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Community Question | Which Fantasy Track Would You Build In Real Life?



Just bring back the various ISI-Tracks!
Mills Metropark (which according to ISI had kept good funding, and been upgraded, looking posh).
Toban Raceway (Which according to ISI had not had any funding,with worn-down buildings, cracked tarmac etc.)
Sardian Heights, the city-track from rF1
Lienz from rF1, because we need a RX-style thing, windy roads and cobblestone!

Chatham from Sports Car GT. The short road-track with half and oval, without being an oval. That downhill braking after the loooong banked first corner was epic!
North Point from Sports Car GT. A more traditional racetrack, with elevation changes.
Sardian Park from Sports Car GT, I guess it was in the same fictional city as Sardian Heights, but this was a "park" track. With an extremely wide first chicane, and the track then narrowed down to a really interesting track with loads of elevation changes. Technical, tricky and narrow!

Bring it on! :cool:
I haven't driven any of the tracks you've nominated, but your enthusiasm makes me very curious to try. Thank you!
There are a lot of fantasy circuits I have really enjoyed (Pace Park, Machwerk, Mills, Toban, Hilltop Club, Seven Hills, Birubi) but I think I would build Chatham from SCGT. An interesting roval (half of an oval with a road course on the other end) in club circuit size. It is just so different than anything I have seen in real life, except for the Pereltada part of Mexico and perhaps some old Brooklands layouts.
This track was so fun! I loved the drop going into turn two!
this one
Another one; from all the Gran Turismo fantasy tracks, I love this one most; Autumn Ring
forza 3 had a few incredible fantasy tracks that were long. like the italian coast one or the one that goes through some big canyons. i forget the name of them its been so long.
Alright.. not exactly one track but some games created a bunch of amazing tracks that I would like to see in real life. Only a very few tracks from the Gran Turismo list is available for Assetto Corsa, but everything else has already been converted for AC !

Cita Di Aria
Lago Maggiore
Cathedral Rocks Trail
Costa di Amalfi
George V Paris
New York
Opera Paris
Tokyo R246
Autumn Ring
Deep Forest Raceway
Trial Mountain

Rio de Janeiro
Maple Valley
Bernese Alps

Barcelona City Circuit
Chicago Street Circuit

Fonteny - by FatAlfie
Thomson Road - by FatAlfie
Great Wall - by SimoG
Sveg Raceway - by Leon Sütfeld