1. Assetto Corsa - Darche 992 GT3-R 2023 @ Chang International Circuit 1:37.138

    Assetto Corsa - Darche 992 GT3-R 2023 @ Chang International Circuit 1:37.138

    Managed to set a 1:37.138 on this circuit. Been setting some consistent laps on this circuit in the past, fun as hell to drive on. This URD Darche 992 GT3-R 2023 mod is something else as well especially against a full GTD/GT3 grid.
  2. erenschumacher

    Helsinki International Circuit 2023 2.1

    Helsinki International Circuit is a fictional circuit in Finland and designed by myself. The previous version was converted by @rmi_wood a couple of years ago. This is the updated and improved version. Features: The main circuit is widened by almost 2-5 km. 6 different layouts (F1 and GP...
  3. Geraint Thomas

    World Endurance Championship 2023 1.01

    World Endurance Championship 2023 Drive for the LMH, LMP2 or LMGTE category in the WEC 2023 This was a special one for me, as I was at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year to watch Ferrari pass the start/finish line. An incredible moment, and I've wanted to re-create this since. Now that I've got...
  4. Itzdatmancam

    2023 BMW WRT WEC Test 0.1

    Yesterday, WRT had their first outing with the BMW M Hybrid with rene rast behind the wheel in order to prep for the 2024 WEC season. This will mark its return to top class since 1999 with the v12 lmr. Decided to make this since its a new mod and who doesn't like a carbon livery? Tyres by...
  5. Rapier22.CM

    [Custom Adaptation] Porsche 963 LMDH 2023 - Irwin Tools Team18 1.0

    ON THIS EDITION OF ASSETTO CORSA ISEKAI : Mark Winterbottom is an experienced Aussie Supercars driver with some successes. He also ran Irwin Tools sponsored car for several seasons in the 2010s! So here's an Irwin Tools sponsored Porsche 963 to commemorate his successes. Race against him...
  6. FurryestXYTDJ

    ♦️Seat Cupra LMP (Epsilon Euskadi Judd) Skin + Extension files♦️ 1.0.0

    - No hay nada en esta nación de España que pueda detener al Johnathan y su seat Makinero, trazando rotondas como FUUUUM FUUUM!!!! - There is nothing in this nation of Spain that can stop Johnathan and his Makinero seat, drawing roundabouts like FUUUUM FUUUM!!!! Drivers Name is Johnathan for...
  7. B

    Physics Cars spun into air from Turn 8 Daytona

    I need a bit of help on this one. All cars after turn 8 at Daytona seams to hit an invisible wall or a hole in the track and gets thrown into the air. As I approach my car bottoms out and then falls through the track. Any Idea what causes this glitch?
  8. TheCameraGuy

    2023 Le Mans Garage 56 Driver + Pitcrew Skins (ACSPRH) 1.0

    Here is a set of driver and pitcrew skins for everyone's favorite Nascar that showcased in the 2023 24H of Le Mans. Car skin is not included. Included are: Driver suit, gloves and helmet for Jimmie Johnson Pitcrew Skins Pitboard and other accessories ACSPRH V1 is required for the driver...
  9. TheCameraGuy

    2023 FIA WEC Toyota Gazoo Racing GR010 #7/#8 (ACSPRH) 1.1

    Hi guys, To finally round off my collection of the 2023 FIA WEC hypercar class skins, here is a full complement of the Toyota GR010 hypercar team currently competing in the season, accurate as of Round 5 - Monza. Made for the urd_gr010, this skin is exported in 4k ( uncompressed) and is...
  10. Le Mans Ultimate: Asynchronous Mode to Help Endurance Racing

    Le Mans Ultimate: Asynchronous Mode to Help Endurance Racing

    Endurance racing is a unique challenge and rather time-consuming due to its nature. With the focus of Le Mans Ultimate being the World Endurance Championship, developer Studio 397 had to find a way around this for sim racers with little time on their hands - and the answer is not shorter races...
  11. TheCameraGuy

