[PLUGIN] Disable All

[PLUGIN] Disable All 1.0.1

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With this plugin you can disable almost all game objects for increase FPS. With the ability to enable in real time. Also this plugin automatically load saved file with objects to disable (disables this objects). At the moment this is the most powerful plugin for increasing FPS.

What you should know:
1. Before using make backup of your save game!
2. Green color of button - object enabled, red color of button - object disabled.
3. For interaction with Satsuma after enable it you need save and load game.
4. After enabled "Car parts" body panels can be damaged.
5. "Systems" disables game menu. Open DisableAll interface and enable it if you need game menu.
6. You can use "Map: full" for build Satsuma (I think garage and driveway - is enough space for build).
7. You can't enable bolts without save and load game (but it is possible to screw the fallen off part).

Right Ctrl + D - Open Disable All interface

How to install:
0. You need have Mod Loader
1. Copy ZZDisableAll.dll to Mod Loader mods folder

My GitHub(source)

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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.1

    Fixed a bug due to which under certain case game did not close.

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Great update
is there any hotkeys in this mod? because the hotkey that are given was not working.
it works
the best
Good for fps increase! thx man
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