on it. I do NOT have the original fanatec QR, but I do have the ribboncable and connector...
  7. N

    Buddh International Circuit 2019-07-04

    Converted by me from GTR2 - more information in Readme.
  8. Moectopus

    F1 2016 F1 2018 France Track in F1 2016?

    Ahoy ya scallywags! Today I've got no loot fer ye but I 'ave a riddle: Be it possible t' convert th' french GP-Track (Circuit de Paul Ricard) from th' F1 2018 game into F1 2016 'n if so, wha' apart from th' track.erp etc. be required? 'Cause F1 2018 be broken like th' ole mayfair shipwreck I'd...
  9. abrimaal

    Renault 12 / Dacia 1310 for Race07 201810

    Renault 12 Gordini, Renault 12 Alpine, Dacia 1310 Sport for Race 07 series Based on the model by Speedster63 Converted to Race07 and textured by Whatson Carsay Does not require any additional parts. This car uses two ModelID and starts in two classes 24 Renault 12 RACE1976 76 25...
  10. C

    Cars A few problems with model conversion to Assetto Corsa.

    Hello everyone! I'm extremely new to model conversion and so far I've successfully converted 3 models from Forza 4 into Assetto. I've ran into a few problems that won't effect the cars usability and some problems that do. I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me solve these problems so...
  11. S

    F1 1990 season track pack

    So i have this pack of track, i think i got it from Nogripracing forums, but i can't seem to find it here or in some popular places. It is most likely rFactor conversion by the SRM team. You can find it here with some videos...
  12. ricmaster

    F1 2006 for AMS part2 2018-07-29

    Complete Mod overhaul and conversion to AMS from WCP Series
  13. ricmaster

    F1 2006 for AMS part1 2018-07-29

    Complete Mod overhaul and conversion to AMS from WCP Series
  14. Scholesy46

    Car Modding Help

    Hi there, I'm pretty new to modding Assetto Corsa, by which of course I have absolutely no prior history with modding anything or coding. I'm a huge Group C and classic sports car nerd and love a lot of the hard work that many of the modding groups in the community have managed to put together...
  15. C

    Converting rFactor mods to Automobilista

    Hey guys, I have seen a few videos on youtube of people who have converted rFactor mods to mods for AMS. I have looked around online and cannot find anywhere how to do it, so was hoping if anyone could help on here. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance, Cam
  16. jim lloyd

    Road Atlanta 1.3

    Road Atlanta for Assetto Corsa By Jim Lloyd - Conversion with Permission From Uzzi and is based on his RF2 Track & Thanks to Heikki21 For the kind permission to use some of his textures to update to 2018 layout Track Features 50 Pit boxes Grand Prix & Short Course Layouts Road Mesh Complete...
  17. Shap

    Cars ACFL selling CTDP conversion legal?

    I can’t find much information about this. But this doesn’t seem right (to me). <mod edit: links removed> Especially since the original is FREE.
  18. ltcars

    FBX to KN5 conversion

    Hi I want to create cameras for tracks but you need the fbx file for that. How do you convert kn5-files to fbx-files. Note I don´t want to pay anything for a program like 3dsim
  19. HK2014

    Some questions about track conversion

    Hi, I want to edit some tracks from rFactor1 that I converted for Automobilista, for personal use. I would like to know : 1) How to add the whole "dynamic track" thing. 2) How to make the asphalt look like the same way as the vanilla tracks from automobilista 3) How to make the sky like the...