1. Bitacaia

    DIY Pedal Box (low cost?!?! probably...)

    Hi. TLDR: I made a Pedal Box using Aliexpress Hand Brake. V1 was hydraulic and now, V2 is Load Cell based. (now go watch the pictures :D ) TL Did R: Around 2017 I decided to make my own Pedal Box. Because I like the challenge of building good quality stuff on a budget, I was searching the...
  2. F

    Sell BJ Sim Pedals

    SOLD BJ sim 2 load cell pedal set (throttle and brake) with upgraded blue Nitro flex elastomer. These pedals are extremely great for the price. Extremely well built, great adjustability, robust with great feel. Connects to PC via 1 usb cable. Utilizes DIView application to calibrate. Includes...
  3. Piksich

    Fanatec CSL Elite Load Cell Brake Pedal - Inconsistency Fix / Mod

    So I've finally went for the massively praised load cell pedals (the now discontinued Fanatec set) only to find out that there was a major flaw in its design. I hope this helps as a cheap DIY workaround for anyone struggling with the following issue. The issue is due to the way the load cell is...
  4. tobykaku

    Sell (UK) Heusinkveld sprint 3 pedal set + baseplate

    SOLD Heusinkveld sprint 3 pedal set (with original packaging) and Heusinkveld baseplate (without original package), not to be sold separately All brake rubbers, brake adjustment tool included, some extra screws may be needed for mounting Purchased at the end of Jan 2021 £520 excluding shipping...
  5. B

    Narrow “rally style” clutch pedal?

    I sometimes have trouble braking with my left foot: I catch the clutch pedal with the edge of my foot, inadvertently clutch-kicking, which of course sends me into a spin. Whenever I watch video of pro rally drivers (in real cars), their clutch pedals always have super narrow stick-like faces...
  6. zhutwo

    3d printed pedal spacers for Thrustmaster T-LCM & T3PA

    Made these to help with heel toe on the T-LCM pedals. Sharing the files in case they're useful to anyone else:
  7. K

    [?] How to properly mount Fanatec CSL Elite pedals on Simlab P1-X

    Hi, I have mounted my Fanatec CSL Elite pedals (with LC) on a P1-X rig, but when I push the brake pedal very hard, the pedals platform tend to rise a little on one side. That is because their screws are only placed along one side of the platform (close to the pedals) and on other side there are...
  8. kieranhendy

    Wanted Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer

    Looking for a Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer wheel and base. If you have pedals for it then I might be interested in those too. I'm hoping to stay under or around £500 plus cost of pedals but still let me know even if your wanting for than that for them as I might be able to squeeze extra.
  9. H9327

    I need some pedal deadzone

    I need just a tiny bit of deadzone on my throttle and brake pedals. Played around with Filter Settings but did not work. Or I couldn't get it to work. Help please
  10. H

    Purchase advice: First setup (budget ~950€)

    Hello everybody, I am a real newcomer in the field of Simracing and have almost no experience with the corresponding hardware. I want to play mainly Dirt Rally with it. Important criteria for me are quality and durability. I don't need a gear shift for the time being. Therefore a clutch pedal...
  11. Christopher Woods

    Sell G25 pedal height adjusters / spacers

    I just purchased some G27 pedal mods from I also bought the G25 brake & clutch pedal height adjusters; They're really simple to fit (just need a 2.5 mm hex), but they don't fit the G27 pedals (curved vs. flat pedal backplates) so I have no use for them. I'll sell to anyone - £14 / €15...
  12. K

    Pedal wiring question

    I bought some used CSR Elite pedals yesterday that need some love. Here is a photo of the circuit board as well as a reference of what the 4 cables coming off the pedals look like. The accelerator pedal wire has its female plug ripped off, and it seems like the circuit board is missing its male...
  13. F

    Gas Pedal stops working after few minutes

    Hey guys, im running a fanatec setup and playing assetto corsa and everything worked fine the last year till suddenly my gas pedal stops working after im ingame for a few minutes. all other pedals (clutch and break) are still working perfect just the gas pedal gives up. when i restart both the...
  14. Simon Marshall

    Sell Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Pedals Ultimate

    I've had these since December 2017, but inherited the kick-plate with a second hand rig I bought. I have also drilled 4 holes in the kick plate but have plugged them with counter-sunk bolts - see photos. I dont think I need to go on about how good they are or how important your pedals are, but...
  15. Techie Pocket

    what screws are used on the G27 pedal faces?

    Helolo! This is my first post here so let me know if there is anything I need to have done :) Recently I purchased a NIXIM mod for my brake. I tried removing the pedal faces but they were very very tightly screwed in(mine is refurbished). So short story I stripped the screws for the clutch and...