1. AMS - Nordschleife - Chevrolet Camaro - 110% AI race

    AMS - Nordschleife - Chevrolet Camaro - 110% AI race

    Racing the AMS AI at Nordscheife with the Camaro. Enjoy!
  2. Simipapes

    Formula Vee Mod 1.0

    Helloo .. I modified Formula Vee test the physics of tyre and write for this greater grip :thumbsup: 20 Car Skin SKIN PREWIEV VIDEO Weight Change +/- 5 kg ( 500 - 535 kg ) Gauges and engine , suspension skin Synchronized oil & fuel volume Tyre mod ( YOKOHAMA ) Correct Mirrors
  3. THYR308

    FERRARI F40 Stradale / LM 1.1

    Ferrari F40 Stradale/LM rFactor conversion. Credits : Forza Motorsport 4 KaRiNFuToGT BerScott Szczy elMariachi90 (Stradale sound) Nanamiso (LM sound mod, from Jacques Lafitte test drive, french TV 1992) Skins : Original rFactor + Fantasy. AMS features : Advance transmission, realistic manual...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista: Hotfix 1.5.3 Update Now Live

    Reiza Studios have today deployed a new update for Automobilista. Currently the latest subject of our 'Rate The Sims' feature here on RaceDepartment (comment and vote HERE), a new build of golden oldie racing simulation Automobilista released on Steam earlier today - featuring a few nice fixes...
  5. OptimusRacing

    Simhub Audi Ur-Quattro Dashboard 1.3

    ThePanzafahra's Audi Quattro Dashboard for Simhub Just my own recreation of the iconic Volkswagen B2 platform's analog dash. I personally recall seeing this dashboard in old Audi 80s, or Coupes of the time, mainly from the Type 85 line of Audis; which is also where the iconic Ur-Quattro comes...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Rate The Sims: Community Edition | Automobilista

    We are looking to crown the 'RaceDepartment Community Favourite' racing game - get your votes in now for our next game on the list... Automobilista! Our dear RaceDepartment community. You folks are the most mighty fans of sim racing, often displaying an immense amount of understanding and depth...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    AMS 2 Development Roadmap - More News, Videos and Pictures

    Reiza Studios have released their 'Development Roadmap' for September, and it's packed full of exciting Automobilista 2 news! Proving themselves to be as versatile as ever, Reiza Studios have released a new development roadmap for the month of September. This month, the Brazilian studio have...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista Hotfix Update Released

    The racing sim that refuses to finish development, another 'final' update has been released... ... to be fair this is more of a hotfix to the recent, final, major build release for the still exceptional Automobilista Racing Simulator, but I just couldn't resist making reference to the seemingly...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    AMS: Final Update Deployed - Donington and Snetterton Available Now

    The final update for Automobilista is now live - includes two iconic British racing venues. It's been a long time in the making, but we can now finally say that development for the exceptional Automobilista Racing Simulator (AMS) has reached its final conclusion - with Reiza Studios having...
  10. João Rfael França

    Mod Copa Saveiro Brasil 2019-09-03

    Amigos são com grande satisfação que deixam nossa contribuição, Saveiro Cup Brasil, para instalar no automóvel, basta descompactar ou arquivar modelos modernos de massas Modelagem: Aguinaldo Nascimento Física: João Rafael França Amigos, estamos muito satisfeitos em deixar nossa contribuição, a...
  11. Lorencini

    Super Clio Remastered 1.0

    One of the most successfull mods from rf1 is back! Super Clio 2006 for AMS! Featuring: - 66 unique liveries, reworked for High quality - New sport steering wheel and compact display (rf1 originals also available) - Super AI (even better than reiza cars) - Working headlights for night races...
  12. Willian Rodrigues

    Agustin Canapino Stock Car (Santa Cruz do Sul / 2019) 1.0

    Skin converted by lobisomem, and based on skin by Assetto Corsa made by NikoMoraes (
  13. river amaryllis

    AMS F-Ultimate F1 2018 Ferrari Mission Winnow Skins for WCP 2019-06-20

    [English] This is an update of WCP's F-ULTIMATE 2018 SEASON skin. Please install this skin first and then introduce this mod. [日本語] これは、WCPの『F-ULTIMATE 2018 SEASON』スキンのアップデートです。まず最初に、このスキンをインストールしてから、このモッドを導入してください。...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    Race Staff Wanted! ACC, rF2, AMS, R3E... RD Needs You!

    Want to get closer to the action and provide an excellent service for sim racing fans? Our RaceDepartment Racing Clubs need you! We have vacancies for race hosts in a number of our online racing clubs, with particular interest in recruiting enthusiastic individuals to take on hosting duties for...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    AMS 2 Announced - MADNESS Engine Confirmed!

    The announcement is here! Read on for some very big news regarding the next racing game project from Reiza Studios. Having earned considerable good will from the sim racing community thanks to their outstanding work on GSCE and Automobilista, Reiza Studios confirmed they planned on developing...
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista: New Tracks Coming - New Game Annoucement "Soon"

    Reiza Studios have some exciting news to share... Somehow the little Brazilian development studio have managed to announce even more awesomeness in their latest roadmap release - confirming that the surprise (and epic) addition of Donington Park and Snetterton for Automobilista in the near...
  17. racingdud3


    315 724 4022 315 724 4022 2007 version, GSCE conversion for AMS (Automobilista) , it is not mine. Credits goes for the authors. ------------------------------------- PD: Thanks DEracingx for the loading picture. Enjoy it. SERVER "ONLY THE RING" 24/7 on Automobilista , search for it on AMS or...
  18. Lorencini

    Formula 1 Season 1995 Skinpack - with 3 Engine Sounds (V12, V10, V8) 2019-04-30

    First of all, thanks to all the following contributors who created this amazing original content: Sebby70 for creating the original pack for GSCE [link] mungopark for updated rearwings and extra details on skins [link] arqandrei1977 for the helmet pack [link] Keith Windsor for the talent files...
  19. V

    RSS IMSA 2019 MOD - #50 Juncos Racing Cadillac DPI Livery 2019-04-28

    Hi guys! Today I want to share my latest work with you. The guys from RSS are working on a IMSA mod and released its first car, the Cadillac DPI-V.R., two weeks ago. So I started making liveries for this beautiful Protoype car and chose the #50 Juncos Racing Livery. You can download it now...
  20. R

    BoxerCup skins. Argentinians historical drivers 1.0

    This is a Boxer Cup skinpack with 14 80s and 90s historicals drivers Just extract the download and replace the "teams" folder. This pack replaces all default liveries with new ones Drivers: Silvio H Oltra; Rubén L Di Palma; Osvaldo A López; Miguel A Guerra; Juan M Traverso; Mario R Gayroud...
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