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Community Question | Which Fantasy Track Would You Build In Real Life?


Rattlesnake Point from RF1. Great variety of corners and a lovely flow. One of the few fantasy tracks that feels like it should be real. I even did an endurance race there many moons ago (4 or 6 hrs - can't remember) and it was great.
Linas-Monthléy is surely non-fictional :)
Yes indeed, I've asked because it has a banked oval section (cut by a chicane), similar to the track shown.

I didn't know the track had was open though. Great piece of news. I used to race with the BPR cars on this track in GTR2. Going through these chicanes after so much banking was the best part. No need for fantasy track when Montlhery is available in a sim. Is it available for AC or rfactor2?



Surprised it even got a mention, with how rough it was...:unsure:

I only picked it back up very recently to test workflows and muck around without worrying if it went wrong and turned out bad (and also build a pile of shared assets), but its going much better than I thought

Got to test it online a couple of months ago with a decent field too, highlighted some extra changes to go in from a gameplay perspective too

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Nordschliefe is for me the best track ever period.

But ford test centre at lommel in belgium would been a nice race track..
It have a 30% slope.. and can handle many layouts.. i want to build this track for assetto but i dont know what tools i need
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Pretty much every Gran Turismo track.

Trial Mountain, Deep Forest, Grand Valley, Apricot Hill... shout to the real locations but fictional tracks: Matterhorn, Seattle, and so on.
If I had all the money in the world to build a racetrack I would build one for a sim first, tune to the point I'm happy with it and then ask professionals to build it in real live. But that was not the question, the question was which fantasy track. First tracks which come into my mind are "The Edge" (already mentioned), "Vitus Park" (also already mentioned) and "The Ultimate driver circuit" (also somewhat already mentioned). After taking a look at my rFactor track collection I think " Magnificent Park" is also a good one:

And don't forget the great thing abouth simracing: We can drive on those tracks every day, as much as we want. We don't have to wait for the real track.
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Sunset Peninsula Raceway from Forza Motorsport; for a long time I had no idea whether it was real (but renamed due to licensing) or not. A pretty believable environment and a great combination of infield track and the oval back straight.