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Universal Number Plate Template (GIMP)

Universal Number Plate Template (GIMP) 2.1.20210505.01

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This isn't a full skin, but a resource for creating skins — yet another template for number plates. This is a single, editable GIMP image that includes templates for several sports car racing series. It is organized as several layer groups for various sanctioning bodies (WEC, ELMS, IMSA, etc.), further subdivided by series, class, etc. To make a number plate, just show the appropriate layers, edit the car number, and (optionally) export to a flat PNG or other image. These exported images may then be copied into your skin.


Number plate templates for all of the series and classes below. Listed with each one is the closest background color code that I was able to find in my research. As of the 2019-05-19 update, the template's resolution is now 512x512, which should be enough even for 4k-resolution skin files.

Real Racing Series
  • World Endurance Championship (2017+)
    • LMP1 (#e41819/white)
    • LMP2 (#20558b/white)
    • GTE-PRO (#009635/white)
    • GTE-AM (#f28f00/white)
  • European Le Mans Series (2017+)
    • LMP2 (#20558b/white)
    • LMP3 (#642478/white)
    • GTE-AM (#f28f00/white)
  • IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship (2014+)(added 2019-01-14)
    • DPi (#202020/white)
    • LMP2 (#20558b/white)
    • LMP3 (#f28f00/white) (added 2021-04-18)
    • GTLM (#c3262e/white)
    • GTD (#00b219/white)
    • includes a new instruction sheet for making all of these styles plus deprecated plate styles for the P (red), LMPC (green or blue), and old GTD (blue)
  • Asian Le Mans Series (added 2020-02-17)
    • LMP2 PRO (#20558b/white)
    • LMP2 AM (white/#20558b)
    • LMP3 (#642478/white)
    • GT3 (#f28f00/white)
    • GT Cup (white/black)
  • American Le Mans Series (2013) (added 2020-01-05)
    • P1 (#e41819/white)
    • P2 (#20558b/white)
    • PC (#642478/white)
    • GT (#009635/white)
    • GTC (#f28f00/white)
    • You can add the black border to the car number by creating a "path from text" on the car number layer, then growing that path by 6 pixels, then painting that region black on the "ALMS car# border" layer.
  • IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge (2019+) (added 2019-11-06)
  • IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge (2019+) (added 2019-01-14)
    • GS/GT4 (#005aab/white)
    • TCR (#ffe800/#005aab)
  • IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Championship (2017-2018)
    • GS/GT4 (black/#fcb033)
    • TCR (#505050/white)
    • ST (#fcb033/black)
  • Bathurst 12-hour (2020) (added 2020-02-02)
    • PRO, PRO-AM, SILVER, GT4, and INV classes
  • SRO GT World Challenge America (2020) (added 2020-03-08)
    • PRO-AM, SILVER, and AM classes, in all three form factors (doors, hood, and rear)
  • SRO Blancpain GT Challenge (2019) (added 2019-05-19)
    • PRO (white/black)
    • PRO-AM (black/white)
    • SILVER (#808080/white) (added 2019-11-14)
    • AM (#c3262e/white)
    • Also includes special designs for the 2019 Kyalami 9-Hour, which adds the NAT (national) class. (added 2019-11-23)
  • Blancpain GT3 (2012-2018)
    • PRO (white/black)
    • PRO-AM (black/white)
    • AM (#c3262e/white)
  • SRO GT4 America (2021) (added 2021-04-18)
    • PRO-AM, SILVER, AM classes
  • SRO Pirelli TC America (2021) (added 2021-04-18)
    • TCX, TC, and TCA classes
  • SRO Pirelli TC America (2019-2020) (added 2019-05-19)
    • both TCR (#c3262e) and TC (#0065bd) classes
  • various TCR series (rectangular) (added 2020-02-02)
  • BTCC 1999 (added 2020-08-14)
  • DTM (2017) (angled in 2019-05-19 update)
  • SuperGT (2005+) (added 2020-02-17)
    • both GT500 (white) and GT300 (gold)
  • VLN (2016) (added 2019-05-19)
  • VLN (2017+) (added 2019-05-19)
  • BritCar (added 2021-05-05)
  • WRC (rectangular) (added 2020-02-02)
  • AudiSport TT Cup (added 2020-02-02)
  • Global MX-5 Cup (added 2019-05-19)
  • basic vintage-style roundels (added 2020-01-05)
Fantasy Racing Series
  • 24h Le Mans Vintage Revival (added 2020-01-05)
  • Ginetta GT4 and Supercup (added 2018-12-10)
  • Ligier JS8 Cup (added 2020-01-05) for Gary Paterson's Ligier JS8 mod, includes variants for multiclass racing of the standard and "stage 1" variants
  • SimRacingOnline UK (rectangular) (added 2020-02-02)
  • SimRacingSystem Jean vs. zerobandwidth Challenge (added 2019-06-30)
  • SimRacingSystem 2old4forza vs. GranTurismo Panama Challenge (added 2020-01-05)
  • SimRacingSystem ProSimRacing Endurance Challenge plates (added 2021-04-18)


