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Ferrari 488 GTLM (2017)

Ferrari 488 GTLM (2017) 0.5.20201231.01

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So I've been doing a lot of reading about making "tuned" versions of cars in Assetto Corsa, and decided to tackle one of the major gaps in the car selection: the Ferrari 488 GTLM (or GTE for all you European fans). This mod is the result of staying up way too late reading a lot of technical documents.

The result here is an initial version that I give to the community for testing.

I don't expect this to be finished yet; I'd love your help in refining it!


If you have Content Manager, you should be able to just drag the .zip file into CM and it will figure out where to put stuff. OK everyone, settle down; it turns out I was wrong. You can't actually install it by dragging it onto Content Manager. If you drag the .zip file into CM, it seems to be putting the data in the wrong place. I'll work on fixing this for a future update. Thanks to @rjwylie for the tip. And apologies to everyone who tried installing this way. I assumed it would work. And you know what they say about when you assume things.

So, open the .zip file yourself, and drag the content directory over to your Assetto Corsa installation.

But you're not done yet. There's one more step, described below.


Yeah, that's because the Ferrari 488 GT3 is paid DLC from the "Red Pack", and I am not interested in getting into a copyright fight with Kunos. So my mod includes only exactly enough stuff to make the tune work, and doesn't give you the base car for free. So now that you followed my instructions above, go to the car's directory and double click on the script copy_and_install_files.bat. If you have bought the GT3 car from Kunos, then this script will copy those files over as the "base car", then install my tuning modifications on top of it, making it a complete car. Windows might warn you that files you download from the Internet might be horrible viruses. This script is not a virus. I promise. (Unless someone has hacked RaceDepartment and replaced it. I mean, it's always possible, right? But I digress.)

If everything worked out, then you should now see the car has been installed, and CM recognizes it.


Again, you must have previously installed the base car, the Ferrari 488 GT3, from "Red Pack" DLC, in order to use this tuning mod


In real life, the Ferrari 488 race car was designed, from the beginning, to be configurable for either GT3 or GTE/GTLM specifications, so the body remains the same, and only the go-fast bits are different. This allows us to effectively "tune" the GT3 version from Kunos up to the level of the GTE/GTLM specification, simply by changing the physics parameters of the car. I spent an inordinate amount of time reading through the FIA GT homologation rules, IMSA technical bulletins describing balance of performance, and all sorts of other documents that had any sort of technical data about the GTE version and how it compared to its GT3 counterpart. This is the result of that research.

I've run some test races with this car against a field of other GTLM cars, and it seems to be on approximately even footing. That is to say, I spent a lot of time door-to-door with the other cars and never felt like I was blowing past them or falling behind.

I've also raced a group of the GTE spec cars against the GT3 spec cars from Kunos, and the faster class cars were indeed able to slowly open a gap at the front. This is appropriate for the two classes and is also in line with the closer-than-real-life BoP between the two classes with the other Kunos cars.

The mod comes with a selection of basic liveries badged for the IMSA GTLM class, but not representing any actual car running in the series. (They're actually based on liveries from other teams in ELMS and WEC, as well as any "thank you" gifts for contributors to the mod.) :)

preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg preview.jpg

Hey, if you're such an IMSA fanboy, why is there no Risi Competizione livery?

Because other really talented people have already been there, done that, and since this car uses exactly the same 3D model, all of those will work on this car, too.

And speaking of great GTE/GTLM liveries...

Check these out! They were made for the base car, but that means they'll work for this mod as well!

Any alternative sound packs?

Why yes there is at least one.


This is only version 0.5! I'd love for the community to test this out and tell me what you think. Drive against other GTLM cars, drive against GT3 cars, run it in short races, run it in long races. If it's great, then I'll advance it toward being a v1.0. If it sucks, give me specific details of why you think it sucks, and I'll tweak it to be better. And if your contribution makes it a lot better, then I'll make a livery with your name on it as part of the next mod update.

And most importantly of all, enjoy!


The mod includes the Ferrari 488 GT3 sound bank from Fonsecker Sound Pack Part 3 by @Fonsecker, because, I mean, come on, it's amazing.

The tire textures are from the OPMP Tyre Pack for URD EGT & C6R by @OPMP.



  1. Open the .zip file and drag the content folder into your AC installation. (For now, do not try to drag the file into Content Manager.)
  2. Go to the content/cars/zbw_ferrari_488_gte folder that was created.
  3. Double-click on the copy_and_install_files.bat script to run it.

You must have the Ferrari 488 GT3 from the Kunos "Red Pack" DLC to use this mod.

