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Car Preview preset for Content Manager

Car Preview preset for Content Manager 2018-07-03

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Installation of preset-file:
Copy to :
C:\Users\*user*\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Presets\CustomPreviews\

in Content Manager go to :
- content
- tools
- Update Previews - Launch
select the cars and select the preset file you like


Latest reviews

Thank you, thats what i was looking for!
awesome! thank you!
Very good!!!
Beautiful :-)
Much, much better looking than the Kunos default. I use the third one, I really like the added flare.
Awesome presets, thank you so much ! ;-)
Number 3 is the best preview preset I could find, love the reflections.
I just had to turn off the 'pixel density' setting, cause my gpu couldn't handle it lol
The 3rd one is the best preview in assetto corsa period.
Pure quality. Thank you!!! Great Work!
Excellent job!
This is how it should have been done in the first place. :-)
Thank you so much!
amazing thankyou
This great... sing number 1 on all of the cars! Thanks a bunch for this!
Hi when i try to update previews, i got "Can't update previews - External component has thrown an exception".

Can you help me? also my lots of my preview.jpg is missing because of this. Thx.
I think this is best yet that I've come around. Painfully slow but very nice looking previews.
Beautiful previews....
Looks superb!

@Jack: The steering angle.
But what's the difference between 01 and 03?
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