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AC in VR ~89fps no matter what I do

TLDR; Running AC in VR through content manager with the below spec/mods and no matter what I do I get FPS between 87-89 FPS. I have to be missing some setting that is causing this, what is it?

I have tried adjusting every setting in content manager between and always get ~89 FPS. Doesn't make a difference if they are maxed out or on low. Is there some setting I might have enabled that is causing this. I turned the FPS limiter off in CM if that helps. I'm very new to PC gaming after decades of console play and sim racing.

PC/VR Specs:
HTC Vive
Intel i5 7400
8gb ram
Asus GTX 1070 GPU

Natural mod
Shaders patch
Umm..that's what it's supposed to be. VR is locked at 90FPS because that's the max that the vive/cv1 and most headsets outside of the Valve Index can produce. You can't go above that. Open the renderer stats display in AC and you can take a look at how much CPU usage you are using, but it sounds like you're doing fine.


So fast I am slow
No worries,

I have first seen real 90FPS with my new Vive Pro but with Vive it was always 89,6 max with render stats. I bet you won't even see 90 FPS without SOL and shader patch or without any App and with just one car on the grid, being yourself. I never did and back then I was running 7700k and 1080ti which is quite a bit faster than i5+1070.
Thanks for the replies. Good to know I'm not missing something dumb. It seems a lot more difficult to tell the difference between setting levels in VR vs. monitors