1. B

    Odd Graphics card discovery...

    I have got WRC 8+9 running very smoothly in the past and even made a quick video tutorial about how to do that. But I switched monitors recently and noticed some small issues cropping up. I checked all my settings in game and nothing was different, I tried lowering every graphics setting in...
  2. Jasper17

    FPS or Triple screen?

    Hi I have a question about FPS Currently I’m only using my main 144hz monitor for Assetto Corsa. I play on high / max setting and get about 115FPS average and 105FPS minimum on the content manager quick benchmark test. I also have 2 75hz monitors so I thought let’s use triple screen. But with...
  3. sonoftrollguy

    stuck at 35-40 fps, even with minimized graphics

    I have a 10th gen core i5 processor but i don't know what's happening. I even turned off a lot of custom shader patch's features and minimized the world details. I only play on low grahpic mod maps with very little things but still I have bad fps. By the way when I look back the framrate goes up...
  4. K

    FPS don t change with graphic setting

    Hello when i play online akina online and other multiplayer server my max FPS is 40 and i change many setting to have 60 but i can put very low graphic or good graphic the FPS dosen t change someone know why dosent change?
  5. E

    Oculus Rift S, expected FPS in VR - feels like they’re restricted?

    Think I’ve found a solution! thanks
  6. Billy Pilgrim

    Recommended specs to get decent FPS in AMS2?

    AMS2 sure looks like it's going to be good. I want it! But... I'm wondering what kind of FPS I could expect with my system? What's known about this so far? I have an i7 4770k and a GTX 1080ti (with triples). Should I start saving up for another PC? Is AMS2 expected to be as demanding as...
  7. A

    MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin 3.1.5

    MOP (Modern Optimization Plugin) is the ultimate performance enhancing project for My Summer Car. Quickly and easily improve FPS of MSC! The only mod that improves framerate seamlessly - without user having to do any configuration, pressing buttons, or any other magic tricks! Just install the...
  8. Dan Costa

    Test: CPU Core count and RAM scaling in ACC, AC1 and R3E

    Hello guys Couldn't find decent data so I did these tests myself during the holidays. Max settings @ 720P (Max distances, Max shadows, Max mirrors etc) to push for the max cpu drawcalls. Heavy duty multiplayer race replays were used, with 20~30 cars. 1 entire lap per test. With the camera set...
  9. Roman266

    [PLUGIN] Disable All 1.0.1

    With this plugin you can disable almost all game objects for increase FPS. With the ability to enable in real time. Also this plugin automatically load saved file with objects to disable (disables this objects). At the moment this is the most powerful plugin for increasing FPS. What you should...
  10. A

    AC in VR ~89fps no matter what I do

    TLDR; Running AC in VR through content manager with the below spec/mods and no matter what I do I get FPS between 87-89 FPS. I have to be missing some setting that is causing this, what is it? I have tried adjusting every setting in content manager between and always get ~89 FPS. Doesn't make...
  11. dfghjdrhjrty

    ImproveFPS UPDATED 2019-07-10

    All credit goes to Author: kunedo for the code Open key: F + E I did convert it to the latest version of MSC but that dosen't mean i made the mod Here is The creators MSC profile https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/improvefps.19553/ Add me on discord BryanJMoDz#1001 to request ANY mod
  12. M

    GTR2 Running poorly on new gaming rig

    Specs: AMD Sapphire RX 560 4GB (GPU/Mem clock @ 1300/1750) 8 GB Ram, DDR3 AMD FX 6350, 6 Cores @3.9 GHZ Tried to use the 4gb patch, also the Set Affinity system UPDATE: So the problem also applies to rFactor. Also, while the GPU usage is around 100%, the VRAM usage is at like 0.5 GB Ram. Kinda...
  13. I

    OptimizeMSC 1.0

    This mod optimizes the game by disabling some "extra" details like the train, ai-traffic, ai people walking around randomly. Starting with 39 to 43 fps without the mod, I got 58 to 65 fps with the mod. I honestly didn't think that these extra things would impact fps this much.
  14. GTR233

    GTR2 Targa Florio Fix 1.3

    GTR2 Targa Florio Fix V1.3 -------------------------- This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v18.06 (update your archiver if it tells you that the archive is corrupted) Archive size = 68 Mo Archive MD5 checksum = 8eb9dab1f992f34abc7627ffbc5aedce Description : ------------- This is...
  15. Sentinel196

    MAJOR BUG CONFIRMED - Higher FPS = Lower Tyre Temps!

    A few days ago a competitor by the name of Sien posted a video claiming that he experienced higher tyre temperatures and thus greater tyre wear and slower lap times when running at a lower frame rate. This got me thinking….. Having dabbled in game development myself a few years back, the...
  16. eg01st

    General Latest Shader Patch v0.1.2.5 preview47 - horrible performance

    Anyone else having horrible frame rate since updating? I usually play on fixed 75, but after installing patch today that fixes AI, it's barely over 30 fps. At first I thought it was my mod track, but Kunos' Nordschleife is even worse - 24 fps. I have GTX 1060 6GB with 418.81 driver. EDIT: It...
  17. K

    Stock Satsuma Savepack [2019] 2.0

    A clutter free save pack in an effort to save you those precious frames Monday, 8AM Start, all needs at 0 5,000 Markka Satsuma needs Gasoline, Coolant, Motor Oil & Brake/Clutch Fluid Satsuma tuned to full potential Permanent and non-permanent death saves No Jokke progress, Jobs yet to call...
  18. Billy Pilgrim

    25% FPS loss out of the blue

    I'm looking for a bit of help. A week or so ago, I started getting 20 to 30% fewer FPS when using AC. I wondered if it was Dynamic Shaders so uninstalled it but that doesn't change much, if anything. I can't figure it out. (the fps drop didn't come just after installing Dynamic Shaders anyway)...
  19. I

    Disable Satsuma (FPS) 2.1

    This mod completely removes the Satsuma in order to improve FPS.
  20. P

    AMS and FPS issues down to 30fps

    hi all, have been wanting and trying to get into AMS, but am struggling to get FPS to stay constant or at show some overall stability. test: Ultima GTR race track: brands hatch gp - no other vehicles - graphics settings maxed out. in pits starts with 95fps but then immediately drops to 50fps...