Nothing. As of the 2019-05-19 update, the archive includes a directory full of all the custom fonts required for the file. All have been gleaned from the Internet on sites that claimed, at least, that they were freely available.


This post is limited to 10 images, but here is a representative sample:

WEC_with_DHL_example.png WEC (2017+) LMP1
IMSA_2019_DPi_example.png IMSA (2019) DPi
angled_DTM_example.png DTM angled plate (tough to see white-on-white, but it's there)
SRO_GT3_AM_example.png SRO Blancpain GT3 (2019) AM class
VLN_2017_example.png VLN (2017+)
VLN_2016_example.png VLN (2016)
IMSA_2019_GS_example.png IMSA (2019) Grand Sport
GlobalMX5_example.png Global MX-5 Cup
Ginetta_GT4_example.png Ginetta GT4 (fantasy league)


If you don't see what you're looking for in the list above, then feel free to suggest a new addition in the Discussion tab!

Also check out these similar projects!

* Items with asterisks are also available in my template.

Latest updates

  1. UPDATE: BritCar 2021

    Why? Uh, come on. You know why.
  2. UPDATE: New 2021 plates

    Added to the square template: * 2021 IMSA WeatherTech LMP3 class * 2021 SRO GT4 America...
  3. UPDATE: More really old stuff.

    This update includes plates for the following series: BTCC (1999) SRO Blancpain GT3 (2012)...

Latest reviews

5 stars
Simply amazing, kinda forced me to learn GIMP tho XD
Btw any chance to add more touring car numberplates like WTCC and WTCR...?
Thanks, and enjoy! ^_^
GIMP is one of those "easy once you get used to it" sorts of programs.
Yeah it's about time I got around to some of the touring car series. I'll see what I can do.
Great. Thank you.
Nice!! :D very useful
Great job. Thanks for sharing.
Mais qu'est-ce que c'est Bôoooo !! ^^ feat. AKR lol

Thank you so much for your hard work.
love all these at COTA today I also saw a GT2 plate coming up later in the year
Perfectly timed with my research on numberplates for Blancpain... Very much appreciated! ***** stars!
With Blancpain exiting the SRO series I'm sure I'll have some work ahead of me at the first race weekend of 2020. :D
Thanks you soooo much ! Very nice work !!!
Just what livery editors need, thanks for your hard work!
excellent, thanks for the update. especially for B12H
Awesome job and thanks for the constant updates. I was wondering if you could possibly include the Asian LeMans Series plates as well
Thanks, and yes, I'll look into it.
This is absolutely amazing!
Thanks, and enjoy!
Amazing work !!!
Can you add JGTC Number Plates please ? :)
Thanks! I'll look into it.
Awesome, wish I had stumbled accross this earlier!
no words needed!
Nice! Thank you Zerobandwidth!
thank you. trying my first livery
Great idea :) with these templates, is Pirelli World Challenge planning for future?
I haven't looked into it yet, but since you have expressed interest, I will plan to add it!
Hey dude, the font you are looking for the DTM number is the "Raiderfont.ttf"
Good luck!
Can I give a review a 5-star review? ^_^
Thanks very much! I'll include this tweak and new information in the next update.
Meanwhile, enjoy the templates, and happy skinning!
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