    2023 FIA WEC Peugeot TotalEnergies 9x8 Driver Helmets (ACSPRH) 1.0

    Hi guys, Here is a rather small pack of driver helmets for Peugeot Totalenergies 9x8 currently competing in the 2023 FIA WEC Season. This is made as a complement to @Maurienne73 's excellent skinpack for the Peugeot 9x8 which I highly recommend downloading. If you would like a bit more...
  12. KimJohnHuhn

    Porsche Classic Skinpack Pt.2 (Apple, Vaillant & Salzburg) 1.0

    Here are 3 more absolute Classic Liveries. Hope u like them. Dick Barbour Racing #971 (Originally LM 1980 Porsche 935 K3) Porsche Team Kremer #934 (Originally run on 934 3.0 RSR) Porsche KG Salzburg #923 (Le Mans 1970 winning 917K)
  13. Fireprofcargo7

    NASCAR Garage56 Carbon Testing Livery (ACNM) V1

    Carbon Fiber body testing livery NASCAR Garage56 NASCAR Garage56 car made by Assetto Corsa Nascar Mod Expect a SVG Livery out soon
  14. Rapier22.CM

    [FICTIONAL] Peugeot 9x8 WEC 2023 FC Sochaux 1.0

    On This Edition of Parfait's Field Fillers : FC Sochaux is a club founded in 1928 by none other than Peugeot! It acted as a factory club for the team and won various championships along the way. Sadly, this club is currently not in a good shape, playing outside of the top division with some...
  15. TheCameraGuy

    2023 FIA WEC Glickenhaus Racing Driver + Pitcrew Kits (ACSPRH) 1.0

    Hi guys, Here is the full complement of high-fidelity driver and pitcrew skins in 2k for Glickenhaus Racing currently competing in the 2023 FIA WEC season, and also a set of custom tire skins (for the urd_scg007_lmh) for both Le Mans and WEC versions. This pack does not include car skins, of...
  16. TheCameraGuy

    2023 FIA WEC #4 Vanwall Vandervell 680 (ACSPRH) 1.1

    Hi guys, Back with another pair of skins for the Hypercar class, this time the lone Vanwall Vandervell 680 entry currently competing in the 2023 FIA WEC season. Both skins created entirely from scratch and in high fidelity (4k, uncompressed). As always, a high attention to detail has...
  17. KimJohnHuhn

    IMSA LMP2 Skin Pack 1.0

    Hi Guys, made a litte LMP2 skin pack. Some of them are inspired by famous classic liverys. Hope you like and Enjoy it! #77 Competion Racing (Already uploaded it seperatly) #22 Gulf Racing #17&18 Richard Childress Racing (Inspired by the 2020 Chip Ganassi Cadillac DPi from Rolex24) #69...
  18. blaze2681

    #80 AO Racing "Rexy" & "Roxy" - URD Darche 992 GT3-R 2023 1.3

    The coolest dinosaur in motorsport. Livery made for URD Darche 992 GT-3 R 2023, by far the best 992 GT3R in game. You can get it at URD official website. Mind that it's not meant to be 100% accurate replica. 4k livery for the car Also includes skins for pit crew and pitbox. Future update might...
  19. TheCameraGuy

    2023 FIA WEC #99 Proton Competition Porsche 963 (ACSPRH) 1.0

    Hi everyone, to round up the Porsche lineup for the 2023 WEC season, here is the full package for Proton Competition's #99 recent entry. Done completely from scratch with a high attention to detail as always, accurate as of Round 5 - Monza. This skin is designed for tg_Porsche_963_LMDh, but...
  20. pparas48

    WEC 2023 AF Corse Ferrari 488 GTE #21, #54, #83 1.2

    True to life AF Corse Ferrari skins. Helmets, gloves and suits are from studio 397. Additionally, "foil effect" on the front windshield + visible marks of dirt and wiper blade marks from interior. To install just unzip and drop on your rfactor2 directory. Enjoy!