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  1. Mattiadevigus

    Vtracker, Timetable for ACC Servers 1.5

    How does it works? It was designed to read the data of each session carried out on a ACC server with a pleasant and easy to view interface It offers: A timetable containing the best overall times of each session Iteractive graphs Config Area (future release) Preliminaries You obviously need...
  2. Mini Creator

    RadWeasel BMW M4 DTM-FTW Esports Concept 1.0

    Hey guys, here is unofficial skin "For The Win Esports" Special Version for RadWeasel here: What you think?? Stay safe! Car: https://www.unitedracingdesign.net/product-page/ac-t5-2018
  3. FCP Euro GTWC America - Round 3 Monza - Aenore Cavillon onboard #GTWorldChAm #SROesports

    FCP Euro GTWC America - Round 3 Monza - Aenore Cavillon onboard #GTWorldChAm #SROesports

    And that's a hat-trick !
  4. ZL1

    Porsche 911.2 RSR | Porsche eSports Team | 2020 Virtual Le Mans 24 Hours | 2K + 4K Final

    Presenting the Porsche eSports Team at the 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual The pack includes all 4 of the factory Porsche line-ups at the virtual edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours. The liveries are created for URD's 2018-spec update for Kunos's 911 RSR. Kunos's 2017-spec 911 RSR is not...
  5. FCP Euro GTWC America - Round 2 Bathurst - Aenore Cavillon onboard

    FCP Euro GTWC America - Round 2 Bathurst - Aenore Cavillon onboard

  6. Paul Jeffrey

    The Final Is Here | Ferrari Hublot Esport Series Grand Final + How To Watch

    Two final days of action. The time for talking is over, no second chances, no mistakes and winner takes all. The Ferrari Hublot Esport Series Grand Finale. 3 races, 3 tracks and 2 days of pressure begins Friday night. The grand final double day of action. Series winner takes a seat in the FDA...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    Penultimate Round: Nürburgring Beckons | Ferrari Hublot Esport Series

    Two rounds down, two to go in the PRO and AM Ferrari Hublot Esport Series this Sunday - find out how to watch, and who's hot ahead of the Nürburgring race meeting. Throw together 18 professional Esport racers, a sprinkling of sim racing YouTubers and a couple of Ferrari drivers from the GT...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    No Room To Pass | Ferrari Hublot Esport Series At Zandvoort (How To Watch)

    The Ferrari Hublot Esport Series is in action this weekend, with PRO and AM Series races at the tight, twisty and technical Zandvoort Circuit in the Netherlands. Gone is the qualification process requirements for these intrepid Ferrari Driver Academy hopefuls within the Ferrari Hublot Esport...
  9. Ferrari Hublot Esports Series - PRO Series - Monza - Aenore Cavillon onboard

    Ferrari Hublot Esports Series - PRO Series - Monza - Aenore Cavillon onboard

    Very fun race with a lot of fighting in the midfield.
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    The Last Chance Saloon At Silverstone

    This Sunday marks the final occasion AM sim racers have to qualifying for the upcoming Ferrari Hublot Esport Series championship next month - tune in from 18:00 UTC to see who makes the final six cut off... Ferrari Hublot Esport Series AM qualifiers final race. 24 drivers to qualify for the PRO...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    Community Question | Damage In Sim Racing - More? Less? Enough?

    Accidents happen, damage often causes an early end to those who are unwary - and sim racing simulates the real thing, but does it go far enough with car damage? I'm a massive fan of realism in my sim racing. From those hard to notice things like transmission flex to the more in your face...
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    SRO E-Sport GT Series | More About Our Drivers And Their Idols

    As we head into our final round of the SRO AM Championship this season, we thought it might be nice to give you a little bit more insight into the drivers, and their perceived styles behind the wheel. A little while ago we asked our AM Championship regulars to have a think about which real...
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship | Round 5: Bathurst (Review)

    The final race of the season always promised to be something special - races at Bathurst are rarely anything else. As Saturday evening also marked the final AM Championship outing, plenty of drivers had something to prove once the green flag waved. Heading into the race on the famous mountain...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    An Incredible Day Of Broadcasting | SRO E-Sport GT AM Championship Finals Day Starts 14:00 UTC

    RaceDepartment are excited about the final round of the SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship - so excited in fact, we've scheduled a pretty full day of broadcasting to get your sim racing juices flowing. From looking back at Bathurst memories with the great and good of motorsport past and...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship | The Final Round LIVE

    The final round is GO, Go, Go! This is it folks, the last chance saloon. A final opportunity for our drivers to show the world what they are made of. 60 minutes of pure, intense, high pressure action around one of the most difficult race circuits in the entire world - with nothing between our...
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship Final | Win A Prize Every 10 Minutes!

    Yes, for the grand final of the SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship our Twitch viewers can win something cool every 10 minutes during the race broadcast. Six cool prizes - six opportunities to take home a prize for watching what should be an exceptional display of esport competition this...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    Sim Racing Discussion With Kunos Simulazioni, SRO, Chris Haye And RD

    We recently sat down with Marco Massarutto of Kunos Simulazioni, Anthony Comas of SRO, YouTube star Chris Haye and RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Paul Jeffrey to discuss the world of sim racing... ... aired during our SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship final round build-up, the very first...
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    Introducing The RaceDepartment Barwell Esport Livery Winner

    Congratulations to each and every one of you who submitted a livery design for the recent RaceDepartment Barwell Esport team - the quality was exceptional throughout, but we could only pick one winner, and that winner is.... @jajafrison for his beautiful Lamborghini Hurucan GT3 Evo design. We...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    RaceDepartment Barwell Livery Competition | The Submissions (POLL)

    Wow. Just wow. The community was asked to provide some RaceDepartment Barwell Esport Team liveries, and oh boy did you folks deliver! Before we pick our winning design, let's take a look at the submissions received.... Yes folks, if ever doubt existed about the quality of livery designers in...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship | Round 5: Bathurst (Re-Live)

    The driving is one thing. The racing is another. Man vs machine, the spirit of competition. Throw into the mix a high profile championship challenge, and things very quickly start to get serious. We are now re-live from the Mount Panorama Bathurst circuit for the Grand Final of the SRO E-Sport...