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UU Car Previews Presets White and Grey

UU Car Previews Presets White and Grey 1.0

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Grey Higher.png

Grey Higher

White SideSpotter.png

White Side Spotter

Grey GT5Like.png

Grey GT5-Like

White Front.png

White Front

White Back.png

White Back

Grey BackSide.png

Grey BackSide

White FrontTilt.png

White Front Tilt

The archive contains 16 previews presets: the eight you can find up here each in white and grey version.

extract the archive in
C:\Users\(your user's name)\AppData\Local
You can type %Appdata% in your folder path bar to find the appdata folder.

I made these for my personal use starting from marty2610's presets found here:
I just wanted a white version and it was more difficult than I expected to make it right with lightings and reflections so I decided to upload them in case they are useful to someone.

If you want to use some of these camera settings with black background just copy the camera settings from camera tab and paste them in marty2610's black previews.

In case a car doesn't show up in the preview or it does but in a wrong position, I suggest to click on that car, select the arrow on the side of "Custom Previews", then click on Options. Select the preset you wish to use. Go to the "car" tab and change car, then go to the "camera" tab, deselect "In-screen-space horizontally" under Alignment and select it again then finally switch back to the original car you wanted to do the preview of.

Sorry for my bad english, that's not my main language.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if there are any errors or if I can improve them in any way: Thank you!
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Latest reviews

Simply beautiful and works perfect!
Great, thank you.
Looks nice and clean and works with no glitches :)
Somehow it "splits" t and mirrors the cars diagonally.
Can you send me a picture? It works fine to me :/