Latest updates

  1. UPDATE (v0.5.20201231.01): Just a tad less deadly.

    Release Notes After running in two championships, with SimRacingSystem and Pro Sim Racing, this...
  2. UPDATE (v0.4.20200813.01)

    I finally figured out how to slow it down just a tiny bit and correct the aero without...
  3. UPDATE (0.3.20200809.01)

    Work continues. Release Notes Aerodynamics Calculated a completely custom front spoiler...

Latest reviews

Great job!
very well done mod. just one problem, why is the default gearing this long? with the default set we get 352 km/h as 6th top speed, which is impossible for a GTE car. is there a way this could be fixed apart from setup modification?
IIRC, I didn't change the gear ratios from the GT3 car.
First of all, thanks a lot for this great mod! The Ferrari is a real must have in the GTE lineup!
I recently tested the car quite intensively at Potrero de los Funes against other GTEs. I realised that the Ferrari unfortunately has a lack of top speed. On the long straights, it is about 10 to 15 km/h slower than it's competitors which results in 0,5 to 1 s slower lap times.
Also I think it needs more downforce on the rear end. In highspeed corners it is more unstable than the other cars. If you try to lower the rear wing (to gain a few km/hs on the straights), it sadly becomes undriveable, spinning at every full-throttle corner. The front is fine though (in terms of low front splitter values).
Other than that, the handling is great and feels really balanced from my perspective.
Hope that helps a little :)
Thanks. Handling over bumps and BoP against the other GTE/GTLM cars has definitely been a challenge, and is still a focus for future updates.
Well the car looks great, all the liveries you gave us are looking cool but I actually can't use the car in my game. I don't have the DLC and I did install the files but it still doesn't work... Any tips ?
The DLC is required since it uses the Ferrari 488 GT3 as a base.
Ciao, ho finalmente provato questa tua mod. L'impressione è che è ancora distante dalla sua concorrente naturale di Kunos, ovvero la Porsche RSR 2017. La vettura sembra non avere la giusta accelerazione, come se fosse frenata, anche togliendo del tutto il TC. Dovresti anche correggere il limite giri per la cambiata, a 7.000 giri dovrebbe indicare sulla marcia in rosso, perchè oltre i 7.000 non è più possibile avere prestazioni.
Total mess of an install folder....uses .bat file.....then posts RDJ rolling his eyes. Wow man. Just post the car. Files are not even present when cleaned up.
Sorry you'd rather see me get into a copyright battle with Kunos. Have a nice life.
At the moment the .bat file is saying that I do not have the GT3 car installed, even though I have already purchased the Red Pack. Any solutions to this problem or?
You can just copy the files manually.
Previous version was undriveble for me too but now i can really enjoy the car. First run at Le Mans and accelerating out from 1st chicane steering feeled light compared gt3's like lack of downforce but maybe it was just my imagination.
Keep up good work!
Thank you very much. This is a great addition to AC. I like how the car handles too. Nice job!
Feels very good! Thank you for your time and work
ok skins thank
Superb the amount of effort put into this car. Been following the development of this car for a while, and it is great to see the progress being made
Same issue of other users, there is a weird wobble in the wheel and the brakes doesen't work at high speed, makes it undrivable
The GTLM cars don't have ABS, you know...
As Alexandre Rain below, I have the same issue, there is a weird wobble in the wheel, makes it undrivable I'm using a TM TS PC racer. that doesn't feel right.
I'm so glad someone finally did this. Really enjoying this mod. Could you please do this for the C7r to a callaway GT3-R?
Glad you're enjoying it!
I could give the Corvette a try, I guess. IIRC though, the GTLM C7.R has some significant body differences from the Callaway. The only reason I could get away with doing this for the Ferrari is that the body is basically the same between GT3 and GTLM. But maybe I could see if I can find some detailed data for the Callaway and compare them...? Until then, there's RaceRoom. o.~
alors très bon mod et j'ai une requête a vous faire pour quoi ne pas mettre le feux endurance sur la voiture sa rajoutera du réalisme voila cordialement.
love it good work bro
Cool, I liked this Ferrari, but I noticed a problem with your MOD, I tested it and my G29 steering wheel started to move to one side and the other in a straight line as if I were making sudden movements on the steering wheel, it's like there was no dead zone the steering wheel, you know, this problem I noticed in a straight line I was holding the normal steering wheel and when I started riding the car my steering wheel went crazy from one side to the other.
You're not the first person to report this issue, but I haven't been able to reproduce it myself, and I'm also using a G29. If I figure out the cause, I'll see if there's a way to tweak the mod itself, or work around it with configuration or car setups. One tip - Don't try to use setups from the GT3 version of the car, as the suspension geometry is significantly different.
Wonderful. Keep up the great work. It's much appreciated.
Thank you for the excellent car.
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