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UU Car Previews Presets GT5 Smoke

UU Car Previews Presets GT5 Smoke 1.0

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Here is a preview preset I made almost a year ago. It's basic and it could be improved a lot but I don't use it anymore so it's up to you if you want to edit it.

I'm uploading this because I still see people that either use it or asks for it and so i thought the best way was to just upload it myself.

Note: apparently urls got censored. Instead of those "****" write "acstuff . ru" without spaces

The only requirement is the Smoke Showroom by x4fab, that you can find here:

To install this:

- Download the folder and unpack it inside AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager.
To find Appdata folder, search "%Appdata%" in the folder bar and you will end up in "Roaming", then just go back to the folder that contains it.


- Use this link and apply the preset to your CM by clicking "Allow"


Have fun!

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Beautiful! Thank you for this
Just throwing some stars your way :)
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