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Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
This Sunday marks the final occasion AM sim racers have to qualifying for the upcoming Ferrari Hublot Esport Series championship next month - tune in from 18:00 UTC to see who makes the final six cut off...
  • Ferrari Hublot Esport Series AM qualifiers final race.
  • 24 drivers to qualify for the PRO AM Series in October.
  • Winning driver becomes an official FDA Esport Professional.

Most of us here at RaceDepartment and beyond enjoy our sim racing hobby as exactly that - a hobby. Imagine an opportunity to turn the thing we most love to do into a professional career, one that rewards us to drive our virtual cars in some of the best competitions, against the strongest rivals, whilst living and training for the next race in the heart of Ferrari at Maranello? Sounds incredible, doesn't it? Well, that is exactly what is on offer for one lucky driver who manages to overcome all obstacles to win the Ferrari Hublot Esport Series championship next month.

Ferrari Hublot Esport | Live from Silverstone 27/09 at 18:00 UTC: Watch HERE.


Before they can lay claim to that prize however, the series needs to determine which drivers are set to go up against each other in a short championship season to crown an overall winner - and the best way to do that is to let the drivers do what they do best - race!

Yes, the qualification rounds for the upcoming Ferrari Hublot Esport Series are playing out for one final time this Sunday 27th September, and with Silverstone as the venue of choice, and 24 hungry drivers vying for those final six qualification spaces, this final knockout event has all the potential to be the best race of the series to date.

Ferrari Hublot Esport | Catch up on the series so far: Click HERE.


Already the category has raced at Spa, Imola and Barcelona, and now the end is near, the last stand, one final opportunity exists for these drivers to perform to their absolute maximum and earn a place in the AM Series itself this October.

Will the pressure get to the drivers? Can Silverstone match or surpass the action from last time out in Spain? Tune in from 18:00 UTC on the Ferrari YouTube channel to find out!

How Do I Watch?
The very final AM knockout qualifying race from Silverstone will be broadcast exclusively on the Ferrari YouTube channel. The event is set to take place on Sunday evening from 20:00 CET / 19:00 BST / 18:00 UTC with a very short introduction segment from Nicki Shields and myself, then straight onto the track for the 30-minute final showdown.

Alternatively you can check out the action on the official Ferrari Facebook page (CLICK HERE) and Ferrari Twitch channel (CLICK HERE) all starting at 18:00 UTC on Sunday 27th September.

Don't forget to tune in for all the action from 18:00 UTC on Sunday 27th September - the very last chance for six of the drivers to take one step closer to an incredible opportunity to represent the Prancing Horse in Esport racing action.

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