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SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship | The Final Round LIVE

Paul Jeffrey

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Jun 5, 2009
The final round is GO, Go, Go!

This is it folks, the last chance saloon. A final opportunity for our drivers to show the world what they are made of. 60 minutes of pure, intense, high pressure action around one of the most difficult race circuits in the entire world - with nothing between our drivers and glory but their rivals, and 6.213km of unforgiving tarmac.

As well as the action on circuit, we've got another reason for you folks at home to get excited.. we are giving away a fan prize every 10 minutes! Yes, a prize every ten minutes could be yours! Check out the details here.

Race broadcast will begin at 18:00 UTC on the RaceDepartment Twitch channel. Tune in, get comfortable and enjoy the racing!

SRO E-Sport Race Day.jpg

SRO E-Sport GT Series AM Championship: Championship Standings After Round 4: Click Here

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Mar 19, 2009
Great to watch except for one commentator saying Bathurst was in the Blue Mountains :p:p

Central Tablelands actually :D

Strange watching sim racing with the full commentary and the score overlay......you forget it is a sim. Very well done :)
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