1. Crivitz Chris

    2016 WEC and 2017 ELMS - Larbre Competition Corvette C7.R v1

    Here fills a couple more spots. Very special thanks to Klo-che for providing the 2016 LM Template. Note: You may need to edit the Class and Category line in the .rcd to match your install. Also - I've had a bug with adding Endurance Series skins. In the old UI, the car shows up twice. In the...
  2. J

    McLaren Senna GTR - Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus - WEC 2020/21 0.9

    Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus team skins for the McLaren Senna GTR. A semi-fantasy look at the incoming Le Mans Hypercar Prototype class. Cars 5 & 6 are included.
  3. J

    McLaren Senna GTR - Aston Martin Racing - WEC 2020/21 0.9

    Aston Martin Racing team skins for the McLaren Senna GTR. A semi-fantasy look at the incoming Le Mans Hypercar Prototype class. Cars 10 & 11 are included.
  4. enkay74

    WEC Ferrari AM Pack 1.0

    Been a little while since I uploaded any skins so I thought I would do a pack of AM Ferrari's from the WEC for the Kunos 488 GT3. They come with some basic driver helmets and race suits, hope you like them and they fill out your 2019 WEC grid!
  5. A

    United Autosports Oreca 07 WEC / ELMS Skinpack 2019/2020 1.0

    #22 and #32 for ELMS #22 for WEC comes with crews, suits and gloves! Enjoy and leave a review!
  6. A

    Ginetta TEAM LNT LMP1 Skinpack WEC 2019/2020 2019-12-13

    No proper mod available, so i just decided to make skins for the mod we have. Mod Link https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/br-engineering-br1-dallara-based-on-the-model-of-a-p217-by-peugeot-905.26074/
  7. Neko Taisen

    Fictional Taisen Racing Corvette WEC & USCC 1.0

    After I did some skins on the Corvette dedicated to all my friends as a real first try, I decided to make an unpersonnal and public variant of my skins for everyone. The package includes WEC and USCC skins of my fictional team. You need to know that, all extra lights are not from me but from...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    WEC | Peugeot / Rebellion Racing Team Up For New Hypercar Programme

    With the 2021 World Endurance Championship undertaking a radical overhaul into a new Hypercar regulation era, proposed 2022 entrants Peugeot have announced a partnership with current LMP1 outfit and most recent WEC race winners, Rebellion. Having already stated their intention to build a...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    WEC | Gordon Murray Evaluating Hypercar Entry

    Legendary Formula One designer Gordon Murray is evaluating an entry into the new 2021 WEC Hypercar category, planning to field his work-in-progress T.50 Supercar. Murray is perhaps best known as the design genius behind numerous Brabham and McLaren Grand Prix cars, having spent 15 years in...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    WEC | Peugeot Announce 2022 Hypercar Intentions

    Peugeot have today announced their intention to launch a Le Mans and World Endurance Championship bid once the highly anticipated Hypercar regulations come into effect at the end of the current LMP 1 Prototype era. Having already proven to be a force to be reckoned with during their brief, but...
  11. Jim1986

    Oreca07 Racing Team Nederland WEC 2019 1.1

    They keep changing the livery and now the car so here we go again:p Took a lot of hours and not 100% satisfied yet, but here it is. Hope you like it! Please feel free to make a small donation. One day I hope to buy a Ferrari
  12. SamtheStupid

    WEC GTE Pack 2018-2020 0.95

    These are my rendition of the WEC and Le Mans GTE liveries from 2018 through to 2020. The pack now has 47 liveries from WEC and Le Mans on the; Corvette C7R, URD AMR, URD Bayro, URD Detroit and the Kunos 488 GT3 All skins are available in 4K and 2K, both uncompressed. The URD Aston Martin...
  13. J

    URD AMR EGT 2019 - Aston Martin Racing 2019 4K 2.0

    Le Mans skins for URD AMR EGT 2019 #95 #97
  14. gibsonhase

    BMW M8 GTE [DENIM (Fictional Retro) | WEC 2018/19] 1.0

    A "What would happen if BMW follows Porsche's idea and introduces retro liveries"-livery... A livery for the URD Bayro EGT 2018 (aka BMW M8 GTE), inspired by the BMW M1 Procar driven by Hans Heyer in 1980. I did not make a 100% replica of the old design. Instead I used the current logos and...
  15. S

    SMP Racing #11 & #17 2019-10-13

    These are 2 SMP skins i made mainly for Personal use but now i re-designed them for my Team in the Rollovers WEC Season 2019 and so i decided to make those Public. Enjoy them!;)
  16. J

    McLaren Senna GTR - Toyota Gazoo Racing - WEC 2020/21 0.9

    Toyota Gazoo Racing team skins for the McLaren Senna GTR. A semi-fantasy look at the incoming Le Mans Hypercar Prototype class. Cars 7 & 8 are included.
  17. HunterXz1

    Skin Aston Martin GTE TF Sports 2019-2020 2019-09-18

    Skin TF Sports WEC 2019-2020 for assetto corsa (also works for aston martin gt3 of rfactor2) By: Xz1 Design Workz
  18. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa

    CarGuy Racing Ferrari 488 GTE Lemans 2019 1.2

    Replica from Lemans 2019 AM Class entrant CarGuy Racing, I aware if GTE class not yet use lumirank and led bumper but I include that for numberplates lights. So if you not like that you can delete that. Another thing, if somebody have HQ image for Clearwater Racing and MR Racing that racing...
  19. B

    Porsche 911 RSR - 2019 livery 2.0

    The new Porsche 911 RSR has been revealed at Goodwood over the weekend, so I brought the new livery to Assetto's 911 RSR. The original showroom photos by Porsche Motorsport can be checked out following this link. Note: I'm an amateur Photoshop user with minor skinning experience. The livery is...
  20. G

    Looking for leagues - Buscando ligas 0.0)

    English - Ingles: Hi! I'm Gabriel a driver of F1RacingSpain league. I'm creating a circuit and I wanted to add other leagues adverticement, also promote mine as well. So, If you know any league or you are member of one league pls contact me, the only condition to add your league adverticement is...
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