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Assetto Corsa Competizione | GT4 Pack DLC Review (Video)

Looking forward to tomorrow. Hats off to Kunos, coming from the heart of the European branch of the Covid crisis they have first delivered the console launch and now this DLC, both pretty much on time if my memory serves me right. Epic! I will not get on my non-existent balcony to applaud, but it must have been a very demanding couple of months for them. Take a break, you Italian guys! Visit the Riviera!
  • Alpine: "It drives funny. Doesn't respond"
  • Aston Martin Vantage GT4 "Why doesn't it come in pink"
  • Audi R8 LMS GT4: "The tire model seems to be sluggish"
  • BMW M4 GT4: "The engine doesn't sound quite right"
  • Chevrolet Camaro: "I can't see out of the back window"
  • Ginetta G55 GT4: "This is not like the real car"
  • KTM X-Bow GT4: "I don't like any of the liveries"
  • Maserati MC GT4: "Looks awful in VR"
  • Mclaren 570S GT4: "The one on ( insert sim here) drives much better"
  • Mercedes AMG GT4: " Why can't I customize this car"
  • Porsche 718 Cayman GT4: " They should have made a RUF instead"
"No VR, no buy"
" When do they release IMSA"
"When do they release BTCC"
" They should have more cars than this"
"It's too expensive"
" I prefer Iracing"

Ok, all of the whining is done. None after the release tomorrow please.

Ever been on their Instagram page? I have some more for you...

"Supra please"
"Add Mustang"
"Fix console"
"When it will be on Playstation"
"Is this for Assetto Corsa, too?"
"Xbox patch?!???!!!"
Because I am not interested in driving online? I do not want to deal with fixed schedules, unpleasant players and the freedom to race where and what car I prefer at any time I can play.

Why is there is an obsession to keep pushing players to online? Is AI in racing games going out of fashion as shooters did in the early 2000s?
The answer is easy. Why race again AI when you can race against humans.
Taking off some league I do race what I want when I can, always online.

Patrik Marek

definitely a purchase for me, I initially neglected ACC as It didn't feel that much better then AC , but as this pack was coming I did get back to it and started to really enjoy it a lot !

one of the the only things I would change about it is the helmet camera, I like that it's more alive then the regular dash camera, but I'm not a fan of the head tilting , in real life you tilt your head of course, but your brain "straightens" it out, you don't persice the world turnign , but that's what it does when it's simulated on screen

I haven't tried it in VR yet, there the issue would be gone, but I don't know if VR is even available yet

this and the british tracks would be my favorite DLCs,
what would be also great is to see some more lower powered cars, like maybe Ginetta Junior ( those kind of cars)

but yeah, happy with direction ACC is going , well done Kunos!

Patrik Marek

The answer is easy. Why race again AI when you can race against humans.
Taking off some league I do race what I want when I can, always online.
well, destruction derby in T1 aside, because I can race AI anytime, but MP is somewhat limited by your location. At the times I play, given that I live on west coast in north america, there isn't all that many people online,

and what SP gives me - the sense of progressing through season , to do in MP, you would have to commit to a league , which then does require certain time commitment , which is not easy for everyone
My heart says I should buy it on release date.

My brain tells me that it will be full of bugs that should be ironed out in a few months, plus to buy it at sale's price could be a good idea as I already have more games than my free time allows me to play.

I'm not sure who's gonna win.
Dont forget that this is ACC and not RF2. Content is usually released couple levels higher in terms of quality and bugs.

Nick Gregory

iRating is just a number
The car I've been most looking forward to is the Camaro. Get two or three of them next to one another, and you have a really good road block.
I know this is heresy, and I'll be castigated, but I just get bored playing ACC.
AC is awesome because of its diversity along with the sim related aspects.
ACC needs more to get me interested, adding more GT cars isn't going to do it.
I'll hope and pray GT1 OR LMP cars are added.
Insta buy for me as well, but I don't know how many hours i'll get out of it. I was really hoping they'd improve the AI and allow for single player multi-class.
It really isnt!
Take the sound out of the equation, they both look as good or as bad as each other in that video, sound is better with ACC.
I agree they look similar and they both look nice.
Only big difference is lack of clouds in AMS. Different weather settings or no clouds in AMS?