1. R

    Settings Oculus Rift FPS

    Just bought the Oculus Rift and I love it. But I hate that you can´t see the brake lights. I downloaded a mod so I could run with PP filters on and also downloaded SDK tool for Oculus to be able to enable and disable ASW. I am now getting a constant 45 FPS, when disableing ASW it just stutters...
  2. W

    F1_2015_HIGH_FPS_FOR_LOW_END_PC 1.0

    Hello everyone, today I bring you a mod for f1 2015 to increase the frame rate for those who have a low end pc. This is my first mod, I hope you like it. How to install: 1- Extract the file. 2- Select one of the 3 files and open. 3- Copy or move the file "hardwaresettings" into your "my games/f1...
  3. RasmusP

    FPS problems without Hardware Limit

    Hi, since two weeks ago I'm having some strange issues and I don't know why. CPU is chilling, GPU is running circles around the game but I can't reach 60 fps... Didn't change anything, disabled all apps and I can recreate it with replays. If you have any idea just post it, I will try anything :)...
  4. WellerMan

    Issues with G.I.D

    Hi all, installed GID today for AMS using the patched version. The HUD itself works fine, I can customize all of the widgets etc., but for some reason, i'm getting massive FPS drops. Prior to this I was running the game maxed out at around 200, and according to shadowplay, because my steam FPS...
  5. Karolis

    Assetto Corsa Performance on Dual Core 2 Duo

    Hey, I know my pc isin't good at all, but even with pc like that is it normal to get 30fps with 10cars in singleplayer? Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo GeForce GTX 750 2gb 4gb Ram