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No Room To Pass | Ferrari Hublot Esport Series At Zandvoort (How To Watch)

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
The Ferrari Hublot Esport Series is in action this weekend, with PRO and AM Series races at the tight, twisty and technical Zandvoort Circuit in the Netherlands.

Gone is the qualification process requirements for these intrepid Ferrari Driver Academy hopefuls within the Ferrari Hublot Esport Series this year. No longer do aspiring esport stars of tomorrow have to find their feet afresh within the category, qualifying via hot lap leaderboard challenge and fighting it out in a standalone knockout event - now we are on to the hard part of this new sim racing challenge - it's championship time for invited professionals and influencers, and our qualified sim racers alike.

Catch up from last weekend here:

Last time out in Monza would see both new championships kick off their respective campaigns in fine style at the Italian venue. As can be expected from a track with a long tradition of overtaking opportunities and that all important slip stream effect, the racing in both categories, but in particular the AM Series, was nothing short of sensational throughout the 30-minute races.

Ferrari Hublot Esport Series | Round 2 from Zandvoort - Live from 18:00 UTC: Click HERE.

Unlike previously, these results now count towards a 4-round championship calendar, with the points acquired last weekend staying with the drivers throughout the series ahead of a Grand Final event next month. Strong starts in both championships suggest the racing will be tight throughout the season, and with Zandvoort next in line the whole order could be turned on its head once the chequered flag falls on Sunday evening.


How to Watch
All the action from both the AM and PRO series will be broadcast live and exclusive on the Ferrari YouTube channel from 18:00 UTC on Sunday 11th October. Join in the action with Nicki Shields and myself as we bring you two 30-minute races that should produce some spectacular on track action.

Who's Racing?
In the AM category we have drivers who came through the incredibly tough qualification process for this new series. Having to first set a top 24 leaderboard time ahead of the event, the drivers then needed to navigate through a 30-minute knockout race and secure a top 6 finish in order to qualify.

With such a difficult process undertaken, it's no wonder we have some fine talents lining up within the series, expect big things on Sunday and in future endeavours from these talented racers.

AM 4.jpg

AM 3.jpg AM 2.jpg AM 1.jpg

For the PRO category we have a mix of professional sim racers, real world drivers and sim racing YouTube personalities, bringing together an impressive mix of driving talent capable of producing the goods out on track in spectacular fashion. Many of the names in this series will be familiar to RaceDepartment fans, with SRO E-Sport Series regulars Samir Ibraimi, Arnaud Lamcombe and Kamil Pawlowski, RaceDepartment's own Aenore Cavillon and Tariq Gamil, YouTuber Chris Haye and real world Ferrari drivers David Perel and Romain Monte just some of the noteworthy names within the field.

PRO 4.jpg
PRO 1.jpg PRO 2.jpg PRO 3.jpg PRO 5.jpg PRO 6.jpg

Championship Standings:

With the first of four races completed, the championship standings for both PRO and AM categories are very much in their infancy. Thanks to a spectacular performance last time out at Monza, early bragging rights go the way of Arnaud Lacombe from Giovanni De Salvo in PRO, with Jarno Koch taking an early lead over Gianfranco Giglioli and Andrea Benedetti in the AM series.

Zandvoort is a very different test of car and driver this weekend with a strong qualification critical. Will our early leaders retain their advantage, or can another star ascend on Sunday afternoon?

AM Championship Standings after Monza: CLICK HERE
PRO Championship Standings after Monza: CLICK HERE

The second round of the Ferrari Hublot Esport Series takes place on Sunday 11th October from 18:00 UTC - catch all the action as it happens live and exclusive on the Ferrari YouTube Channel - HERE.



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