1. D

    NASCAR Xfinity Mod V1.0

    Original Mod by VHR for RFactor Conversion to Automobilista by Poopenshnapples uploaded to RaceDepartment Updated shaders provided for Poopenshnapples NASCAR Cup Mod built by ClimaxF1 uploaded to RaceDepartment Updates by decpau are: -MAS file rebuild to fold ClimaxF1 updated AMS CUP shaders...
  2. D

    VHR NASCAR Xfinity Mod update WIP by decpau

    Got bored last week and loaded up Poopenshaples AMS NASCAR mods to play with. Man, what a fun bunch of cars to run road courses with! I'm a big fan of Rebellion's MX-5 cup and these are just as fun but with a lot more horsepower to manage. The only disappointment were the graphics in the...
  3. AMS Sound Progress

    AMS Sound Progress

    A quick vid showing you what progress Reiza are making with the in game and external trackside replay sounds.
  4. Automobilista 2 :: VR Test:: Spa

    Automobilista 2 :: VR Test:: Spa

    This is my first AMS2 VR experience and to put it in plain English it just blew my mind.
  5. D

    Fictional SCCA Formula Vee skinpack 1.0

    Had to give the little one's some love. Totally fictional F-Vee skin pack with SCCA series flavor. 22 original cars in the package. Some favorites from big teams and other series adapted along with some vintage and original stuff. Driver names are there but for humor. Stand-alone install...
  6. K

    SS Motorpark v1.1

    In 2017, i've made a fictional track just for fun for my simracing team at that time called SS Motorsport, and decided to share it with the community. Of course, the track wasn't made by a professional, so it has its flaws like for example the A.I. I used Bobs Track Builder for the development...
  7. Raven_ARG

    Inverted skyboxes issue

    Hi all, Playing in Buenos Aires 12 and 8 Circuit the skyboxes are inverted. E.G: When its 9:00 AM the skybox is in night and at 9:00 PM the skyboxes are in day. Is there any way to fix this? Screenshots below Many thanks
  8. Lorencini

    AMS - Formula V8 Light 1.0.2

    Introducing FORMULA V8 LIGHT The F-Reiza that we love and fear, tamed for the mere mortals I've always liked the F-Reiza, a car that emulates the mighty world-champion F1 Red Bull RB7 from 2011. Amazing V8 NA sound, very good handling, the car is a blast. But, at least for me, it was too much...
  9. Whills

    Grand Prix Evolution for Automobilista 2.1

    Please note: You are not permitted to upload the source file anywhere else. GRAND PRIX EVOLUTION by Whills This work is a tribute to sim racing history. Inspired by Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix series released in the 1990s, this addon features the faithfully recreated vehicles from the...
  10. Goffik

    AMS 2 FFB - Fixed Lock-Stops & No Engine Vibration v3.0

    ********** Note: Please be aware that this mod has not yet been tweaked to take account of the latest FFB. Using it may lead to undesirable results. You have been warned! ********** This is a very simple mod which does two things: 1) AMS 2 uses a soft-lock force to set your wheel's rotation to...
  11. Eagle Racer

    Custom Skins are too shiny

    Hi everyone, Every custom skin is way too shiny. There has to be a fix for this surely. I'm using GIMP but I have very limited knowledge Thanks, Peter J
  12. Dethrone1427

    Formula One 1975 HE/2020 1.0

    ** IF YOU HAVE ANY PREVIOUS HE EDITION INSTALLED PLEASE REMOVE ** If you do not have any previous He editons released installed then download and install overwrite any old 75mod files. This is 1975 F1 season. Originally created by ChiefWiggum, I have previously been given permission to work...
  13. cristianoid

    ECPA - Esporte Clube Piracicabano de Automobilismo 1.1

    Important: I'm not the creator of this track, it was developed by 3D Catarinense for rFactor and converted by Paulo Tchachalowisk and my adjustments with permission so that we and other AMS lovers could have more options for regional circuits. Some adjustments have been made and I believe there...
  14. AMS - Nordschleife - Chevrolet Camaro - 110% AI race

    AMS - Nordschleife - Chevrolet Camaro - 110% AI race

    Racing the AMS AI at Nordscheife with the Camaro. Enjoy!
  15. Simipapes

    Formula Vee Mod 1.1

    Helloo .. I modified Formula Vee test the physics of tyre and write for this greater grip :thumbsup: 20 Car Skin SKIN PREWIEV VIDEO Weight Change +/- 5 kg ( 500 - 535 kg ) Gauges and engine , suspension skin Synchronized oil & fuel volume Tyre mod ( YOKOHAMA ) Correct Mirrors
  16. THYR308

    FERRARI F40 Stradale / LM 1.1

    Ferrari F40 Stradale/LM rFactor conversion. Credits : Forza Motorsport 4 KaRiNFuToGT BerScott Szczy elMariachi90 (Stradale sound) Nanamiso (LM sound mod, from Jacques Lafitte test drive, french TV 1992) Skins : Original rFactor + Fantasy. AMS features : Advance transmission, realistic manual...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista: Hotfix 1.5.3 Update Now Live

    Reiza Studios have today deployed a new update for Automobilista. Currently the latest subject of our 'Rate The Sims' feature here on RaceDepartment (comment and vote HERE), a new build of golden oldie racing simulation Automobilista released on Steam earlier today - featuring a few nice fixes...
  18. OptimusRacing

    Simhub Audi Ur-Quattro Dashboard 1.3

    If you like this resource and you want to show your support, you're more than welcome to donate a buck or two to my PayPal! Every little bit is greaty appreciated! ThePanzafahra's Audi Quattro Dashboard for Simhub Just my own recreation of the iconic Volkswagen B2 platform's analog dash. I...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    Rate The Sims: Community Edition | Automobilista

    We are looking to crown the 'RaceDepartment Community Favourite' racing game - get your votes in now for our next game on the list... Automobilista! Our dear RaceDepartment community. You folks are the most mighty fans of sim racing, often displaying an immense amount of understanding and depth...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    AMS 2 Development Roadmap - More News, Videos and Pictures

    Reiza Studios have released their 'Development Roadmap' for September, and it's packed full of exciting Automobilista 2 news! Proving themselves to be as versatile as ever, Reiza Studios have released a new development roadmap for the month of September. This month, the Brazilian studio have...