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Race series number plates 1.8

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So, after creating this and a few others for myself, it only seemed fair to have them available for all to use!

If you have any requests, shoot me an image and/or info and i'll see what I can do about getting it on for you. I will do them all with the number "00", but you can easily change that in photoshop as I am uploading them in PSD format. Each number plate will now come with individual text files for whether you need multiple numbers.
ie. "0", "00", "000".
Size is 1102x1102px

I will be adding more as i create them.

This pack includes
- 2016 Dubai 24hr (24H Series/Creventic)
The "XX" is where you put the class of car, ie. GT3 is "A6".

2016 Dubai 24H number plate.jpg

- 2015 & 2016 Blancpain



- 2015 VLN

VLN Number Plate (2015).jpg

- N24 Nordschliefe

N24 number plate.jpg

- Bathurst 12 Hour

Bathurst 12 Hour (2016).jpg

- Pirelli World Challenge

PWC (2016).jpg

Latest updates

  1. new content

    added the Blancpain scrutineering stickers from the first 6 rounds of 2016. They are 400x475 so...
  2. Blancpain 2016 & PWC 2016

    I have added the 2016 Blancpain plate used in the Misano Sprint round. As well as the GT, GTA &...
  3. missing templates

    added missing templates

Latest reviews

Thank you!
Thanks a lot!!!
I just want it!!!!!
Superb job, so handy, saves a lot of work.
Thanks a million.
thanks a lot!!
Thanks Ryan, might find use for these :)
Many many thanks! :)
You are a legend, man. You can find these numberplates with some ressearch, but having them all in a single place is the best. Thanks a lot!
Useful and perfectly done!! congratulations thank you vey much
5 stars for you!!!
Absolutely brilliant resources. I think if you use Atrox for N24 number plates it becomes more realistic because Atrox is more similar to the actual numbers than Sablon Up.
A brilliant resource. Thank you.
Excellent job Ryan,
Try Dom Casual Std for the PWC fonts number
shall do mate!
Great job! Just stunning!
Thanks, super job
Please, more !!! Great job !
thanks mate, i have been doing them as I need them. whenever i come across another i need i will always add it here
Very useful. Thanks
no worries, thats the aim :)
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